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  1. @ bazlowski and all the users WITHOUT using a Laptop: When you get a new NVIDIA Update and you did a express installation, your settings for FM are default. So please go on NVIDIA System settings/3D Settings/Program Settings/FM2018 On page 16 in this thread watch my fotos for the settings. MY game is nearly without any lagg and fps drops.
  2. Hi kad, yes thats good. Now try to test If your Performance ist better. If you like add me in Steam . CD1975. Maybe its more easy to talk via Steam to solve your Problem.
  3. Prefered refresh rate i have set to highest possible, try to do the same. I never use Nvidia inspector, but i think the other settings are ok. Change prefered refresh rate to highest available, confirm and watch If the Game is smooth. If you cant change prefered refresh rate choose the setting above ( maxed prerendered...) And use the highest possible.
  4. Hi Kad I would definitely Test it. Fact is vertical sync must be fast and gsync must be off. I Tested several settings and with those on my fotos the Game is smooth.
  5. @ ramap Please check your settings again, If you disable gsync to fixed Update rate and vsync to fast , it is possible that one setting switch back. So look again and after confirm check again. I am sure you will have 144 fps. If you have still problems give me your Steam Name, i will add you and tomorrow i will have a Look at your settings If you like. I have the same Monitor and grafic card Like you. And please check If you changed your solution settings to 144 hz.
  6. @ ramap Go to Nvidia settings, programs, FM 2018 Update Rate : highest available Monitor Technologie: fixed Update rate ( then gsync ist off) Vsync: fast I nearly have the same Hardware and have permanent 144 FPS with no Drops. In Game change the fixed 60 FPS to automatic. In Page 16 in that Thread you can watch Fotos of my settings in NVIDIA options
  7. Hi. Same in my save..He win CL 6 times and several League Championchips with PSG, Chelsea, Bayern
  8. I was really surprised about that positive Run from Emery. Cant remember that any other KI Coach was such succesful. I know that German top Teams ( coached from human Players) always had massive Problems against one Amateur Team from the 3. League. ( Friendly Matches) . So I thought I have a similar problem , but on a higher Level..ingame he is 69 now. Hope He will retire soon.. @ ermant That ist exactly emerys tactic..but he is the only one which beat me with that tactic so many times
  9. Hello Marc You are right that FM 2017 ist working fine, even with gsync on. Unfortunately I can not say something about Notebooks because I never used one. I hope that will find the reason for the lagg at the end. With my settings in my last post I can deal with the game now. Edit::: I Just read that vsync fast ist not available for some mobile grafic cards. Thats really a desaster for Notebook Users.
  10. I am in the year 2040 now.... played 7 CL Finals. ( 1 with Fulham, 6 with Atletico Madrid ) 2029/2030 PSG vs Fulham ( PSG Coach Emery ) I lost 2033/2034 PSG vs Atletico (PSG Coach Emery) I lost 2034/2035 Chelsea vs Atletico (Chelsea Coach Emery ) I lost 2037/2038 Bayern vs Atletico ( Bay. Coach Emery ) I lost 2039/2040 PSG vs Atletico (PSG Coach Emery ) I lost Dont get me wrong.. I have no problems to lose a game or even a final. But I cant remember in all FMs I have played during the last 30 years, that a KI Coach win 6 CL Titels and I lost all finals against him.. Anybody else here with same problems to beat Unai Emery in a final?
  11. @ Marc cobain Hello Marc You must vsync enable to fast!! Vsync ist NOT gsync. If you have gsync, Turn gsync Off. But vsync must be fast. And after you confirm, check again, sometimes it switches back. I will try to translate for you: Vsync= Vertikale Synchronisierung-------fast=schnell Monitor Technologie= If you use Gsync, switch from Gsync to fixed update Rate
  12. Hi Stratos With rightclick you can Turn Al Suite off so that it does not start when you boot the PC. But unfortunately I got a few laggs in the first game today ( FIFA Club World Championchip) . There must be something else. Maybe another software, it could be a program installed from the Mainboard Software. I remember in FM 2015 it was the Software Sonic Sonar, which was making my Game laggy. That was a extra Software from the Asus Motherboard DVD. And please If somebody use Norton, ist there any Change the Game is smooth, If you Turn Off the silent mode? Maybe the Users with lagg show us which Programms are installed by Motherboard Software or which anti Virus program they use? There must be something and i am Sure WE will find the reason. What i definitely can say is: gsync on ruins the Game. If you use gsync, turn it off.
  13. I have a question to the users with laggs in FM 2018. Does anybody use AL Suite from Asus? ( Does not matter which version ) If yes, deactivate it before starting the FM.... I had a windows update in December ( dont know the exat date ). From that point my AL Suite was not able to start. And I told you that I had no laggs before that big FM Winter update..... A few weeks ago there was another Windows update and my AL Suite was back and always activated.... And the lagg in FM was back... So maybe the Win update and the FM winter update where at the same time and I thought the FM update was the reason for lagging..... Last weeks I played Dirty bomb and had some crashes ( Game was freezing ). I got a message that AL Suite was the reason.... So I turned AL suite off.... And did not turn it on when I started the FM......And I had no lagg...... not even one micro lagg...
  14. I just watched 2 games by using the data analyst camera. And I did not see any lagg or micro lagg. During the 2. game I switched to TV camera and there were 2 Micro laggs. Would be interesting which camera the other people use? But for me it seems that the camera is making the lagg.
  15. Hi Jack, when I have Gsync on, the game is unplayable. It s epic lagging and i only reach about 90-100 fps. With Gsync off i have permanent 144 fps, but sometimes laggs or micro laggs, which happens random. And for me it seems that the camera is the problem. It really looks like the camera is not quick enough for the game.