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  1. Guys i wanted just to ask you if u did try segundo volante in double pivot ,in 442 or 4231,and if you tried what is yours expiriance?
  2. would be better if i play with 2 dms something like dm on defend and segundo volante?
  3. Reason i use more plamakers on right side is bcz i want t o create overload,roaming and treq will have more time on ball and i wanted to use winger on attack to exploit that right overload,and also i use attacking midfield on support to make space for winger on attack,that was my strategy ,overload right and make space for my winger .
  4. Is it possible that i can play 343 with high defensive line ? I mean i wanted to have much ppls on opponent half but i still get destroyed by counter attack,special in those spaces behind my wide midfielders.And also my right and left midfielders are not that bad they are decent with acc,work rate ,concetration,positioning,bravery and anticipation.PLz Help! TY
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