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  1. Hmm. I may have spoken too soon. I just played a second match, and this time there was no problem. Hopefully it'll stay that way!
  2. This may or may not need a new thread, but I'm guessing this new problem I'm about to report is linked to the issue I initially flagged here. As I said above, I've been able to retrieve and load my saved game, which is great, but I've just played my first match and stumbled upon a glitch. Basically, when I see highlights play out via the match engine, player names aren't being shown on screen, instead, when the ball reaches a player, it's just random letters that appear, as opposed to their name. Now, this isn't the biggest problem in the world, but it does detract somewhat from the match day experience, and it would be great to fix it. Cheers in advance (again)!
  3. Still working, so fingers crossed all is well now. Thanks for your help!
  4. Ok, I'm a little confused at this point. So, I moved the graphics folder out of the FM folder, then tried to load the game again, but no joy. Then, I moved the game editor folder out, tried again, and this time the game loaded, BUT it was as if I was playing for the first time - no saved games were available and I had to create a new manager profile and start a new game. At that point, I figured that my saved game had been deleted, but when I saved the new game I saw that the old file names were still there. So, I tried to load up my saved game and I seem to have it running now, but I'm sceptical as to how likely it is to run smoothly from here...
  5. Luke, I looked to verify the game cache as you asked. The outcome was that 22 files failed to validate and were going to be "reacquired". .. whatever that means!
  6. Hi Luke, I think I have uploaded the crash dump file? Not the most technically adroit, I must admit, but I thought the link to the file included above is what was needed on that front? I'm not at my computer now, so I'll get the game cache info later. Also, on the point of custom graphics or skins, I downloaded face packs, trophy packs, club badges etc. months ago, and they've never caused a problem before now. Mark
  7. Hello, I've been playing FM18 with no problem for months, but tonight when I attempted to run the game, I received an error message and then a notification about a crash dump and an instruction to seek technical support. I've attached here the dialogue boxes that popped up as the game attempted to load, and also the crash dump file. When I initially clicked on the desktop shortcut to load up the game, it looked like an update was downloaded, and it seems like a bit of a coincidence that this problem then occurred... but it may be a coincidence! I looked at the troubleshooting option for the 'failed to find default database' error message, but proved to be a blind alley. The step-by-step didn't give me the option to say that the game had been working fine on Windows 10, which it has been for six months. Anyway, I hope I've included the necessary info here and this can be resolved. Thanks in advance, Mark FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.06.26 21.50.22).dmp
  8. Thanks for that. Much appreciated. I get your point about starting with a big team and the clutter of more obscure leagues, but I like the pain and torment of the lower leagues, starting at the bottom, and trying to work my way up. Cheers again!
  9. Hey all, Apologies if this kind of question has been asked before, but I'm new to the forum and haven't found a thread directly addressing my question. Anyway, I ordered a new laptop today and I'm hoping that it will perform a lot better than the laptop I have been using to play FM 2017. The big thing for me is that I love the idea of starting a long-term save with as many leagues from as many countries as possible, while still having reasonable processing speed. The basic specs for my old Toshiba laptop are as follows: RAM 4GB, Intel Pentium CPU 1.60GHz, & 64-bit OS The corresponding specs for my new Lenovo laptop are: RAM 12GB, Intel Core i5-6200U Dual-core processor 2.36-2.8GHz, & Windows 10 OS Based on those specs, can I reasonably expect that the new laptop will be able to handle a lot more in terms of leagues and players in a save? Also, would it be a good idea to look to add more RAM or is there a better way to look to make the laptop handle more in terms of processing speed? Thanks in advance! MB
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