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  1. AI Team Mentality usually correlates with their duties, in other words, if they are using a more defensive Mentality, they will use 1-2 attacking duties, if they are attacking, they will use more attacking duties. Team Shape can be spotted in transitions.
  2. I am looking to switch to another formation as soon as I promote or am able to recruit more players, truth is I had no other choice but to play something similar to this, pretty much what could get the best out of all the players I have at the club, no good wingers, no good defenders, so I had to rely on this formation, extra cover at the back, no wingers, fullbacks become more adventurous. By no means I am trying to work with an easier formation so I always want a challenge, but can't do that until I get the personnel. One thing I get in theory but can't spot it that much in practice is the A + S combo, but in opposite areas of the pitch say, why does a WB-A work better with a support duty striker (if you have no wide midfielder)? Is it because an attack duty striker would be too advanced to offer a passing option to the wingback? And also, what does it really mean "more players participate in transitions", in Team Shape, I know I asked this before but I need to get it clear, does it mean that say a CM-D may decide in a Fluid Team Shape that he can be more creative and step forward and help to move the ball from defence to attack? In other words, ignore his duty more often? And how's the combo Standard + (Very) Fluid, given the fact that Fluidity means the players will take Team Mentality in account more often than their own duty? These are things that I still struggle to understand in Team Shape.
  3. Alright after a dip of form or maybe my tactic not being as effective as it was in the first games, I had to make changes to make sure we pursuit our aim to win promotion. The fact that we had a run of 5 winless games was coupled with a few injuries to our first team players so we had to play with some poorer quality players in key areas. Lost to Wycombe (0-1 home, conceded through direct freekick), hammered by Portsmouth (0-4 away) and drew with Crewe and Grimsby. In the Checktrade Trophy we lost away at Wallsall in the last minute (corner), and then came back from 2-0 down at Sheff Utd to end 2-2, but lose on penalties and thus being knocked out in group stages. Not a biggie, I wasn't paying too much effort in getting anything out of this trophy, we lack depth and we don't need extra games at the moment. Then a 1-1 draw at home in the FA Cup against Torquay, I realised I had to do something to improve this bad run. I didn't help that my strikers were missing sitters and even Walker seemed to be a little bit too deep for my liking, so that was the first change I did. a) change of formation. Changed from 3-2-3-2 to 3-2-2-1-2, or in other words, Walker was moved in the AM strata. That seemed to help the link-up between midfielders and strikers. b) tweaked roles. I started becoming more confident with the level of players quality I was managing or facing so I went on to change the right WB's duty to support. Hoyte was a bit hit and miss lately so I replaced him with Richards, has better physical attibutes than Hoyte and is more hardworking. Because I moved my CM-A to AM-A, I had to reshuffle a few things upfront too. My WB-A needed better support, so switched the two strikers roles & duties, a DLF-S on the left and AF/P on the right. Now I feel that my left WB has more options when marauding upfront, AM, DLF and maybe the CM behind him. The last thing in terms of roles & duties, moved the CM-D to the left, to cover the WB-A runs and put the CM-S on the right, with WB-S to his right and AM-A and AF-A infront of him. c) tweaked PIs. I felt that, sometimes, we lacked a Pass into Space but since not all my players can pass the ball adequately, I told my AM-A and CM-S to play More Risky Passes. My DLF has More Risky Passes hardcoded in so that's three players looking to spray balls into space. Also, since my CBs were lumping the ball forward at almost any opportunity, I selected Play out of Defence to make sure they consider shorter passes over long passes. We needed to hold the ball more if we wanted to create chances, to pass short and build from the back, especially considering that my strikers are not good at heading. I got some decent return so far. Won away at Torquay in the replay, 1-2, unlucky to concede the goal through an own goal, beat Morecambe 3-0 at home and if we beat bottom placed Accrington Stanley, we'll recover our top spot. My tactic looks like this. CB (D), CB (D), CB (D) WB (S) WB (A) CM (S) CM (D) AM (A) AF (A) DLF (S)
  4. Let's say that I am looking to have my wide midfielder act like an inside forward and exploit the space created by DLF. Not entirely sure what would happen in terms of space if I put the WM on the side of AF, my instinct says that the wide midfielder will step forward and support the AF more than attack space? I shouldn't have said "how it works better" in the first place, I should have said what happens in both cases, in theory.
