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  1. I'd like it to run the 3d match engine smoothly and allow me to flick between the different screens on the game without any lag etc. I don't currently have a laptop however I'm looking to get back into FM, I would normally load about 5 leagues on a medium to large database. This laptop at £600 would be the top end of my budget tbh. Thanks for your help!
  2. https://ao.com/product/81mu00suuk-lenovo-laptop-black-72112-251.aspx Would this be any good for FM?
  3. Are there any tablets that cost £200 or less that can play fm touch 20 comfortably?
  4. Hi all, please can someone help. Looking for a new laptop pretty much for FM20 only, maybe a few other older games too. Would this one be able to run it easy enough? https://ao.com/product/6bl30eaabubun-hp-laptop-silver-70265-251.aspx I want the 3d match engine graphics to look good and for it to run quickly and smoothly with a few leagues loaded. If the one I linked isn't good enough are there any around the £400 mark? I don't mind if the laptop is older. Many thanks!
  5. I have downloaded a transfer update and saved it in the editor data file for FM 17, however when I try to load it when starting a new game it says i have no files to use, does anyone have an idea why it is saying that?
  6. How do you use this in the game? I have downloaded it and put the file into editor data but when I go to start a new game the database option is greyed out, any idea?
  7. So I've downloaded a file with the January transfers, saved the document into the editor data file in FM 2017 but when I go to start a new game the database bit is greyed out for me am I doing something wrong?
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