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  1. I have the latest update but my game has been going a month or two I am in the season 2031 and two years ago i sold a young striker by the name of Emiliano Velazquez to Ateltico Madrid for £50m however when the deal was finalized he never left my squad the transfer window shut and i still had him in my squad. Each and everytime click continue i get a news item "A. Madrid set to buy Velazquez" a bug i have previously reported about repeating news items, very annoying. I figured all would be well and waited for the end of the season... still he didnt leave future transfer to Atletico Madrid so i cannot release, offer a new contract etc So being the patient man i am and with only 1 year left on his contract i continued with the game assuming when his contract expired he would finally be off... Contract expired a month a go yet he is still in my squad, he is still supposed to be moving to Atletico and I still cannot shift him. I appreciate you probably dont care with the imminent release of FMM19 but having ploughed many hours into this save I would appreciate it if you could fix it!
  2. The silence is deafening isnt it! I have stopped playing now until i know its fixed as i have missed out on two great looking players through not being able to make counter bids... beyond frustrating!
  3. Also experienced this bid £6.5m for a player then another club came in with a £5m offer and i was invited to make a new bid but was not able to do so as the option was not there. When you click on the players contract its says I have bid £3.7m (his market value) which is wrong. No way to progress or cancel this transfer now its in limbo.
  4. No one else getting this? I have a player 'who shocks my fans' at least twice a week
  5. Ok so there is a fair chance this happened before that i just didnt report it here... im stuck with Croft Park then : (
  6. Being a "small club - done good" in the Prem a number of my fledging superstars are wanting to leave which is fine and expected however literally everytime i click continue i get the same news item time and time again. Not isolated to an individual player but i am reminding he wants to leave on daily basis, really frustrating.
  7. After winning the FA cup with my championship Blyth Spartans side i was offered the chance to name the new 18500 seater stadium which i did choosing "The Spartan Arena" (its not all about me you know). Sadly the change hasnt stuck and even though i have the 18500 seater its still called Croft Park under General Info. Not a biggy but wondered if anyone else had experienced the same?
  8. Statistically this keeper is spot on however my Scout said no (1 star), I signed him on a free anyway (as back up) and the board and fans are disappointed with the signing... my coach also says he is terrible. How can an individual have almost perfect stats but be so terrible? (note his 5 for the 1 game i played him in). A bug?
  9. A friend sent me this amusing but also rather perplexing bug in FFM17! I was ask to post it here by @vibecommunity
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