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  1. Thank you very much. The change from Vsync fast to on solved that problem. In FM 2018 and 2019 ( before beta update 19-3-0) I always used fast and Gsync off. I had permanent fluid 144 fps. Maybe the Admins here will make an official announcement for all people which have more fps then 144? Would be nice. Thank you.
  2. There must be a problem with the solution. 2560 1440 I always had 144 fps in fm 2018 and fm 2019. Since BEtaupdate 19-3-0 I have between 150 and 200 fps---- the result is a terrible lag. I did not change something in the NVIDIA options and I have my drivers updated... ( I use a 1080 ti so lagg is a joke for fm....)
  3. Sorry SI, but did you ever test even one 3d game with a resolution 2560 1440? If yes, you would have seen more then 200 fps and lagg? Im really pissed of. For me the game is not playable after the latest beta patch. I have a 144 hz Monitor and there was always a smooth 144 fps in the FM 2018 and 2019. And what to hell have you done to unlock these 144 fps so that the lagg is back now? I am done. EDIT:: In NVIDIA settings VSync has to be changed. In fm 2018 and 2019 I always used vsync --fast, after the beta update 19-3-0 I try to change it to "on". That solved my problem and i have my 144 fps again. A big thank you to user Liquid Cool
  4. Im done with fm2019. Coaching man united, after first season 2. in League, EL Winner and FA Cup winner. Scored 61 goals in League ..In the 2. season 15 goals in 6 CL games, 17 goals in 20 League games....fired on 12th place... Change the Name in nogoals FM 2019 or unrealistic manager 2019...
  5. I played several saisons now, actually in in the year 2035. At the moment i am coach of Ajax and was League Champion 5 times in row. So it is not the point that i have no success... The balance is one of the worst in the last years. For me it s totally unrealistic, that such a strong team only scores 50-62 goals per season. I have 25-35 shots per match, several clear cut chances and still weak teams get a 0:0 in my stadium or win the game with a counter in the last minutes... I watched the league tables in Spain and England... top Teams also score only 60-70 goals, thats too less in my opinion. Hope the balance will be fixed soon.
  6. Hi Mensell 76. I checked out balanced and counter. Both makes no offensive power. Enemy teams are playing too defensive, there is absolutely no room. But I will try 41221 tomorrow.. thanks for your answer.
  7. Sorry, but im really frustrated..... I have never seen such a worst balance. I manage Ajax in the year 2023... It doesn t matter how i play away.. Enemy team is always defending with 8-10 players in their own penalty area... There is 0 room for a pass, 0 room for a shot. really weak teams in my league defend like they have 4 players with 50 Mio value and more.... Gegenpressing or Ball posession makes no difference. my 4-2-3-1 is a desaster. I also tried my classic 442, which was very sucessful in fm 2018.... In FM 19 you can forget it.... I got destroyed from several teams away, my 34 Mio Striker plays like Mr. Bean, this is real slapstick. Ball winning MF are getting a red card in each 1-3 matches. At the end enemy team plays a 50 meter pass to their stiker ( my defence is slightly deeper...) and they make the match winning goal. At the moment im done with that game.. In my opinion the balance is ********.
  8. Hi. Same in my save..He win CL 6 times and several League Championchips with PSG, Chelsea, Bayern
  9. I was really surprised about that positive Run from Emery. Cant remember that any other KI Coach was such succesful. I know that German top Teams ( coached from human Players) always had massive Problems against one Amateur Team from the 3. League. ( Friendly Matches) . So I thought I have a similar problem , but on a higher Level..ingame he is 69 now. Hope He will retire soon.. @ ermant That ist exactly emerys tactic..but he is the only one which beat me with that tactic so many times
  10. I am in the year 2040 now.... played 7 CL Finals. ( 1 with Fulham, 6 with Atletico Madrid ) 2029/2030 PSG vs Fulham ( PSG Coach Emery ) I lost 2033/2034 PSG vs Atletico (PSG Coach Emery) I lost 2034/2035 Chelsea vs Atletico (Chelsea Coach Emery ) I lost 2037/2038 Bayern vs Atletico ( Bay. Coach Emery ) I lost 2039/2040 PSG vs Atletico (PSG Coach Emery ) I lost Dont get me wrong.. I have no problems to lose a game or even a final. But I cant remember in all FMs I have played during the last 30 years, that a KI Coach win 6 CL Titels and I lost all finals against him.. Anybody else here with same problems to beat Unai Emery in a final?
  11. Hi Powermonger, my 1080 ti jetstream has 11 GB Ram. have a nice weekend:-)
  12. My Results: CPU: Intel i7-6700 K CPU Turbo: 4,2 Ghz CPU Overclocked: No RAM: 16.00GB Dual-Channel DDR 4 RAM Clockspeed: 2100 GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1080 ti OS: Win 10 Home 64-bit Storage: Samsung SSD Benchmark A: 3 min 19 sec FM18 Computer Performance: 4.5 stars FM18 PC 3D Graphics Rating: 5 stars
  13. I still have this problem too.. I play in 2020 now and just went on holiday for one week.... It needs nearly 6 (!) Minutes for one week from 19.-26.01. 2020. For me the game is unplayable. When I start a new Career, the game runs quicker in the holiday modus, but i think maybe its again slow after a few seasons.
  14. mmh... I upload the Folder with the saved games... maybe i have some Problems with my ports... sorry about that.. maybe I can upload it like before on a free upload site?
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