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  1. Manchester United v Shrewsbury Town (22/9/26) It’s the third round of the League Cup and after 13 goals in 2 matches for united im sorry Shrews fans it does not look good for you. Although the line up for United sees only 3 defenders at the back and the 3rd goal keeper and the central midfield pairing consists of 2 players not in the premier league squad so there is hope. However, Zivkovic and Ponce are upfront, 2 of the 3 defenders are world cup winning players and the final nail in the coffin is that Galvan is back on the right wing which only means trouble for opponents. With 4 minutes on the clock United have settled into the usual play keeping the possesion waiting for the opportunity to strike, which inevitably they do. With Dumont playing the ball to the right wing where Galvan controlls the ball, Shrewsbury send 3 defenders at the magical right winger and he beats them all storms into the box and a short pull back to De La Fuente who places it in the opposite corner with the keeper having no chance. The next United goal shows how simple it is to score with Romano boating the ball down field to Galvan who turns and runs down the wing with no one closing him down and then crosses the ball to his fellow Argentine Ponce who volleys it in. United 2-0 up in 7 minutes. Surprisingly for Man United they take their foot off the pedal and let Shrewsbury have a little bit of possession which amounts to 0 shots on or off target. Uniteds 3rd goal is cruel on the shrews as they simply cannot control the world class Ponce. The ball is launched forward to him and he controls turns and runs at the retreating defenders running to one side of the box then quickly turns as the keeper has moved over to the otherside of the goal and Ponce scores the open goal. Supberb football from the striker which shows why he is one of the best in the world as he is able to create his own chances from nothing. He finishes his hat trick in the first half as Zivkovic plays a through ball to him in the box and he slots it away in the far corner. Looking at the replays you can see that he is offside Ponce got away with that one, however the game is allready gone and no one really complains about it. The second half kicks off with United punishing Shrewsbury further around the 60th minute as a corner is cleared out where Perri, the only player not in the box, collects the ball and launches it forward. Everyone is moving out of the box and the keeper comes forward to collect the high ball. No one notices Zivkovic who nods it down past the keeper who has no chance. The game once again slows down until the 90 + 1 minute where United legened Alvarez Balanta tries to head the ball back to Romano from 30 yards away. No need to say he didn’t make it as he heads a rubbish tame ball backwards and Pyke takes it round Romano on his United debut to score for the shrews. With Romano not having much to do all day and when he did he did well, to be let down by a 12 year United verteran and captain, it hurts. Romano (debut) 7.2, Benzoni 7.6, Balanta 7.4, Harding 7.4, Perri 7.7, Dumont (debut) 7.7, Galvan 9.2 (Draxler -), De La Fuente 9 (De Vilhena 6.9) Leroy 7, Zivkovic 9, Ponce 9.6 (Paulinho - )
  2. Reading v Manchester United (19/9/26) After their impressive win in Switzerland, Man u travel to the Madejski Stadium in Reading, after their massive win over the Swiss champions can United get back to winning ways in the league? With a change in formation which has two strikers up front and the wing backs ample room to get forward and hit crosses in, Reading could be in for a long day. Within thrity seconds united are on goal and the defence has to clear it out for a throw in at the corner flag which is thrown to Ponce who breaks into the box and is then brought down by Hecker and with 1 minute 10 seconds on the clock Fierro slams the penalty bottom left corner. United keep hammering away at the Reading defence but Darlow seems to be having one of those days where he seems invincible, until his team mates let him down. With United storming through the middle of the pitch the Reading midfielders make tackle after tackle some completely missing and others hitting the mark but no one to collect the loose ball and United pour forward. Ponce gets the ball on the edge of the box where a good challenge robs him off the ball but it is then picked up by Flavio who rolls the ball back to Ponce and from the edge of the box the Argentine turns and fires a missile into the top corner. Even if you had a brick wall covering the goal, it wouldn’t have stopped that! Before the half time break there is even more misery for Reading fans as they punt the ball out of their half there are no attackers forward for the Royals and united pass the ball back into the half with patience and precision and six passes later on the edge of the box again is Ponce who hits a low ball past Darlow to put