  5. Just a question, in theory, if you have a 4-4-2 with a DLF and AF and you want a wide midfielder to cut inside, where is better to place him, on the side of DLF or AF? And why is that?
  6. @summatsupeer - In the Cambridge game I used a 4-1-3-2 to block their AMC (4-4-1-1), but it was unsuccessful. In most of the other games, I used the tactic I posted. Btw, do you think the two striker roles would work better with the rest of the team if they were swapped? (consider WB-A & CM-A). I know you said at point 4, but is that necessary for better circulation of the ball? The players are back to their self-usual. Winless in five games, trashed by Portsmouth away (0-4). I guess the overachievement has come back and bite me. I fell from 1st to 6th now. Thr good thing is that we're a few points away from the top. The bad things are that we're not that far from midtable either and we're in a poor form.
  7. If I am to use a fullback that means I have to move him in the FB strata and I don't want that. Roam from Position means that my player will leave his position and look to overload other areas, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he will drag players around.
  8. The point of CM-A behind DLF is to make him attack the space while the DLF drags (hopefully) a player or two out of position. In other words, I wanted the CM-A to act as a second attacking threat along my AF. A wingback on defend will still provide width, just that he'll be more cautious about his forward runs.
  9. Okay, let's take a closer look against Stevenage. Shots off target and blocked shots. All shots off target were freekicks, except this one. Walker gets the ball from Hoyte down the right hand side. Walker passes it to Lesniak, who then decides to launch a long ball forward to Rodney. Rodney could have been 1v1 if Alessandra, my other striker (DLF) didn't decide to lay off and let Rodney go forward alone. If Alessandra would have gone forward, we'd probably have a better change that Rodney wouldn't dribble into wide area but instead charge straight, looking to get past their defender. Rodney was all alone and as support arrived late, he couldn't do anything but to shoot. Blocked shot (Alessandra #15). A similar scenario. Lesniak gets the ball, passes it long to Rodney. Rodney cuts inside and passes it to Alessandra. Alessandra has no option and shots, but his shot is blocked.
  10. Okay, I am home now, let's take a look at match stats. Last game, 2-1 win against Stevenage, I was saying that the win was lucky, it indeed was. Even though SOT % seems to be very good, most of those on target shots were from outside the box. (for some reason can't embed this picture) Paradoxally, our biggest win away at Orient, ended with the lowest SOT %. A draw with Plymouth, we played rather poor. And our only loss so far this season, away at Cambridge. It is extremely frustrating that this happens, I am trying to fix out the issue before it becomes a bigger problem and we'll find ourselves unable to score past teams. There are some direct freekicks altering these stats too.
  11. Yeah I know, I have watched the long shots but can't seem to have spotted a pattern of why this happened. I noticed that sometimes my two strikers are marked and it's difficult for them to hold long enough for support or to pass the ball to. Also, sometimes they just take a long shot for the sake of it, without having a second thought. Most of my players do not have PPMs. The fact that some games I have over 50-55% ratio and sometimes I have poor percentage tells me that it could be the opponent sitting deeper already and they are defending in numbers. Anyway, will try to link their off the ball shape with my poor long shots percentage, maybe they are sitting deep, also look again at how long shots were taken maybe I can find out why this happened. Also, their Golden Zone seems to be the most active area of where we play, in most of the games.
  12. Is Pass into Space doing exactly the same effect as More Risky Passes PI applied to all the players (or attacking players)?
