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  1. PC Saved Games on a Mac?

    Nice, thanks for the reply.
  2. Are the PC saved games (.fm) compatible with the Mac version? If not is there any way of converting it?
  3. I've found a 16 year old regen with pretty good stats as a DC, however he is only 5'9". Do players grow in this game or will he be stuck at 5'9?
  4. I don't know what to make of these tactics so far. Played a home game against Portsmouth in the FA cup with my second stringers, and won comfortably 3 - 0. Then i go away to Bolton (who are bottom of the league) and don't have a shot on target and finish 0 - 0. Then away to Man City and lose 2 - 0. This is in year 2012 and i won the league 3 years straight and am unbeaten so far this season. It seems this new patch has killed it for my strikers (Bojan, Laurito, Keirrison, Marquinhos, and an excellent regen TM), they haven't scored yet and have had maybe 1 CCC over the three games. Very unimpressed with 9.3.0, might just go back to 9.2.0, it was a lot more enjoyable.
  5. I've played a couple of games on the new patch, and although I won both I was thoroughly outplayed. Birmingham had 55% possession, 20 shots and 5 clear cut chances against me, I just got lucky with 2 goals from set pieces. The weird thing was I used the Control tactic and I had less than 70% pass completion rate, even though I have got excellent players.
  6. Buying/Selling: Buying Player name: Henrique Buyer: Aston Villa Player value: £8.5 million Offer: £8.5 million Patch: 9.2.0 Season: 4th Season or Buying/Selling: Buying Player name: Breno Buyer: Aston Villa Player value: £6.75 million Offer: £11.75 million Patch: 9.2.0 Season: 4th Season Who should I buy to pair with Fazio and rotate with Davies?
  7. Mario Balotelli

    I think I've missed the boat with Balotelli. At the start of the 3rd season Inter want £66million and Axel Witsel for him
  8. Thanks for the quick reply
  9. I don't know if this is the right place for this but I was wondering to players under the age of 21 progress quicker by being loaned out or by being played in the reserves, but with excellent training facilitiies?
  10. FM09: Official Aston Villa F.C. Thread

    Signed Di Maria for 3.2mill instead. However I've just been drawn into a Champs League group with AC Milan and Lyon
  11. Well I need a ML to backup A.Young. My options are: Player Name: Fausto Rossi Your Team: Aston Villa Seller: Juventus Player Value: 2.4mill Offer: 7mill Patch: 9.0.2 Season: start of 2nd or Player Name: Angel Di Maria Your Team: Aston Villa Seller: Benfica Player Value: 3.1mill Offer: 3.2mill Patch: 9.0.2 Season: start of 2rd or I could get Sebastien Giovinco on loan for 2.5mill.
  12. FM09: Official Aston Villa F.C. Thread

    I'm into my second season as Villa, with a week left in the transfer window, got about £15mill to spend and I'm looking for a ML to either back-up or rotate with A. Young. My team atm is: GK: Ochoa/Asenjo/Friedel RB: Ujfalusi/Cohen(talented regen) LB: Accardi/Moffat(talented regen)/Bouma CB: Lescott/Davies CB: Fazio/Laursen DM: De Jong/Blasi ML: Young/? MR: Witsel/Milner MC: Barry/Witsel/Blasi ST: Pogrebnyak/Keirrison(out for 8 months in preseason )/regen ST: Bojan/Agbonlahor I'm quite confident in my squad after finishing 3rd last season (a point off Chelsea), and losing in extra time to Barcelona in the EURO Cup final. What do you guys think? And should I get Fausto Rossi for £7.5mill for ML, or can I get better value from someone else?
  13. Axel Witsel

    First 2 games of the season, won 1-0 and 2-0, Witsel as MR gets 1 goal and 2 assists. Not bad at all.
  14. Left Mid

    I'm looking for a player to rotate with Ashley Young at ML, just starting my second season. I can get Fausto Rossi for £7.5mill, or can I get someone better for around £10-£15mill?
  15. Axel Witsel

    I got him for £11.75mill. Might be a bit much but I liked his versatility and I had lots of money to spend.