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  1. Hey, are you doing something similar for FM19? Will this file still work or not?
  2. What if you had like a completely different edit where national teams were sorted into leagues by confederation (which would have pro/rel) and a certain amount from eachwent into a 'Champions League' each year??
  3. Lol I'm such a noob. FM17 is the first FM I have bought. Got it now though thanks :-)
  4. DW FM17 was the first FM i got and therefore I'm kinda a noob on putting the custom data in the right place. Fixed now. Excellent game - it would be awesome if someone created like 2 or 3 tiers for each confederation and then there could be a world cup/champions league based on the top teams in each confederation.
  5. I managed to download the PDF file from this site but all it gives me is a PDF which I can't open. How do I get this to play on FM??
  6. How do I download the game?? I don't get it I download the pdf via the link you give me but how do I link that up with football manager 2017 ON my computer??
  7. krlenjushka i have fm17 but not fm16, how do i download this to useon fm17
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