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  1. The highlighted attributes for what is needed for a CM(A). No-one really fits in my team.
  2. Nobody's attributes are anywhere near good enough in the squad. I'm only going off the highlighted attributes for each position though, to be honest.
  3. Currently have a 4-1-2-3 tactic going and it's working OK. My 3 man midfield is a DM(D) behind a AP(S) and CM(A). Now the problem is my CM(A) just broke his leg and it is 3 days after the transfer window has closed l, leaving we without anyone else who can play that role. Would a Mezzala play the role pretty similarly or not? cheers
  4. Perfect mate, thanks. Many idea why my scouts world knowledge is going down?
  5. Ah right, cheers. Is there any way to ask to scout different countries?
  6. How do you get scouts to scout certain continents/leagues etc? i have the top package but only seem to be able to scout in the UK and Ireland. Thanks
  7. I'm Sunderland and have been doing well with this tactic GK - D LFB - S CB - D CB - D RFB - S DM- D DLP - S CM - S IF - A IF - A CF - S Play out of defence, use tighter marking and prevent goalkeeper distribution. I went 11 games winning 9 and losing 2. I have lost 3 on the bounce the last 3 games and look a completely different team to what I was. I can't really put my finger on why but it is very annoying. Any theories on why this might be? thanks
  8. Thanks mate, great post. I agree with everything you say. Just thought it may have been an exploit and don't like to play the game that way. Like you say though, each to their own!
  9. I read on here that they are overpowered. Made a 4-1-2-3 with 2 IF's ( only 1 out and out striker) that is working well, is this only working as its abusing the current match engine? Don't want to feel like I'm only being successful due to 'cheating'.....
  10. Hahaha whilst I agree managing Sunderland is mostly suffering, I just can't use exploitive tactics takes all the fun out of it
  11. I was unaware of the fact 3-striker systems are so overpowered. I'll be changing it as soon as I play again as I completely agree, no fun in having an advantage you haven't worked on. It's just a shame I'm absolutely useless at tactics and I'll probably get the sack once I have to use another system!
  12. Ah yes, sorry mate. Flexible - standard/control depending on home or away and opposition standard. Only TI's I have are prevent GK distribution and Mark tighter
  13. Oh really? That's a shame looks like I'll have to start from scratch. May have a look at the 4-3-2-1 with wingers. Cheers
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