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  1. I mean, yeah the defending isn't great. But I've seen that once in 14 games under this match engine (and not at all in this year's game until this point). So I'm allowing myself the luxury of imagining that its the defence being caught out by a Pogba through ball, Martial catching the defender on his heels, beating him in a foot race and playing a nice pass across goal.
  2. So I finally got a chance to sit down with the new Match Engine last night and this morning. Is it perfect? Well, no. Some of my pet peeves are still here. (i.e. fullbacks not attacking the byline and opting to pass back to a supporting midfielder rather than attempting a cross regardless of how many instructions I give imploring them not to do that. Players generously trapping the ball on the touchline for an opponent to take possession. Players with good dribbling ghosting through defenders) But for the most part I am greatly encouraged with what I've seen. There is a lot more variety to the football I'm seeing. It feels a lot closer to an interpretation of my tactics and instructions than previous versions of this game's ME were allowing me. I'm only a half dozen or so games in, so there is plenty of time for some of the trends identified by other forum members to rear their heads (too many goals from set pieces, odd possession stats, overpowered long shots etc). However, I feel encouraged to really give this year's game a proper go and commit to a save for the first time. The consensus on here seems to be that this is the last ME update this year's game will be getting. Whilst I'm hoping for one or two further tweaks, this patch has been a big plus for me so far. A couple of saucy goals in consecutive games played this morning -
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