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  1. I don't think it would be congested because the BBM and CM will make mostly late runs like the F9 so in the penalty area there will be only rmd. Try these changes you said and let me know I m really curious how it ll go
  2. I really like Complete Forward support for striker role in my 4-3-3 his scores more goals and roams from his position to help. You can also try putting your wbs to attack and stay wider PI to provide width in the last third , your winger ifs, lower your d line so you can hit them on the counter etc. Basically you can change many things I suggest watching game on extended or even full match and see how your changes affect your game.
  3. angelossoul

    Looking for Help

    For the TIs I will go with standard mentality for the beginning and see how it's going, retain possession higher tempo and look for overlap(for attacking possession football) and slightly higher d line(because DM makes the d line drop a little) with press more for high pressing game. As for the roles the DM and the two MCs is very tricky because with Valero Pizzaro and Aquillani you have three playmakers. I would suggest DM DLP defense, the one MC DLP support(Pizzaro) and the other AP attack(Valero). The striker is a Complete Forward support or a Deep Lying Forward support
  4. angelossoul

    El clasico tactic

    When tou say he is offensive you mean he presses high and leaves a few players in his defense? I think that you should have a normal or slighty lower d line and hit them on the counter attack from the flanks-just like real did to barcelona in real life.
  5. angelossoul

    Looking for Help

    Okay so I m not an expert but with a quick read of the articles you have posted I would like to highlight the main principles of his style of play: -Tactic formation: 4-1-2-3 -Your Defensive Midfielder should both press high up the pitch and drop between your CBs to begin attacks. So maybe a playmaker role with press much more. -Your left wing back has more attacking responsibility than your right but both play on midfielder when you play out of defense. So I would choose complete wing back attack duty on the left and wing back support duty on the right both of them on the DM strata. -There aren't many information about the 2 central midfielders but I m gonna guess the one on attacking duty to attack the box and the other on support. Maybe CMa and DPLs? -Now for the 3 upfront. On the left I think he uses an Inside Forward attack with PI stay narrower so the IF plays in the halfspace and gives space out wide for the left wing back to attack. On the right he either uses a winger attack(like in the Juventus game with Joaquin) or an Inside forward with PI stay wider to make opponent's left back get out of position. For the center forward there aren't any information but I m guessing a support duty like Complete Forward support to create space for the left IF. -For the TIs: look for overlap(for the very attacking wingbacks), play out of defense( and instruct goalkeeper to pass to CBs) and maybe low tempo(?) . Thats it from the articles you have posted if you want more help or to make a discussion please reply to me! Hope that was helpful!
  6. angelossoul

    Tactical Philosphies

    Personally, I like to recreate real football tactics to my teams. My all time favourites are Diego Simeone's Atletico tactic(so counter attack style of play) and Guardiola's Barcelona tactic(so possession style of play). When I take a side and for example want to play a high pressing possession style football first I make a tactic with only a few of my principles and adapting to my squads strengths. As I bring players who fit my style of play I start to change my tactic to my preffered style of play. For example if I have a technical team but slow and want to play like Barca, I make a tactic which will keen on retaining possession(work ball into box, retain possession etc) but not pressing much or high enough and as I start to bring people I will increase the d line, pressing etc
  7. angelossoul

    team instructions

    There is not a specific answer to this question. I have seen the best fm2017 tactics having both 13+ and less than 3 TIs.
  8. angelossoul

    Controlling the Centre

    All the formations you have mention may control the center but they lack of width so be sure that you put a pair of aggresive wing backs to provide width. They all seem good, I would choose between 4-4-2 diamond and 4-3-2-1 like Milan's Christmas tree. I would also add 4-1-2-3 narrow because the center triangle help you control the midfielder. In addition, if you also want to control the center of the pitch in defense, you can use the Diego Simeone pressing which means instruct your central midfielders to press much less but tight mark and your wide players to press much more and tight mark. This will prevent opponent from finding gaps in your center and will lead them on wide positions where they are less dangerous
  9. angelossoul

    Inside Forward - Stay Wider

    Basically, in modern football anyone trying to rake advantage of the half space which is the space between opponent's fb and cb in either side. So with stay narrower your IF is going to play on the half space make a dilemma for either the cb or the fb to close down on him. With stay wider like Guardiola's Barcelona did with Pedro and Henry IF are staying near the line forcing the cb get out of position and create holes on the half space for your AM or CM to exploit.
  10. How are you supposed to win the ball if your players never press? You could use press sometimes and see how it goes for a few matches maybe watch them full highlights. I understand that you want to play counter attacking football but not spread passes to nowhere. I wpuld suggest high tempo + short passing for a quick transition from defense to attack and maybe pass into space for which I am still not quite sure as I experiment with my Diego Simeone tactic
  11. I ll do that, thank you again for your opinion!
  12. Thank you very much for your answer. So in your opinion about this tactic what will you suggest?
  13. I have watched this video in the past several times, it's the same video in which Henry says that Guardiola's job is to bring them to the 2/3 of the pitch and in the last 1/3 they are able to do whatever they want. So structured for 2/3 and fluid for 1/3?
  14. Wow they look awesome thank you very much!!
  15. Okay so I m replying to myself in order to get people open my post just from curiosity to see the one and only answer and hopefully have a reply