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  1. It's not helping me quite a lot because you say a lot of trial and error but where do I even start? There must be a base to start from and try things from there. Support duties might help, but that's not necessarily gonna see much of ball switched down the other flank though if there is not a set of instructions. Also there's not much of ball going to be played on the side you want to overload if you don't use some roles to attract balls. Imo.
  2. Yeah well it's not that easy lol, it's FM where in practice it's harder to achieve than it is in real life... Anyway, point being said I tried this but not really working tbh. Also, I could create overloads not only to move their defensive block towards one side, but also, if they don't move enough men down that side, I could be able to have one or two free players who can run with the ball and put a cross in maybe, so that's why I think a more attacking fullback could be more useful if I am to use width instead of IWB.
  3. I want to do something like this. https://bayerncentral.onefootball.com/2016/01/tactical-concepts-isolation-overloads/ In other words, overload one side before a long ball releases a marauding winger down the other flank that's isolated in a 1v1 with his opponent or is unmarked and can cross, shoot (score goals, that's what I want the most) or stretch the defence. I tried placing an Advanced Playmaker on the wing I wanted to overload and used an assymetrical formation (4-2-3-1), also used a Roaming Playmaker in the CM slot on the AP's side and compensated with an IWB down the same flank to make sure we get like 4-5 players in one area. I placed the marauding winger in the midfield strata and gave him an attack duty. Also, my attacking midfielder was moved more towards the advanced playmaker on the wing, but maybe I overcrowded the area and there's no one centrally besides the striker who can try a long ball? I really need help. I am trying to understand this game on my own judgement and fix what's flawed in it rather than read 1000 guides.
  4. What tactic do you use?
  5. Btw if someone ca explain what does practically means more players involved in transitions? I mean, in a Fluid setup, the attaccking/defensive duties also step up and get themselves involved in moving the ball forward or dropping deep to defend with the rest of the team?
  6. During pre-season I watch in full to see if my players do what I instructed them to do and see in general if my team has balance in the three departments. During season, I move to Extended, rarely Key because I like to keep things under control and adapt in case the opponent tries to exploit our weaknesses.
  7. Not scoring

    Just stop playing this game for a while imo. Best thing you can do right now. You're stuck in a circle.
  8. If wingers are wide in attack you can change your Team Width. The problem is that they're wider than expected in defence.
  9. Determination

    Not sure how it would benefit your regular FM player, most of them already have headaches over watching games and trying to figure out what is wrong in their tactics, then focusing on a certain player for a number of games to discover how good his Personality is would create more confusion and insecurity in the game.
  10. Determination

    Thanks herne.
  11. FM17 - A Tactical Journey

    Is it normal to average under 50% SOT ratio against defensive sides, or do you have a little concern about it?
  12. Counter-attack: your left fullback is the main problem (he's on attack duty), I can tell you're playing three at the back, but your midfielders are all on support (my guess)? Notice at 0:11 how Spurs striker is all alone on the ball and can pass it without being under pressure. If you had someone on defend duty in midfield, you'd have more depth and cover. After that, everybody in your team is rushing back to their defensive shape, but unable to stop their right midfielder to cross the ball and assist the striker for the goal.
  13. FM17 - A Tactical Journey

    Are you looking for Determination in all your players or only for certain duties, like support?
  14. Favre's Gladbach 442

    Strikers won't come as deep as I want, regardless of duties/atributes. Furthermore, the gap between strikers and DMs would be too big to create this fast passing style I want to play. Right now I am experimenting with an assymetric 4-4-2 which involves a striker on a side and a SS on the other.