united 3 up at the break. The second half doesn’t get better for the Royals as they have their one and only chance at goal and De Gea saves comfortably. United bring on their 3 subs all at once and change back to the usual formation of 4-2-3-1 and it is not long before the powerful change in tactics has effect. The 4th goal comes from a rare attack from Reading where the lone striker doesn’t make it out of the centre circle before he is pounced on by the veteran Vera who hits it forward to Roberts then out onto the wing where the substitute Henrique crosses a beautiful ball onto Ponce’s head for his hat trick. Reading fans are seen leaving the stadium which was good timing as they would have been shocked by the terrible defending by their team for the 5th goal. The final goal starts from the united box and what an amazing run from Henrique to storm down the left wing until he is met near the corner flag by a defender who clears the ball to Rojina on the right wing who matches Henriques run down the right and crosses the ball into the box and the 30 year old Argentine Ponce hits his 4th goal of the match. You couldn’t ask any more from the United players today. De Gea 7.3, Rojina 9, Vera 8.3, Richard 8.8, Leicht 7.9 (Henrique 6.9), Cesar 7.8, Kovacic 7.9, Flavio 7.9 (Sterling), Roberts 8.9, Fierro 7 (Paulinho), Ponce 9.9
  3. Sociedad v Espanyol (19/9/26) After a great start in the Champions League group stages Rodrequez was hoping to keep the run of entertaining football on, he was to be disappointed. This game was a drag as Sociedad enjoyed 60% possession but Espanyol racked up 17 fouls and caught the Sociedad strikers offside 15 times in the match. However, this awful match still turned into 3 points for the reigning champions as they scored the only goal in the 75th minute which started from a clearance from the Espanyol keeper. Headed forward by the defender, Acosta picks up the ball halfway in the Espanyol half where all 11 of their players have been for the whole game. A short pass to Cavric who turns and shoots/passes (only he can tell us) straight at the keeper. With the keeper coming out to easily gather up this mistake, Arrondel sprints in front of the keeper and steals the ball and scores the open goal. Cristiano 7.1, Rodriguez 7.1, Le Berre 7, Cesar 7, Degolaado 7.2, Acosta 6.9, Borghuis 6.6 (Taxi 6.7) Maria 6.6 (Cavric 6.9) Munir 6.8, Gallet 6.2 (Arrondel 7.1) Paulo 6.6
  4. Today is the opening match of the Champions League for R. Sociedad and the fans are up for this one. Can Sociedad make it out of the group stage? The last time they ventured into the knockout round was in 2023 where they got to the quarter finals where they were knocked out by Rodrequez's team Norwich! Rodrequez must do better this season in the Champions League after finishing bottom of the group with only 4 points. Olympiakos v R. Sociedad (16/9/26) Sociedad are quick to attack as always as they put the pressure on the Greek champions and Sociedad quickly win a corner. The corner is cleared out but not far enough as Acosta who is lurking outside the box collects the ball and plays it out wide where another ball is whipped in and cleared. The ball is passed around the box until it ends up with Arrondel who powers a shot which the keeper can only parry but the ball stays in play and the quick thinking Paulos crosses it back in and Gallet heads the ball into the other corner of the goal to put Socie up after 5 mins. The next 30 minutes keeps the ref very busy as he hands out 5 yellow cards, 4-1, as the Olympiakos players are trying to slow down the play. the ball switches between each team in the centre of the pitch and Sociedad are pushing Olympiakos further back until the ball is played to the keeper who lashes it forward towards none of his own players. Then Sociedad show them that you cannot make mistakes at this level, as the ball is headed forward to Gallet, who then turns and plays a delightful through ball to Paulo who takes a touch to control it then powers it home to make it 2-0. The second half starts the same as the first with Sociedad piling on the pressure and Olym earning a few more yellow cards. A throw in down the right wing takes the defenders deeper into the box and a short pass back to the corner of the area has Gallet in acres of space, he is able to turn and pick out a pass to Borghuis who then slides the ball into the 6 yard box where Paulo picks up his second of the game. With both teams realising the game was won the last 30 minutes went by with no major events, a few more shots on goal for Sociedad and Olym pulled a goal back on the 88th minute which Rocha headed past Alderete as players were rushing out of the box as the ball came in. the game finishes 1-3 with Sociedad starting much better than last season. can they go all the way? Alderete 6.9, Degollado 6.9, Maia 7.1, Derbal 7.7, Luis 7.5, Borghuis 8.4, Acosta 7, Arrondel 8.3, Cavric 6.9, Paulo 9.3, Gallet 7.6.
