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  1. I think you have many players looking to exploit space and only one creating it (DLF). Also the CM on Attack duty might get in IF's way and vice-versa. Who is going to create in your team? The DLP will probably be a little too deep to come across with an unlocking pass. Maybe Alli? Try to use width more to stretch the opponent. Try to use more deep players in the build-up to make sure they are not operating in a congested area with many bodies. High tempo will not help. You want to have fast transitions, but how are you going to do that if your opponent is not willing to attack you in decent numbers? That's what I am thinking.
  2. Why is it not possible to set up Shadow Striker's closing down to more or much more? Does it mean he's not involved much in pressing, like a Trequarista for example? And if a role has a PI hardcoded in (for example FB-A has Cross More Often hardcoded in), will a respective TI counter its effect (like Work Ball into the Box in this example)?
  3. Ok, the point would be to increase central presence. A CF-A still has Roam from Position hardcoded so I believe he will still look to move around. Removing AMC's Roaming could do imo and maybe your third suggestion, switch from the CF to DLF (keep duty) to keep the same dropping deep I am looking for from the striker.
  4. Watching the interaction between roles tend to be a painful experience for me as I often overthink everything that's going on the field and change things even if there might be no need for a change.
  5. That's an interesting point you wrote here, but I avoided to customize striker roles (have done it with CMs mostly, started with a basic CM and added PIs I thought would fit the certain player) because I felt they are different in all the options you've got. Say, you filter striker roles through available duties, you want a support duty striker in a single striker formation, then you've got DLF, CF, DF to choose from. Now, the first two roles have More Risky Passes hardcoded in and you can't change that and DF has Fewer Risky Passes hardcoded in and also you can't change that, so what do I do if I want him to play a natural game, based on his decision making, like I don't want him to play neither Fewer or More Risky Passes, just a natural passing game, if he seems fit, he might Pass riskier, if not, then he will play to the closer player available for a pass. Also, what I think is that some roles have under the hood movement that you can't change obviously. Like, take a DLF & a CF for example, with no customize. The CF will Roam, will look to overload other areas through that PI, will look to Dribble More, will look to drop deep etc. Also, a DLF, in my vision, will only look to Hold the Ball and bring other players in game, will stay central and will drop deep, maybe deeper than a CF. Then you get the question, do I need such a basic striker in my system or do I need someone who's willing to do more, or like a bit of everything. That's when I get confused with roles.
  6. So then maybe Alli shouldn't Roam? Is that what you want to say? He should attack that pocket of space left centrally by the striker?
  7. I can't because he has Risky Passes hardcoded.
  8. So do you think the problem would be that those two (striker & AMC) are both Roaming which means that both will go in the same area of the pitch, if there's a pocket of space?
  9. The point was I still want risky passes, but from the right players. Say a CF (S) has Risky Passes hardcoded in, but if his attributes are not good enough (which usually happens not to be), then he might cause loss of possession too many times.
  10. I want those players with More Risky Passes PIs to play neutral passes, kind of & the other players to play less risky passes if anything. In other words, I was thinking Retain Possession decreases through balls for all the players, no matter if they got any PI hardcoded or not. I guess that can be done through Mentality though? It might be simpler.
  11. I was thinking if I am to play a possession football and select some roles with More Risky Passes PI hardcoded in, I would look to neutralize that through a TI or something.
  12. I have tried a 4-4-1-1 recently against defensive sides, it is not top heavy but I thought high pressing is not that much needed against sides that park the bus. Quite disappointed if you ask me, most of these shots were long shots which means we're not doing enough to break defensive teams down. Controlled golden zone, but didn't seem to make most of it. Play looks a bit congested between the attacking players, still trying to figure out what exactly this graphic tells me. ----- Ok, while some of those long shots were freekicks, it is still annoying that the players are looking to shoot rather to pass until they find a break through. Can't entirely blame them, it's probably my tactic not helping them that much. Looking at this screenshot, Son has the ball and he's going to take a shot once he runs into the tiny pocket of space infront of him. As you can see, he doesn't have many options infront of him, Janssen and Alli are too far to get a pass, Dembele is the closest player, but he passed the ball to Son so I doubt he would decide to give it back to him, Walker's unusually too forward to get a pass and Eriksen is too deep for an option aswell. So Son decides to shot and again, can't say he had any other option, considering the Team Mentality and Individual Duty aswell (could be wrong to say it's the main reason he took a shot?) Here, let's take a look at another long shot. Here's Dembele with the ball, he has Son near him and Dier is free. The attacking players are spread, but they are not a viable passing option. Maybe Alli, but he's a bit too far. Annoying how Son gets in Dembele's way. Dier takes a long shot. Match ended 1-1, Bournemouth scored (it's not their goal in this screen) through a long ball passed to one of their strikers, Alderweireld was too high on the pitch and couldn't catch up with more pacey Wilson, then Lloris tried to intercept their striker but failed and he put it back in the empty net. Anyway, I'm showing the defensive transition in this picture. The ball is passed long again from Surman to Wilson and it could be dangerous as it's a 2v2 situation where, if one of my defenders fail to keep their opponent at bay, they'll probably create a huge opportunity to score. Eriksen lost the ball here, again you can say because of lack of options and they launched it forward. The move ended up with a cross from that position from Wilson, in my goalie's hands. Possibly more threatening if Wilson picked a pass to their number 9? (Afobe I think). I really have not much back in my mind to help my players create overloads and stretch the defences. I have added some PIs (Alli's Roaming from Position for example and he is instructed to hold up he ball) to create some movement, but doesn't seem to work too well.
  13. No I was asking if roles with More Risky Passes hardcoded are affected by this shout.
  14. Is this still available in FM17?
  15. I think it would be an interesting addition and it could help recreating certain real life systems if we're given the opportunity to interchange positions during games. Something like a swap positions would do, but during game, not after a break. Say, an IF will be able to change positions with an AP in AMC while both of them keeping their roles & duties.