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  1. Hi Mensell 76. I checked out balanced and counter. Both makes no offensive power. Enemy teams are playing too defensive, there is absolutely no room. But I will try 41221 tomorrow.. thanks for your answer.
  2. Sorry, but im really frustrated..... I have never seen such a worst balance. I manage Ajax in the year 2023... It doesn t matter how i play away.. Enemy team is always defending with 8-10 players in their own penalty area... There is 0 room for a pass, 0 room for a shot. really weak teams in my league defend like they have 4 players with 50 Mio value and more.... Gegenpressing or Ball posession makes no difference. my 4-2-3-1 is a desaster. I also tried my classic 442, which was very sucessful in fm 2018.... In FM 19 you can forget it.... I got destroyed from several teams away, my 34 Mio Striker plays like Mr. Bean, this is real slapstick. Ball winning MF are getting a red card in each 1-3 matches. At the end enemy team plays a 50 meter pass to their stiker ( my defence is slightly deeper...) and they make the match winning goal. At the moment im done with that game.. In my opinion the balance is ********.
  3. Hi. Same in my save..He win CL 6 times and several League Championchips with PSG, Chelsea, Bayern
  4. I was really surprised about that positive Run from Emery. Cant remember that any other KI Coach was such succesful. I know that German top Teams ( coached from human Players) always had massive Problems against one Amateur Team from the 3. League. ( Friendly Matches) . So I thought I have a similar problem , but on a higher Level..ingame he is 69 now. Hope He will retire soon.. @ ermant That ist exactly emerys tactic..but he is the only one which beat me with that tactic so many times
  5. I am in the year 2040 now.... played 7 CL Finals. ( 1 with Fulham, 6 with Atletico Madrid ) 2029/2030 PSG vs Fulham ( PSG Coach Emery ) I lost 2033/2034 PSG vs Atletico (PSG Coach Emery) I lost 2034/2035 Chelsea vs Atletico (Chelsea Coach Emery ) I lost 2037/2038 Bayern vs Atletico ( Bay. Coach Emery ) I lost 2039/2040 PSG vs Atletico (PSG Coach Emery ) I lost Dont get me wrong.. I have no problems to lose a game or even a final. But I cant remember in all FMs I have played during the last 30 years, that a KI Coach win 6 CL Titels and I lost all finals against him.. Anybody else here with same problems to beat Unai Emery in a final?
  6. Hi Powermonger, my 1080 ti jetstream has 11 GB Ram. have a nice weekend:-)
  7. My Results: CPU: Intel i7-6700 K CPU Turbo: 4,2 Ghz CPU Overclocked: No RAM: 16.00GB Dual-Channel DDR 4 RAM Clockspeed: 2100 GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1080 ti OS: Win 10 Home 64-bit Storage: Samsung SSD Benchmark A: 3 min 19 sec FM18 Computer Performance: 4.5 stars FM18 PC 3D Graphics Rating: 5 stars
  8. I still have this problem too.. I play in 2020 now and just went on holiday for one week.... It needs nearly 6 (!) Minutes for one week from 19.-26.01. 2020. For me the game is unplayable. When I start a new Career, the game runs quicker in the holiday modus, but i think maybe its again slow after a few seasons.
  9. mmh... I upload the Folder with the saved games... maybe i have some Problems with my ports... sorry about that.. maybe I can upload it like before on a free upload site?
  10. Hi Neil. Done. hope you received it.
  11. I just checked my savegame after the update. Unfortunately there is still a problem that one week needs too much time. Im in January 2020, in the first 1,5 Seasons the game runs very quickly when i was in holiday modus. Maybe somebody would like to download my save and will check if its running slowly too? I use a 6700K which was the benchmark for that game in the last 2 years. https://www.file-upload.net/download-12796079/Carsten1v02.fm.html EDIT: I just went in holiday from 11-18.01. 2020 and it takes 5 Minutes and 2 seconds. In my opinion too much.
  12. I just finished my 3rd season and the game runs nearly fluid. I think there is a very little stuttering, but it seems that the camera is not quick enough to follow the game when you zoom in max. or nearly max. The main problem I have now-- since the last hotfix--- is that one week in holiday needs much more time then before. The season in sweden is finished and for one week in December it took nearly 7 minutes, that is too much. In my test save I use 23 leagues and before the hotfix is was running very quickly.
  13. Thanks Neil, but I am fully confused now... I just put Steam overlay on again, because i wanted to film the lagg with my mobile Phone... I started Steam new and checked 2 Games. One in Windowed mode and one in Full Mode. In both halftimes I had no lagg and no fps drops. So there must be something else, When I played yesterday, I always had these laggs. Was there any hotfix between yesterday and today which I did not see because I did not restart my pc?
  14. I had that problem too. After i Turned off steam overlay, the game was running very fluid. Maybe try it.