  5. The first Champions League group game is here and Man U are at home to Basel, can Man U recover from their dismal loss to Norwich here 3 days ago? Man U v Basel (15/9/26) United are quick out of the blocks and are soon mounting serious pressure on the swiss back four. Their high pressure game quickly pays off as the United attackers finds several holes in the defence and Manuel De La Fuente is open on the penalty spot with no defenders near him and strikes it into the top corner within the first 5 minutes. 20 minutes later De La Fuente is brought down in the D, and Zivkovic steps up to smash the freekick home. The 3rd United goal is simply sublime, after Basel clear a corner, the ball falls to the right back and after 15 short passes in and around the box Leroy fires a thunderous shot from 10 yards out which the Basel keeper gets a hand to but cannot keep it out. Another quality passing possession goal from united as they torment Basel with quality passes until Zivkovic breaks through the defensive line and scores his second of the game by placing a low shot at the far post. 4-0 half time. The second half starts slow with neither team making any chances, until Basel give away a free kick near the corner flag which Basel clears but the second cross into the box falls to Vilhena and he scores with a simple tap in. The day gets worse for Ahmeti as he gives away a penalty which Zivkovic converts for his Hat-Trick. Zivkovic ends his game with another goal as he calmy hits a shot in the centre of the goal for his 4th and Uniteds 7th. Zivkovic’s substitue replacement finishes off the rout by scoring a near post volley, that was Ponce’s first touch of the ball. With United 8-0 up the last 10 minutes go by quietly as United then turn their attention to their next game against Reading.
  6. Deportivo v R. Sociedad (12/9/26) The second game of the season draws near and the team news is making the headlines as Munir is about to make his 200th Sociedad appearance, Taxi is making his debut and Arrondel has been dropped to the bench! Deportivo are being brave and going for 3 at the back and 5 in midfield, this could end badly! The game starts slow with neither team bothering the opposition until Deportivo carve open the Champions defence and place the ball into the far corner out of the reach of Alderete, Piniella the scorer. After going a goal down, Sociedad have kept the pressure on, with corner after corner until Henrique goes down after having his shirt pulled by Olmo in the box and up steps Munir to score the penalty on his personal milestone of 200 games for Sociedad. Sociedad keeps the pressure on after equalising, another corner gets headed away, but the ball ends up with Maria on the wing and he plays a brilliant cross towards the far post where Joao Paulo has beaten the offside trap and headed home from a few yards. 4 minutes later they are starting to run away with it. Another cross from the wing up to Paulo this time he takes it down on his chest and thunders a shot in the top corner, 1-3. The second half starts the same as the first ended with Sociedad on top and hitting the woodwork several times. 10 minutes into the second half, one of those rebounded shots of the post went back to Paulo and he tucked away his rebound for his 3rd of the game. Sociedad have turned on the style, with several 1 touch passes and a 6 yard tap in by Jose Maria ends a lovely move, the home fans are leaving already. However they have the last laugh as Henrique pulls up injured on the wing, on comes Gallet and Gudelj replaces Taxi who has had a good debut. Since the injury to Henrique, both teams have taken their foot off the pedal and look like they just want to see the game out, Deportivo have resorted to long balls down the middle where every so often one gets through to the striker but Alderete isn’t letting anything else go past him today. The first and last 20 minutes will not live long in the memory, however the other 50 minutes of football made it a great game, Deportivo 1 Sociedad 5. Alderete 7.9, Rodriguez 8.9, Herce 8.5, Maia 8.5, Luis 7.7, Borghuis 7.7, Taxi 8.9, Henrique 8, Jose Maria 9, Munir 7.8, Joao Paulo 9.6
  7. Man U v Norwich (12/9/26) It seems it is all Man U in the first half with United creating 15 chances to Norwich’s 2. However Jeronimo Ruilli is having an amazing game in the Norwich goal keeping out everything with a half time rating of 8.2 he is frustrating the United attackers. Still 0-0 at the 60th minute with Man U dominating Norwich who havent been out of their half all second half. On comes Ponce and Roberts to see if they can do some damage to the resistant Norwich back 4 and keeper. United are up to 20+ chances at goal including a goal line clearence from the Norwich captain. Draxler loses the ball in the middle of the pitch and in comes a reckless Silva and earns himself a straight RED. Uniteds day gets even worse with Norwich’s 5th chance at goal and Larionov scores a well worked goal. Into the last 5 minutes, is Uniteds winning streak going to finish here at old Trafford? Norwich has first blood against their main premier league rivals, and all the bragging rights go to the canaries. The Man U changing room is in a sorry state after losing 1-0 to Norwich which gives Man City a chance to go 3 points ahead! They need to put this behind them quickly as the next match is the opening group game of the champions league. Diallo 6.8, Rojina 6.9, Benzoni 7.3, Vera 6.9, Silva 7 (RED), Cesar 6.6, Flavio 6.8, Sterling 6.8, Kovacic 6.6, Draxler 6.8, Paulinho 6.7
  8. The first international break arrives with Buckman flying out to meet his Italy squad. Their first game since winning the World Cup is a home game at the San Siro against Ecuador, however the Italian team never show up as they labour to a 0-0 draw with Ecuador. After blasting the team with such an horrific performance, Buckman changes the first team with only De Sciglio and Berardi staying in the team. Within 10 minutes both of them score against Denmark in Italy’s opening game of the European Nations Cup. Denmark lost their opening game 4-0 to England and they take another beating in Copenhagen as Italy win 3-0, leaving both England and Italy with 3 points and Denmark at the bottom. Back to club competition, where Man U play Norwich at Old Trafford, a very important game for both title challenging sides.
