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  1. I have a 144 hz monitor with gsync. In the nvidia settings i have monitor refresh rate maximum possible, gsync off and vsync fast. Steam fps shows 144 fps ingame, but sometimes the fps drop to 72 fps. Sometimes i can play 5-7 games in row without any drops and permanent 144 fps. Maybe there are some other users which could confirm that?
  2. Haffaz thats not correct. I Play with 144 fps and only have lagg when the fps go down to 72 fps for a moment. With 144 fps the game is absolut smooth.
  3. Hello guys.. First of all my specs: 6700K win 10 and 16 GB Ram 1080 ti Dell 2716 with 144 hz and gsync I play with gsync off, vsync fast and refresh rate highest possible. when the 3D game starts, i habe 144 fps per second. If there are not many seconds between the highlights, i have permanent 144 fps. But if there are 4-5 seconds or more between the highlights, the fps go down to 72.. I get the 144 fps back when i open the tactic window for a player change or tactical change. I will not say that there are laggs with 72 fps, but there is a big difference to the 144 fps. Is there anybody with the same specs and problem? Greetings and thanks...
  4. Hi Powermonger, my 1080 ti jetstream has 11 GB Ram. have a nice weekend:-)
  5. My Results: CPU: Intel i7-6700 K CPU Turbo: 4,2 Ghz CPU Overclocked: No RAM: 16.00GB Dual-Channel DDR 4 RAM Clockspeed: 2100 GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1080 ti OS: Win 10 Home 64-bit Storage: Samsung SSD Benchmark A: 3 min 19 sec FM18 Computer Performance: 4.5 stars FM18 PC 3D Graphics Rating: 5 stars
  6. I still have this problem too.. I play in 2020 now and just went on holiday for one week.... It needs nearly 6 (!) Minutes for one week from 19.-26.01. 2020. For me the game is unplayable. When I start a new Career, the game runs quicker in the holiday modus, but i think maybe its again slow after a few seasons.
  7. mmh... I upload the Folder with the saved games... maybe i have some Problems with my ports... sorry about that.. maybe I can upload it like before on a free upload site?
  8. File name must be Carsten1v02.fm
  9. Hi Neil. Done. hope you received it.
  10. I just checked my savegame after the update. Unfortunately there is still a problem that one week needs too much time. Im in January 2020, in the first 1,5 Seasons the game runs very quickly when i was in holiday modus. Maybe somebody would like to download my save and will check if its running slowly too? I use a 6700K which was the benchmark for that game in the last 2 years. https://www.file-upload.net/download-12796079/Carsten1v02.fm.html EDIT: I just went in holiday from 11-18.01. 2020 and it takes 5 Minutes and 2 seconds. In my opinion too much.
  11. I just finished my 3rd season and the game runs nearly fluid. I think there is a very little stuttering, but it seems that the camera is not quick enough to follow the game when you zoom in max. or nearly max. The main problem I have now-- since the last hotfix--- is that one week in holiday needs much more time then before. The season in sweden is finished and for one week in December it took nearly 7 minutes, that is too much. In my test save I use 23 leagues and before the hotfix is was running very quickly.
  12. Thanks Neil, but I am fully confused now... I just put Steam overlay on again, because i wanted to film the lagg with my mobile Phone... I started Steam new and checked 2 Games. One in Windowed mode and one in Full Mode. In both halftimes I had no lagg and no fps drops. So there must be something else, When I played yesterday, I always had these laggs. Was there any hotfix between yesterday and today which I did not see because I did not restart my pc?
  13. I had that problem too. After i Turned off steam overlay, the game was running very fluid. Maybe try it.
  14. First of all thank you very much for the nice conversation Neil and Jack. for the users which play gsync and 144 hz. If you put your monitor to 60 hz. and gsync off, i had permanent 60 fps and still lagging, but no fps drops. With gsync on and 144 fps, I had drops to 28 fps and massive lagg. The Cpu usage was 4-24% the Ram usage permanent 32%, so I think thats normal. If the game is unplayable for you, try to push Escape and STRG together one time, after that the game runs very fluid. You must repeat that a few times during the game when the lagg comes back. That was the only chance for me to have a fluid game and won my first cup with AIK Stockholm :-)) Have fun with the game and be patient the problem will be fixed. EDIT:::: I just read a comment from Neil in another thread to try Steam overlay off... I just did that and played 2 Games.. Surprise Surprise: NO Laggs, No fps Drops. The Games were absolutely fluid, maybe thats the key.
  15. Hi Neil, I checked out lower settings and still have that Problem. Here is my dxdiag file. EDIT: I use a 144 hz. Monitor with Gsync. When i push Escape and STRG together during the 3D Game, the lagg is completely gone for a few seconds. In the settings i only can choose windowed mode or WQHD with 23 Hz. Maybe that is the problem. I need to choose 144 hz. in the Options. And 144 hz. is unfortunately not available.... DxDiag.txt