  13. Alright first of all I would like to say that the tactic I am using right now is working decently and it's only an element is frustrating at the moment and that's long shots. Long short story, I am managing Hartlepool United, League Two, expected to finish bottom, sitting third after 10 games. I strongly believe I can push for an automatic spot and this was my aim honestly, overachieve with the crop of players and try to win automatic promotions, or at least try to reach Championship in two years then build there the squad that can help me get in the Premier League. My project is to take the club in Premier League in five years. Now, I never done this kind of LLM before, I managed as low as Championship and never beyond because it was out of my depth and I didn't know much about smaller clubs, but after testing a few saves with Hartlepool before, I forced myself to try and make them at least semi-successful. I always thought LLMs have big potential because you can shape your club the way you want while achieving success through promotions. Ok, enough talk. Now onto serious matters. As I said I think it's a bit of overachievement atm, sitting third after the club was predicted to finish bottom and I think that this slowly becomes a side-effect. I can't post pictures, not at home atm, but I can put down how I though my tactic. Hartlepool have poor defenders, managed to sign a youngster from Swansea to boost my options, most of my CBs are slow and possibly easy to beat as they lack mentals aswell. I worked out this tactic. Of course a goalkeeper CB (D), CB (D), CB (D) WB (D), WB (A) CM (A), CM (D), CM (S) - Close Down More DLF (S), AF (A) Standard - Flexible, no TIs. Now, you probably thinking, 5 defensive duties, really? Well it has worked so far, so don't change what's not broken? The reason I went with 3 CBs is because most clubs field a 4-4-2, so I want to outnumber their strikers in case my defenders will do a mistake and fail to clear the ball, there should be another defender looking to help out his team-mates. You can guess that my I chose 3 CMs because I also wanted to outnumber my opponent in the middle of the park. Ok but why 5 defend duties? Well, the CBs are self-explanatory (might test with Cover here to see how it works out). My right WB was given a defend duty initially because of the CM (A) infront of him and because the player I had there, Magnay, was quite slow (8 Pace & Acceleration or something like that). I signed Justin Hoyte, who's faster, but massively lacking Crossing, Dribbling atributes so I guess he would rather stay back and go forward only when it's safe rather than have an useless player contributing to nothing. The CM (D) was initially thought to help out the defence, so that's how much I trust my defenders really. Three CBs, plus one CM staying back, but against two strikers formations it makes a little bit more sense. Maybe. Now, onto more positive duties. I chose a CM (A) because my selected CM, Walker is probably one of the best players available. Also, considering that I've had a DLF looking to drop deep, maybe my CM could take advantage of the space infront of him. The WB (A) is another player, probably the best the club can offer (Kavanagh, on loan from Fulham), so I wanted him to be more incisive in attack. On his side, a CM who is Closing Down More, yeah you guessed it by now, he is looking to try and cover my WB, but also help him out in attack. An AF down the left side could also help my wingback as he is looking to Move into Channels by default. I tried to keep it simple, sort out my player roles & duties before I could play with Team Shape & Mentality (as always), I add Pass into Space sometimes but I am unsure because my players might lack Passing, Decisions & Vision for risky passes, so might add PIs for that to certain players. I am possibly a bit defensive if you look at my duties, I am considering to change, in case I recruit better players (more capable defenders), the CM (D), to a DLP (D/S) or CM (S) and maybe the right WB to a support duty. I am already planning for the next season hopefully I go up so I can pick up much better players that can fit the system. Now, the problem is that we're taking sometimes waaay too many long shots, for example against Orient if I recall, who were bottom and succumbed to a 0-4 loss at home, to us obviously, we had about 23 shots and only like 6 on target. In other games, we had over 50% SOT ratio which is pleasing imo. I am still trying to figure out if poor numbers happen against poorer sides, or it just happens from time to time, as I am still getting comfortable to the league and my opponents. But yeah, considering that my players are not the best in the league, this is what I came up with in terms of tactics. Do you have any suggestions that can help me achieve the same defensive stability and but become more attacking potent? I scored 4th most goals in the league so far and my strikers (bar a loan player who ironically has the poorest stats) are below average. Conceded about 4th lowest goals aswell, but I feel that sometimes my goals are a bit lucky. Is this what lower league mean or maybe there are a few tweaks I can make? Honestly I am a bit afraid to test things out as I had experiences before when, after a loss, most things went downhill and I couldn't get out the hole.
  14. I'm in with my Hartlepool save, will post updates later.