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  1. 18.2.1 played 40 matches. No one first half to both teams scored. No one strong-willed victory (2-1 from 0-1..3-2 from 1-2...) . The game engine is already close to the worst in the history of the engine FM 17. With real football is becoming less similar. It's unplayable. I stop the game until the next patch.
  2. Continued the study with the goals of teams in the half. In the mode, a detailed review is not bad. Spent a couple of very intense and really exciting matches. I would like a little more willpower wins. But the full match brings .. Little goals. 0-0 and 1-0 mostly. Scores only one team. 100% of matches. Tighten under the regime a detailed review. At the moment, different look
  3. And here is my team? My team is good to scoring. But then in the current half the opponent can not scoring. And vice versa. Im not talking about bug. Im talk about fact the engine is boring and statistically incorrect.
  4. Add the opportunity to both teams in the time to differ .. One scored 99% that the second will not score. 20 games full, drove, niraz both did not differ. What kind of nonsense? Rave. Well, veil somehow. Let it be not 0-0, but 1-1. Not 1-0 or 2-0, but 2-1 and 3-1. I also ask for a strong-willed victory to add from 0-1 to 2-1. The new manager does not have them. full matches I look 100% do not score the second team Detailed review 95%. Output the figure at least close to real statistics. 60 (one team)/40 (2 team). This is very important for the feeling of the match http://www.eurosport.ru/football/russian-football-premier-league/calendar-result.shtml Russian Premier Leage. 16 match day. 60%+ 2 teams scores in one half
  5. The worst engine of the match in history. Both teams can not excel for one half. 20 matches, scoring just one team in time. There is no football sensation. The game turned into a simulator of transfers.
  6. nikkk

    no nerves for coach

    The next test Milan - Inter, 20 matches and only in six halves scored both teams. I decided that such a specificity of the championship of Italy. But I tried to drive out the full matches in the English Premier League and the Bundesliga (in each of 20 matches) and? ..... 5 half times and 6 times, respectively. Statistics is the same. In three different championships ... In the German Bundesliga? Guys, there are hockey results .... About volitional victories are silent ... Their miser ... The last patch is left? Chance to get a playable manager this season is not? Friends, I beg you, though with the next do not fail .. Your fan, reseacher Nikky..Thanks
  7. nikkk

    no nerves for coach

    patch 3.2 milan-inter 30 full matches 31 half times only one team scores 7 half times both team scores 2 strong-willed victory in the half and 1 in matches (2-1 from 0-1 and other) No nerves (
  8. nikkk

    no nerves for coach

    patch 3.0 milan-inter About 30 full matches 37 half times only one team scores 8 half times both team scores NO ONE strong-willed victory in the half and in matches (2-1 from 0-1 and other). NO ONE. why? Very bad statistics. so far from reality
  9. nikkk

    no nerves for coach

    I keep statistics runs Games in full view thanks..with counter goals in one half was significantly better ..but not at all strong-willed victory in the half and in matches (2-1 from 0-1 and other).
  10. Hello friends! Sorry for my bad english. My request is : "more nerves and hope for coach in one half" From FM to FM - More of my scores in one half is 1-0,2-0,0-0, 0-1,0-2..And very very rarely is 1-1...No nerves..Im calm..1-0 or 0-1..Then very big chance that I not score or not goals in my goal more in this half.. 2-1 from 0-1 its fantastic..No goals in 45+ and 90+ minutes. Its dull.More score action in half.please. Im play full matches. I change tactics during matches, red cards for opponent, talk with team during the matches......but no goals in half..no logic((((