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  1. Im looking for some help in finishing off a spurs tactic. I am unsure for the 2 midfield roles (Dembele and Wanyama) as well as instructions. I feel i have everything else pretty much sorted out
  2. Is it worth signing ageing players on a 1-2 year contract just to tutor younger players? i am currently in the first transfer window and there are a few aging players with great mentals that are not good enough to play for me who have been transfer listed. is it worth signing them for a small fee and having them tutor my younger players even though they would probably never play?
  3. Yes, but Pogba was a United youth player and described it as his home. There is no way that the likes of Neymar and Dybala would come to United imo.
  4. I have just started a save with United, but i am trying to make it more realistic, you start off with a £75m budget and can easily be given £100m each window (including January). Rather than using this money to buy the top players from around the world each window e.g. Dybala, Verratti, Neymar etc. I am trying to make it more realistic by limiting myself to players that i think would actually be attainable. is there any kind of database/ add on that adds more realism to the game?
  5. It is well known that Levy has implemented a strict wage structure at Spurs, with their top earners (Kane and Lloris) earning a max of 100k per week, which is equals to Lingers new contract. After seeing this i have been thinking about the possibilities of signing and keeping top players without offering huge wages. Is it possible? or will players just not want to sign for the club? and will players you already have just want to leave to other clubs in order to get a larger wage?
  6. I have currently been playing Pogba as an advanced playmaker (attack) but i have just signed Dele Alli at the end of the first season for £70m so i am thinking of playing him in this position and moving Pogba into Mata's position of Trequartista. does anybody have any advice?
  7. does anybody know of a decent database for USA leagues other than the MLS? im looking to start a journeyman save and want to load every european league, plus some USA leagues
  8. I'm struggling with attempting to recreate Pep's tactics as they're so fluid. They go from a 3 at the back, to the holding midfielders slotting in at wingback. I would also think that instructions such as be more expressive, run at defence, higher defensive line, work the ball into the box and retain possession.
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