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  1. Not sure when the data lock comes in place but I will shoot my shot nevertheless. I mentioned it previously when the beta came out and I still firmly believe there should be a few changes for the Man Utd players. I believe Ashley Young’s attributes for determination marking and leadership should be higher. I would also edge his personality to be either a model citizen or professional. Mason Greenwood deserves an increase across the board.. specifically focusing on his technical attributes and flair. Crazy talent. Chong deserves an increase on his flair and work rate. Garner could do with an increase specifically to his dribbling which is currently a 3. Although the first team are currently in form I think Lindelofs mental and technical attributes and could be increased he’s been phenomenal. Heading, jumping reach and strength could be increased as he’s really avoided being bullied this year round. Pogba, Herrera, Rashford and Martial maybe should be looked at for slight increases. Whilst Valencia and Sanchez should be decreased. i think Luke Shaw is past his injuries and his determination could be increased as a result maybe even too his natural fitness. thank you guys.
  2. Hey guys thank you very much for a fantastic game once again. Few little issues for Man utd regarding player contracts.. Martial and Darmian both have an optional 1 year extension within their contracts and I’m sure you will add Shaws extension come 2nd Nov. https://www.transfermarkt.com/manchester-united/vertragsende/verein/985 Just a suggestion but I do believe Ashley Young warrants an increase to his determination. I would personally put it to around the 18 mark as I feel 12 is unjust for him. I also believe that Mason Greenwood’s stats have been overlooked. I understand he’s still young but I believe his stats could do with a slight increase across the board as with his PA. Dribbling, heading, crossing, long shots, passing & technique could all do with an extra point or two. Whereas I feel his flair could go up to atleast 15/16. I’ve watched him a great deal and I think he will be a massive talent at the club for some years to come. (Fingers crossed). I think with those little tweaks it will better reflect him but once again massive well done creating a masterpiece best fm yet 😊
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