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  1. From an AEK supporter thats a really good thread! Here is something to watch while playing to get inspiration(from AEK-Olympiakos game)
  2. Because 4-4-2 for me always worked on defence so I thought that since I don't concede any goals try to improve attack. Can you explain any further about making 4-4-2 into any shape in attack?
  3. Hello everyone! I try to make a 4-4-2 and I was wondering where are the goals supposed to come from? Because I dont really like the style of "many crosses and maybe someone will be made into goal" that comes along with 4-4-2. but when I try playing possession footballl with through balls coming from wide midfileders I dont have any luck
  4. Hey ozil can you please tell me what are the main "priciples" for creating a very fluid, high possession(but not for the sake of possession), high pressing tactic? I have tried many thing but either I do not make any chances or I cannot hold possession etc
  5. Thank you all for your responses I really appreciate it! I will start by lowering the tempo remove overlap and definitely change winger to ap(s) or if(s).
  6. By gegenpressing i meant not the one jurgen klopp applied to liverpool but guardiola to barcelona "the six second rule"
  7. I put high tempo because I wanted to have possession but not just "pointless" possession. So switching winger to inside forward, central midfielder to AP and maybe bbm to dlp with normal/slower tempo should do the work?
  8. Hello guys!! This my first ever post in here and I really need help. First I would like to tell you a few things about my tactic. It is a possession-gegenpressing tactic in which I tried to recreate the following principles: 1.Press as soon as I lost the ball setting the PI of specific players to "Press More" 2.On the right side I put an inside forward sitting narrower and a complete wing back staying wider and play the overlap in order to put opponent's back in dilemma on which of the 2 players to follow. 3.On the left side I put a winger sitting wider and pull opponent's back out of position and a central midfielder in attack duty to get to box and use the space that my winger has created. The problem is that nothing seems to work. Although I do have an amount of possesion the only chances I make are from shots outside the box and I concede goals too easy due to one of my central defeders drag out of position and create a hole. Do you have any idea on what I am doing wrong? Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes but English isn't my mother language. Really looking forward for help!!