  9. Champs league groups Group a · PSG - FRA 3rd · Sevilla - ESP 4th · Shaktar - UKR 1st · Red Star - SRB 1st Group b · Barcelona - ESP 2nd · Dortmund - GER 3rd · Lyon - FRA 2nd · Sparta Prague - CZR 1st Group c · Manchester United - ENG 1st · Celtic - SCO 1st · Basel - SUI 1st · Kobenhaven - DEN 1st Group D · Sampdoria - ITA 2nd · Benfica - POR 1st · Liverpool - ENG 4th · Ajax - HOL 1st Group E · Monaco - FRA 1st · Sociedad - ESP 1st · Olympiakos - GRE 1st · Hamburg - GER 2nd Group F · Bayern Munich - GER 1st · Southampton - ENG 3rd · Galatasary - TUR 1st · Anderlecht - Bel 1st Group G · R. Madrid - ESP 3rd · Lazio - ITA 3rd · Lille - FRA 4th · Zenit St Petersburg - RUS 1st Group H · Norwich - ENG 2nd · Porto - POR 2nd · Juventus - ITA 1st · FC Red Bull Salzburg - AUT 1st Champions League groups with where the teams finished last season. League cup draws Man U at home against League 1 Shrewsbury.
  10. R. Sociedad v Granada (29/8/26) Before the game kicks off news spreads of Franck Schulz warm up injury which will keep him out for up to 5 weeks which leaves Sociedad with a few AMC’s. Watch out Franck Schulz as his replacement Jose Maria who is playing a different position to his usual role scores a delightful goal as he breaks the offside trap with ease and slots it past the keeper, the replays show that the Granada’s defence has a good shout for offside however they cannot complain about that! The next attack ends up with a free kick on the edge of the area on the right-hand side, Munir steps up and hits it into the near post, the keeper didn’t even move! 2 goals in 10 minutes, the Sociedad season has begun. A clearance of the line from Nono leaves Sociedad fans gasping as they were sure Munir was going to bury that chance from the corner. Munir with another free kick much further out from where he scored, the ball is crossed in and the Referee gives a penalty! Crizam Cesar went down after a push from the Granada defender and up comes Munir for his second goal of the game? He smashes it down the middle through the Russian keepers flailing arms. 3-0 in 25 minutes! The day gets better for the Anoeta fans as Gallet is gifted a goal. Failing to clear the ball properly from a wide free kick, Munir lashes a driven ball straight at the keeper, no one reacts to it apart from the Sociedad striker Gallet with an easy tap in. this is embarrassing now, 42nd minute and more shocking defending from the team that finished 6th last season. Munir crosses a ball from the left and Gallet hits a volley but hits a defender and then follows up his shot to score another tap in where the keeper is already laying on the floor, Gallet, 2 goals, too easy. End of the first half where Gallet almost got his 3rd as he hits the post to end the half, Sociedad has made a statement in this game 5-0 at half time! The second half starts more fairly as Granada almost scores but Cristiano who hasn’t seen the ball at all this match pulls of a world class save to deny Fernando. After a well-timed challenge in the box, Granada get the ball only to be under pressure straight away and give the ball back immediately and the ball gets sent to the far post where Munir heads it back across the goal, the keeper seems to have it but Matip tries to head it clear himself only for Maria to volley it home for his second goal of the game. Who is going to get the first hat-trick of the season? The answer is … no one as the rest of the game ends 6-0 to Sociedad and this is without the world class duo of Gonzalo Henrique and Schulz? This team is going places! Cristiano 7.7, Degollado 8.7, Crizam Cesar 8.4, Le Berre 8.9,Tiago Luis 8.8, Cavric 8.9, Acosta 8.4, Munir 9.5, Arrondel 8.4, Maria 9.5, Gallet 9.5
  11. Hull v Man U (29/8/26) The teams come out onto the field with United sporting a new tactical approach which has not been tried with a major emphasis on attack. After 20 minutes the new tactic brings a result. Although with 2 strikers and an AMC it is the left back that opens the scoring as Henrique hits a 20 yard curler from the edge of the box. 10 minutes later Paulinho doubles it up with a placed shot which was just out of reach from the former United youngster keeper. The rest of the half is lively with United having 2 goals disallowed for off side which the Assistant was 100% correct unfortunately for Man U. The second half starts with Hull changing their formation to a 4-4-2. Which didn’t last long as Manuel De La Fuente scores a 25 yard rocket which leaves the keeper with no chance. Hulls day gets worse as Johnstone spills