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  1. At this point having spent since 6pm Saturday trying to find a solution, having read every single problem below in this sub-forum reporting the same or similar issues and having only purchased the full release of FM2020 earlier today (wasn't planning to this early, usually wait until January but a flu has me with plenty of spare time) I am beyond disappointed in the the fact this can be called a "final edition" of the game which seems to have some major, major bugs. FM19 and 17 still work fine. I don't have a great graphics card but there is no way that from the beta version to this version it can go from 3 and a half stars to one star and not even function to a playable capacity. Everything looks and feels the exact same as the beta; I read back through Miles Twitter and he does say some "improvements" were made to the 3D graphics, but my God, these can't be it. This isn't even the worst issue. Whenever I hover over any tab a "fuzzy, pink" background appears, a "fuzzy, pink" background - as described by a user below - that wasn't present during the beta version either, but now somehow is. I have tried all the usual tricks; I should have made a list, but they include the usual replies - I deleted preferences and cache - I didn't install any graphics or logo packs (albeit they are downloaded and ready to go in a separate folder) - I uninstalled and reinstalled Windows 10 - I uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics drivers - FM is obviously on the most recent update, which from what I can read, helped nobody with similar issues - I messed around with screen resolutions and skins, no dice. There has to be an issue with an update that has been released between the beta and now that has caused this and is causing now over a dozen users to be looking for assistance so that the game can be fixed and that we can enjoy it. It's all bundled into the same issues, the CPU issues are correlating with the graphic issues which make peoples systems run harder even on a static screen - I can tell you for a fact this issue was not present in the beta. Can someone try to provide me some more potential reasons as to why all of this is happening that are not stated above. I even saw one response where it was suggested the issue may correlate with Windows Pictures so I deleted that folder even. I don't plan on waiting a month for a fix to this either like some have been, which is terrible by SI mind you, but I'm sure there's an excuse.
  2. Hi guys, I actually posted this over on r/footballmanagergames on Reddit, but I feel it will get better scope here, so decided to make an account and throw it up. This is the post I made on that subreddit: Essentially, I think that players are retiring too easily, especially when they have more left in the tank and that their retirement is actually coinciding with the simple fact that their of a certain age and not that they have ability left and can still play at a high level. Morrison retiring was irritating as he had just signed a new one-year deal, like literally the week before. It didn't make any sense but I decided that at 37, that was fair enough. In my first season I only finished in 14th so maybe that wasn't enough for him to believe we could get back into the football league, but Jordan McMillan vanishing at 27/28? Ridiculous. The only reason I didn't sign him during the first window - when he finally let me offer him a contract - was he wanted too much and I didn't see the point in him sitting out six months wasting my small wage budget. So when I finally have the funds and I need a full-back to find out hes retired or has vanished is very irritating and takes a bit away from the game for me. I enjoy starting as a lower league team and building a team of kids and "misfit toys", I don't understand why he or say Jamie McCombe at 34 are retiring, especially in McCombe's case where he was a regular for most of the season at Lincoln City. There needs to be a better in-game ratio of players retiring, so for example, if a player is determined then why would he quit? Determination should be taken into account when the game is trying to process who retires and who doesn't. Some players will play into their late 30's, early 40's, look at Wayne Shaw for Sutton Utd for example. If a player is 35 and is still contributing then they shouldn't be hanging it up for the hell of it, the game needs to have better rational for why players are quitting.
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