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  1. I'm having the same problem. I have an i7 4790k, as well as a gtx 970 with the latest drivers installed. It really shouldn't be lagging. Graphics settings are selected as high as standard.
  2. Yeah I'd like to try that out please. I've never manged Sheff Wed before.
  3. Tycoon Takeover Heracles Almelo - Eredivisie 14th January 2019. Save game date 15th January 2019. Heracles Almelo
  4. I got a Tycoon takeover whilst managing Newcastle United in the first season. I was given £128million to spend. I thought I had saved the game just after it happened, but alas It's not until around 4 weeks after maybe. The save is in early December, and I've already spent a bit of the money on some wonderkids who you might look at signing anyway. so there is around £88mill left. Newcastle Tycoon
  5. Would SI be willing to do something for those of us who still enjoy playing the older titles all the way back to FM 2005, but cant because of the windows 10 DRM issue?
  6. I would like to see this as well. currently when you attempt to talk a player who's not very interested into joining your club, you have very few options of things to say to convince him, and I've only seen it succeed once. If it's going to continue this way, then the rate at which talks are successful needs to be increased.
  7. Could we have some proper crowd chants added into the game like it was back on 01/02 but only when you played the game on very slow/slow. It really added to the realism of the game, and its been sadly missing ever since.
  8. Hi Fenech thanks for the reply! I only found out about this database yesterday mate, otherwise I'd have put across who I personally felt would make it into my idea of a legendary Newcastle United team. I understand your reasoning behind keeping Shearer at Blackburn, but I would also say that Cantona should have been placed with Leeds United as he was in his prime their first.. league champions. Another one of the top of my head is Ginola. I understand why he's at PSG, but you could argue he came into his prime at Newcastle. being on the cover of Fifa for instance.
  9. Great database mate.. you can tell a lot of hard work has gone into it, but I'm a bit confused how Mbiwa got into the Newcastle team, over someone like Philippe Albert. and why oh why is Shearer at Blackburn?
  10. Yeah I have tried it, but there's nothing "classic" about it.
  11. I'm not going to be buying this version, and probably the next as well. at least not until they remove all the bloat, and go back to basics. when the game was actually fun to play.
  12. The Dell outlet is well worth a look. I got my XPS gaming laptop from there about 3 years ago, and It's still works flawlessly. Paid £400 when It actually cost over £800 brand new.
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