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  1. I don't know about Sweeper because I never used that role before, but I don't think Halfback or Regista replicates Alderweireld. The former returns to a DMC position when team is not in possession and the latter acts as a playmaker and moves further up the field when team is in possession.
  2. Trust me I take everything on board from what you say in your videos, even though some concepts are a bit too hard to grasp for a beginner like me. Of course, what you say about attributes is not hard to understand and I am always looking to bring players to fit the role I want to use in a certain area.
  3. Alright so I have made some changes to the tactic before playing Middlesbrough. As we could have anticipated, Boro were looking to play defensively so I had to make some changes before the game to make sure we won't get frustrated. What I have thought to do is to stretch the opponent both vertically and horizontally (took a brief look on the strikerless article) to make sure we'd get more space for our attacking players. Switched Eriksen to AP (S), Kane to DLF (A), Alli's duty changed to support (added More Dribbling and Get Further Forward) and changed Son's role to Winger. Also, Walker became a Wingback. Why I made those role changes, first of all because I wanted my players to come deep and get the ball, I thought that they would have more space in deeper positions and especially when Boro were playing a 4-2DM-2-1-1, the middle of the park was left uncovered. I left Son on attack because I wanted him to stretch the defence by making runs into the wide space and maybe the other players could exploit the space, especially Dele Alli. We scored in the first minute through Dele Alli and we made the life easier. I thought Boro would switch their formation to something more attacking after some time, they didn't, so I just waited to see if we could score more and we did, indeed. Match ended 3-0, totally dominated the game, and even the shots on target ratio is good (it could have been better if it wasn't direct freekicks over the bar or headers after corners that were blocked in the box). Golden zone looks pretty much a very active area. Please let me know if I am correct about my judgement and how I can further adjust the system to make sure we smash the defensive teams. And also thank you all for the ideas.
  4. Ok now that I am home I can do that. RPM PIs: - Dribble More - Roam from Position Regista PIs: - Roam from Position So it's only Dribble More, that means the RPM provides more penetration when he has the ball?
  5. I do that,
  6. I understand what you say, but the problem has been quite for some long time that I believe a certain role do some things on the field that they actually don't do it (like a CM (D) scoring goals, it's absurd, but just trying to make my point). In essence, I do understand how they move or how they act on the field, but for some roles I don't have a distinction between their movement (like comparing RPM with Regista).
  7. Bust The Net.
  8. I also agree that roles & duties are possibly the most important part of building a tactic, but as everything is inter-related, there has to be a good amount of attention paid to the other things that affect these two, such as Mentality and Team Shape. I leave TIs and PIs to further adjust my style of play, which should create a specialized tactic (high pressing, possession etc) so I think that's how everyone do, but I feel that I may be lacking some knowledge in: - player roles movement. While I understand the basic of how a player moves on and off the ball in a role, I still have some issues here, thinking a player does this and that when he actually doesn't, say an Advanced Playmaker on attack duty in the MC strata should also score goals and get in the box when he might not (?). Just an example of how I misunderstand things. - transitions. While I learned a lot from Rashidi videos in his Gloucester save, I still have some issues to understand transitions or actually how transitions lead to goals on both sides. I can't always spot if there's a fault in my actic or it's just the player's ability, so then I tend to watch and watch over and over again until I overthink and change tactic when it's possibly not needed. - basic football concepts. High pressing, possession, counter-attacking, I get the basic idea how they work (possession - keep the ball, high press - press high up the pitch) I still tend to forget/not understand the principles that make the pillars so solid in these tactics. Then my tactic gets disjointed and I get pissed off thinking that I've done everything accordingly. - duties distribution. Still have some issues sometimes, say, too many attacking duties in attacking positions which can lead to problems. These, along with other minor issues can lead to my frustration being increased.
  9. I don't think Dembele is much of a box to box, I mean he comes deep, he surges forward and passes to ball to a more attacking team-mate, but he doesn't get in scoring positions very often and he doesn't really roam. Taking into consideration what it's been said here, I will try to adjust the tactic further. I will probably switch the fullback to a wingback, but I am gonna see how it works, then I will change Eriksen's role to a AP, change Son to a Winger (A) and very possible that I will remove the Lower Tempo TI. Just a question, does Shorter Passing reduces tempo aswell? I know there's a TI that supposedly reduce tempo but it doesn't anymore, but I don't know if it's Retain Possession or Shorter Passing.