a cross from Henrique where Zivkovic reaps the rewards and scores uniteds 4th. The last 30 minutes play out without any incidents which the Hull supporters are glad to hear Hull 0 – 4 Man U. De Gea 7.4, Garcia 7.9, Richard 8.8, Balanta 8.4, Henrique 9, Cesar 7, Fuente 9, Vilhena 8.8, Kovacic 7.8, Zivkovic 8.2, Paulinho 8.7 Pre-Season odds, R, Sociedad 4-6, Barcelona 4-5, R. Madrid Evens, Sevilla 5-2, R. Betis 33-1 The Spanish League kicks off for Real Sociedad with a game against Granada which is where last season started for Sociedad where they went on to win the title losing only 2 games in the entire season. With 5 wins out of six against R. Madrid and beating Barcelona 3 out of 4 games last season, with the same form as last year, Sociedad should do well. However their performance in the previous Champions League was dreadful, being knocked out in the group stages after they managed only 1 win. This year the target is firmly set on the Champions League which Chaquinito Rodrequez has never won always being beaten by his close rival Buckman at Manchester United, could this be the season where he can beat his rival.
  12. Man U v Chelsea (23/8/16) Chelsea travel up to fortress Trafford with optimistic thoughts after a 1-0 win in their opening game against Southampton. Could Pep’s Chelsea continue their good start or is Fortress Trafford going to swallow them whole. We soon had an answer after 19 minutes after Galvan stole the ball from a poor throw in within seconds he had crossed the ball into Fierro where the 30 year old veteran coolly volleyed the ball home. With the half drawing to a close, Chelsea gave away a free kick in their own half. Out of striking range Vilhena crossed the ball to the far post where Leicht rose up and headed it back in towards Fierro who could not miss from 6 yards out. Early into the second half, Chelsea clear the danger from the Galvan corner, only to find the ball rolling back to his feet as he crosses another ball in where former Chelsea defender Laurie Harding headed the ball past Courtois in at the near post. After 50 minutes some fans where making their way back to the train stations. The day got even worse for the blues back 4 as Tubbs gave away a penalty which Fierro placed into the bottom corner to complete his hat-trick and put United 4-0 up. A classic Man U counter attack finished off the game at the hour mark with Cesar winning the ball and with one pass to the right wing to Galvan who stormed down his wing and crossed the ball into Fierro who of course volleyed it home to finish his day with 4 goals and United 5-0 against Chelsea. Diallo 7.4, Garcia 9.1, Oumarou 8.9, Harding 8.4, Henrique 9, Cesar 7.4, Flavio 9.1, Sterling 7.8, Roberts 9, Leicht 9, Ponce 9.6, (sub) Vilhena 6.7 The Liga BBVA starts next week.
  13. The 2026/27 premier league season Premier league odds, Man u 4/5, Norwich evens, man city 5/2, arsenal 5/1, Southampton 6/1 Newcastle v Man U (15/8/26) The opening game of the season pits Man U against Newcastle which are predicted a mid-table finish, but as the first game of the season who knows how it could go. With 7 new players moving to Newcastle how could their new squad cope with many changes. With no new signings coming into the United squad, could the form from last season carry into the new season with United beating Newcastle in both fixtures. The season kicks off and United start off attacking straight away, it is not long before one of their chances pays off. Roberts takes control of the ball 30 yards from goal and plays a neat through ball through the Newcastle defence where LEICHT picks up the ball in the box and curls it into the top corner of the goal 1-0. 7 minutes later Newcastle’s day gets worse after a good passing display ends up with Ponce calmly side footing the ball in the corner. After a couple, more chances go a miss, wonderkid FLAVIO pops up with a 20-yard screamer which sends the away fans delirious as it strikes the underside of the bar, 3-0. End of the first half. 10 minutes into the second half United get a free kick which is played down the right wing, with Garcia’s cross into the box PONCE slams home is second goal of the game. In the dying moments of the game Newcastle gave away a penalty which PONCE coolly slots away the penalty in the 88th minute completing the rout and his hat-trick ending the opening game of the season 5-0. Diallo 7.4, Garcia 9.1, Oumarou 8.9, Harding 9.6, Henrique 9, Cesar 7.4, Flavio 9.1, Sterling 7.8, Roberts 9, Leicht 9, Ponce 9.6 Liga BBVA has not kicked off yet!
