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  1. 4141, geggenpress preset. Full backs on attack, inverted wingers on attack and the striker as dlf s. Any variant of bwm dlp and ap have worked for the midfield 3 for me. Keep trying!
  2. Plenty of kids to bring through in Coyle, Clarke, Shakleton and Edmondson. Ive got to prem and maxed my Training facilities, youth recruitment etc but avg only 1 player each intake at 3.5 stars or higher&most of those are 3.5. On one intake i got my first 5 star newgen striker with no determination, workrate and developed fairly unsporting as a character trait. Doh.
  3. As a striker or inside forward? Im gonna start a new save with just homegrown and stolen newgens on compensation only.... Shackleton???
  4. Viera was great at being "safe' last yeat. When news of Bielsa joining leeds broke out i immediately assumed Viera was in for the cm playing as cb that Bielsa often deploys. Irl last season he was nursed through tendonitis in his knees but marshalled the midfield wellif he gets game time the move is a great one for him. I really hope he doesnt become a Mowatt
  5. Bigmonkey79

    4-1-4-1 Gengenpress

    Ive found inverted wingers and overlapping fb on this formation to be extremely effective. Even witht the fast transitions into attack my fb both achieved 15 assists with only 2 little iw and a dlf s anywhere near the box. Tbh~almost overpowered! Only team instructions i changed were adding overlaps on both sides and reducing line of engagement by 1 notch as my dlf was never really getting much help in the press until the opposition was out of their defensive third. Lots of pi to iw and dlf to make them retain the ball better to allow fb to move through midfield. Iw runs into 18 yd box without ball creating a surprisingly narrow front 3 Oposition fb narrows to cover. My fb reacts faster than opposition wide mids,runs into empty wing unchallenged and crosses for a 3 against 4. Really simple but love watching it!
  6. Found 4141 with geggenpress v strong. Cooper and Jannson scored 10+ goals in Championship and first year in prem. Added look for overlap, and dropped line of engagement by 1 notch. Opposition instructions showed every opposition player into centre of pitch. Promoted 2nd with very few signings. Plenty of game time for hi~potential youngsters like Roberts, Clarke, Shakleton etc Sk A BPF/ FB A Douglas BPD D Cooper BPD D Jannson FB A Ayling IW A Roofe/Brown AP A Saiz DLP D Klich IW A Harrison/Ezszszjjjjaaaaaneeeer Elllehossski BWM (DM) D Philips DLF S Bamford
  7. Does the game nerf the 19 passing with poor technique, composure or vision?
  8. 2nd season and we slip into the Champions League places plenty of points behind the others. Look at Leicester There's definitely some weakness in the set pieces in this ME. Pontus and Cooper come up for every throw, corner and free kick but neither are 10 goal a year boys... If I secure a Euro place in any competition the squad is looking very lightweight.
  9. It's a bug that i didnt get the benefit of! Still, id rather have a good 4th choice RB than £30 million... not!
  10. 3 losses, -9 goal difference. Scrambled to 10th by December.
  11. Got promoted with 4 games to go and confirmed as champion with 2 games to go. Looking at next years fixtures, im going to have a slow start after Man U, Liverpool and arsenal...
  12. Bigmonkey79

    Selecting captains.

    Is he showing as on holiday at point the game pprompts for a chiice. As leeds, the game doesnt show Pontus Jannson as a potential choice... i can only guess its because hes showing as holiday at that time @World Cup.