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  1. I agree with everything you’ve said besides kovacics passing. Him not being a good passer of the ball is a myth. He hardly ever gives the final ball but his passing in tight spaces and his occasional play switching passes are usually accurate. This season he has 91% pass completion rate in the prem
  2. Ah, chelseayouth on twitter would beg to differ. Unless.. Well, I created various saves to check this theory and their PAs never seemed to excite me. Maybe i’m just overly concerned about the PAs. Cheers mate!
  3. Agreed. I do feel his potential could be a bit better though. He’s definitely more of a defensive midfielder in my opinion. Chris Wilder said that’s where he sees his future and that’s where Lampard wants him as well. Cheers!
  4. Why does Hazard miss so many penalties😒. Considering he has 19 for pks and 15 for composure he should be scoring more often than not. Awarded 5 and he's scored 1
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