  10. You see that's the problem with duties "support is this but doesn't mean he doesn't do that at all", while it makes sense, it makes you wonder how much of that thing it does and if selected a higher mentality, he might do it more often than on lower mentalities. I think Ozil to the Arsenal's table of mentalities could be used as a reference here? But then, when you put Team Shape, Mentality, Duties and eventually Roles altogether to see how they piece together, you start to wonder actually if your support duty is not too attacking and making too many forward runs for your liking. When this happens, some start to overthink, overcomplicate and forget the basics which imo are the main pillars to build a good tactic. Back ago, a few years ago, I had the problem of having strikers isolated, or players isolated, while it still might happen I think, this issue has improved, at least in the last (two, I think) editions of FM, or that's maybe the ME being improved?
  11. I've had this idea for some time now that I don't grasp some basic principles of football, I mean, maybe in theory I understand what is space and why it must be controlled, but then again in practice it becomes harder and trickier. Not sure where I should start reading to understand, I watch football, but just as a fan, to enjoy it, nothing else. Sometimes I get very confused and I want to drop all of this altogether and never start again, because so far I have not managed to master fully any playing style (possession, attacking or counter-attacking/defensive). I keep switching between these playing styles and when it doesn't work, I give up.
  12. I noticed they most try to play balls over the top. One thing I don't get, my striker is a CF-A, he's supposed to Roam and that means, is he gonna draw defenders if he's marked or it means he will move in those spots where he will find pockets of space?
  13. Well theoretically a striker could do, who drops deep and an attacking midfielder could exploit the space, or use a winger to stretch their defence, but even if I use that, I doubt there would be much improvement imo. I mean, that's what I've been doing and it didn't work a threat.
  14. Alright I will word it right now because I am working and I don't have the game here. Tactic is simple. High press at Spurs, similar to what Pochettino does. 4-2-3-1, Control + Fluid. GK, FB (S), CB (D) x2, FB (A), CM (D), DLP (S), IF (S), AM (A), IF (A), CF (A). Goalkeeper is told to distribute short, FB (S) is told to get further forward, DLP (usually Dembele) is told to Dribble More, Tackle Harder and Shorter Passing, AM (A) - Dribble More, Roam from Position, Move into Channels. How I see this? Simple. Eriksen (IF (S)) is supposed to be the mai creator. You could argue I could have used an AP, maybe I could and it would be worth, but I was a bit disheartened by Shot Less PI the role has hard-coded. The DLP is how I see Dembele, he comes deep at times, gets the ball and dribbles his way up the field where he passes to his more attacking minded players. AM is Dele Alli. He should look for pockets of space to make himself more useful and at times he moves into the channels to help his wide team-mates with possession. IF (A) is Son. He should get the ball and put it back in the net as well as creating problems with his dribbling and pace. Who assists? Generally it has to be Eriksen who leads the charts, but anyone in the team can pick an unlocking pass. I could argue f Eriksen has a bad game, an AP role could impact the whole team by using him as a pillar in creating chances, which won't happen. Kane, Alli and Son should score the goals. Rose is a bit more attacking minded than Walker. Both should get high up the field and provide a cross. How will we score the goals? Well teams that don't sit back, we should high press them into making mistakes or tackling the ball high up the field in dangerous areas. If teams sit back, we employ a patient possession football, looking to create movement to unlock the defence. Speaking of this, the TIs are these (mentioned I started with Control + Fluid): Close Down More, Prevent Short GK Distribution, Lower Tempo, Shorter Passing. So that's it. I will provide screens when I will get back home. First two matches of the season were against Everton who employed a 3-4-1-1-1 or something like that, with two DMs, we had a hard time breaking them, but I employed a 4-1-2-3 for this game and after we scored a goal, they switched to an Attacking 4-2-3-1 so we did revert to our 4-2-3-1 aswell. Ended 1-0. Next game was against Sunderlad, they fielded a 4-2-3-1 so did we, but they were very deep and defended in numbers and we couldn't score, we even could have lost this game if it wasn't for Anichebe's awful finishing.
  15. Been there, done that, now practice is harder than theory, isn't it?