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  1. Jm

    Medical Centre

    When looking at the injury history and season summary it would be good to include how many games a player missed
  2. Jm

    3 CB Formations

    I think it would be a good feature to put something in place to reflect when a player is more comfortable playing in a back 3. Many teams have started playing full backs at centre back as they tend to be faster and more comfortable on the ball. This allows the wing backs to play higher up the pitch and the now converted cb to cover the channels. If we are able to replicate this in some way shape or form that would be ideal. At this moment in time, I wouldn't feel confident playing a full back or makeshift cm at cb to operate in this way. It may also be a good idea to change the relevant
  3. Jm

    Creating Manager

    When creating a new manager I think it would be good to include each London borough or have the option to select either north, east, south or west London.
  4. It would be nice to be a little bit more specific when scouting for positions. I believe it would be quite handy if you are able to scout based on a players preferable position. For example you are looking for a left sided centre back and you filter your search to find players such as: Laporte, Maguire, Hummels & Kimpembe.
  5. I believe Sancho could potentially have Rashford set as favoured personnel and vice versa.
  6. I’ve just had a look at Harry Kane and think his passing and vision stats ought to be brought down by quite a few attributes. I would say 14/15 passing and 15 vision would be about right. I think he should also have the trait likes to shoot from distance added. i also think son is a little quicker than the game suggests and should have 16/16 atleast for pace and acceleration.
  7. Bruno Fernandes is fluent in speaking English but on fm he has a basic level set. Eric Bailly on the other hand should be set as basic rather than fluent.
  8. Greenwood made a mistake with the Iceland trip yes, but you would still call Giggs a professional despite his off the field antics. I would still agree that he is resilient with the way the media have been gunning for him. The media promised not to target players following Wistens death but here we are yet again. And if you didn’t know Greenwood and Wisten were actually friends so it’s very likely he is dealing with that mentally and OGS is protecting him.
  9. I think the main reason Man United tend to ‘overperform’ is because OGS is actually able to sign top quality players in positions needed. In the test saves I’ve played I’ve seen man united go out and sign a top quality cb and then the following season sign Sancho. That alone will have them challenging. I haven’t seen man united ‘overperform’ like the guys above have mentioned but I have seen them regularly make top 4. the current squad is good enough to do that and with a few additions they really wouldn’t be far behind the top 2. Yes they have been inconsistent in the league but you have t
  10. Regarding Arsenal I believe a few of their players could have a few tweaks. I do not believe Pepe warrants 19 acceleration and 17 pace and would have him at 17 acceleration and 16 pace. I do think he could have an extra point for his corners. Off the ball of 15 also seems more reasonable. As for Bellerin I believe he has lost his legs after his set backs. I think 17 acceleration and 17 pace is better suited to him. Lacazette - I believe he too has lost his pace and should have acceleration of 14 and pace 14. I would also think about reducing some of Lacazettes mental stats. L
  11. Hi guys, great work once again. Thank you for all the hard work you have put in, it’s really appreciated. Regarding Man Utd I can see you have made quite a few changes to the players however I do believe there could still be a further few required. Mason Greenwood - I don’t necessarily agree with the person above in that his finishing should be improved, but I do believe his long shots should go up to 13 and his technique to 16. Mason scored the most goals outside the box last season and his technique is one of the main reasons why. Again, as good of a finisher that Mason is, he does
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase a laptop that I would only really use to watch live streams and play football manager. I would be playing online with my friends, not sure if that accounts for anything? But we tend to play with four leagues loaded and a large database. I will also be watching the games in 3D. My budget is up to £800.00.. Thanks guys you do an amazing job!
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