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  1. Afternoon all, I've had a couple of instances of this happening since the 20.1.0 update but thought nothing of it at first. Then had 3 in the same match. 2 instances of defenders underhitting passes to the goalkeeper (40:03, 74:18) and one of the goalkeeper rolling the ball nowhere near the defender (46:50). In all three instances the end result was one of my attackers nicking the ball and scoring an easy goal. Whilst I am not completely convinced this is a bug (the first looks like it could just be good pressing), to have it happen 3 times in a game did raise my suspicions. One other weird thing - in the screenshots attached there is a discrepancy in the number of shots Marcus Rashford has taken between the analysis screen and the match stats. In analysis he seems to have only taken 2 shots but in the match stats it says 3. At 90:24 in the match, Rashford dribbles to the byline in the box and shoots with 0 angle to work with. This is not a new bug to report, lots of people have reported similar behaviour, but I'm wondering if that might be the cause of the discrepancy in shots taken. Keep up the good work, really enjoying my time with the Beta and can't wait for full release. Manchester United v Southampton.pkm
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