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  1. How do I actually go about making the changes, though? (Sorry for being a pest.) Edit: All sorted. Only just realised that I was using an older version of the skin. Great work, as ever, Keysi.
  2. Hi, @keysi. You may have already answered this question earlier in the thread, but how do I change the font colour (from black to white) on the Transfers page? As you can see in the screenshot, the black font on the dark background makes the text difficult to read.
  3. Earlier on, it was just sitting on a black screen. I've just restarted my computer and loaded up the Editor again, and it's now working. Thanks for the help, Freddie.
  4. Since downloading the latest patch, the pre-game editor only loads up to show an all-black window, and can only be closed by Ending Task in the Task Manager.
  5. Scout contracts: I have discovered that you can only offer part-time roles to scouts - but you can offer full-time roles to every other job type. I've checked the Editor, and it is set as that. I presume this is an oversight / mistake. Player positions: I think a couple of players should be boosted in their positional proficiency. Yoann Barbet deserves a higher rating than 16 at left-back; a rating of 17 or 18 would suffice. He's done well there in real life, and it would encourage the AI to use him there as well. I also think Romaine Sawyers should have a higher rating as a central midfielder, as that's where he's been playing all season. One final thing, is it possible to change the name of the Under-23 squad to the B team? That would represent real life better.
  6. As mentioned in the title, I can't set the anatomy category of injuries: for example, 'thigh' for 'pulled hamstring'. It doesn't enable me to do so on existing injuries in the database, nor does it work for newly created injuries. It always registers as a failed database change.
  7. Matías Vargas (Vélez Sarsfield) should have 'wants to be player...' for Arsenal in his career plans, or at least is set as an Arsenal supporter. Proof:
  8. Seriously, kysi - this entire skin is absolutely immense. I love using the dark version, and it makes playing the game on a high resolution even more immersive. One question: is there a way that I can remove the transparency and make certain backgrounds opaque?
  9. Thanks, Seb. While you're here - are the session names meant to be truncated (see screenshot)? I play on the highest resolution (3840 x 2160) and it seems odd to have to settle for this, given the amount of free space.
  10. When I first started writing this thread, I was doing so with the intention of reporting what I thought was a bug. I couldn't schedule a Match Preview or Review at all, with the sessions disappearing after I selected them using the pop-out weekly calendar on the overview training screen. I then realised that they very likely wasn't 'sticking' because I didn't have a data analyst at the club. I therefore went to recruit one, and, having done so, scheduling such a session finally worked. I feel like this is certainly something that should be made clearer: the Match Preview and Review options could be greyed out were a club not to employ a data analyst, and, at the very least, there should be a prompt when hovered over, clicked or indeed in the session description that states a data analyst is required to schedule these session.
  11. Bruno Xadas (under-23 team) and Francisco Trincão (under-19 team) should be first-team squad members at SC Braga.
  12. This carries over to most days for me. Whenever I select it, it immediately alters to a rest day. This also happens with match previews, which also alters to different session types. Edit: it appears that the aforementioned sessions stick when assigned via the inbox training scheduler, yet then disappears once you go onto the training screen.
  13. I really liked Patson Daka because of his variance in styles; good athlete, technically pretty good and decent mentally. You could mould him into something quite complete across all aspects of his game. Same could be applied for Enock Mwepu. My favourites from my year there would be the latter, Luca Meisl, Mahmadou Dembélé and Dominik Stumberger. I'm now at Werder Bremen, having spent a year at FC FCSB, and trying to sign any of them from Liefering is quite difficult. Romano Schmid and Mahmadou Dembélé are the only two to have made the step up to Salzburg. For anyone reading this, if you're a low-to-mid table club in any top five league, then FC Liefering (and Red Bull Salzburg) is a good place to do your shopping.
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