  14. ok so this is my first time witting on these forums and i would like to post games and updates from my current fm15 save which i am currently in the 2026/27 season having played 10 seasons at Manchester United and another manager which has managed clubs in England and Spain. (i will be posting back stories and the previous seasons soon as i have 14 hours a day at work where i have very little to do!) this is my rolling story/update on my current season. As i have two managers on one save it may get a little hard to follow the different games. i will add two games at a time as both teams play on weekends and champions league. thank you to anyone who will read this i hope you enjoy reading this (if anyone does) as i enjoy playing the game. if you would like to know more about some players or any other players leave a message and i will give you a back story about them, or look out for my 10 year long run post which i will upload in the future. on this first post i will show you the pre season games of each team. Burnley 1 v 4 man u Maguire (30) – draxler (20), zivkovic (51, 70, 77) Zaragoza 0 v 3 man u De la Fuente (8), draxler (29), vera (86) Atletico 1 v 1 man u Romero (74 pen) – sterling (9) R Sociedad 1 v 3 man u Cavric (82) – leicht (8, 22), paulinho (72) Leverkusen 1 v 7 man u Muller (42) – Leroy ( 7, 18, 34), ponce (22, 43, 44), cesar (87) Community Shield – Wembley Norwich 0 v 2 man u Perri (72 pen, 8 pen) Euro super cup Southampton 0 v 2 man u Leicht (20) Fuente (42) Man U go into the league with an Unbeaten pre season and ready for the new season with two cups already. Millonarios 0 – 7 Real Sociedad Paulo (11), Hurtado og (12) Cavric (39, 58 pen) Henrique (44) restrepo (81, 90) Real Sociedad 2 – 1 Benfica Munir (3), Schulz (30) – Talisca (77) Real Sociedad 1 – 3 Man U Cavric (82) – Leicht (8, 22) Paulinho (72) Stade Rennais 1 – 3 Real Sociedad – friendly cup semi final Robinet (51) – Arrondel (29) Cavric (36) Paulo (45) Real Sociedad 2 – 0 Heracles – friendly cup final Henrique (18, 47) Real Sociedad 1 – 1 Leeds Paulo (6) – Jimenez (19) – 4-5 penalties Real Sociedad 4 – 0 Real Betis Paulo (7, 31, 40) Munir (54) Losing to Man U isnt unexpected but the penalty loss to Leeds hurt which made the quickly arranged Betis game more important as Sociedad started their season on a high.
  15. I need help trying to sell players. ive always had trouble selling players and my current save is at Manchester United and Real Sociedad, so these are players that will perform at any club. i have high interest with many players but they never approach me for the players i want to sell! i give you an example... after 8 years at United Geoffrey Kondogbia apparently became home sick ( yeah after 8 years!!) so i transfer listed him hoping to get some buyers. psg and moanco both were highly interested. he was valued at 15m offered him out at 10m. nothing. offered again at 7.5m. still nothing. at this time i thought it might be down to wages so i said i will pay for 95% of wages and 5m. STILL Nothing, the player requested a transfer back to his home country of France, 2 french clubs were interested and nothing. by this time he was bringing the clubs morale down so i offered him out for 500k and paid his wages in full. STILL ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! a month later he has accepted a move to Sunderland!!! (MOVES FURTHER AWAY FROM FRANCE AFTER BEING HOME SICK!!!!!!!) and i get 30k for my vice captain who performed better than pogba ever could!!! this has happened so many times, in the end i use the in game editor to transfer them to another club. no one would buy 24 year old harry kane from me (he still had his whole career in front of him bless him) i had to editor him to Gibraltar fc because no one would buy him .... i offered him out for £0 and i pay full wages! someone help.
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