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  1. Yes my assistants favorite formation is a 4-4-2 . He recommends it for every match. Does that mean I should scrap all other formations and go to the 4-4-2?
  2. Im using Jorgen Klopps 4-3-3 tactic and before every match my assistant coach always recommends a 4-4-2 so I am wondering if the team I have is best suited for a 4-4-2 rather then Jorgen Klopps 4-3-3?
  3. Thanks for the help. My two DMCS who are also co captains both have good work rates as well as some of my other main players. I just wanted to know if that affected a teams overall performance but you have cleared it up.
  4. So building your teams weaknesses is not going to be a quick thing?
  5. When looking at your teams report and looking at your teams strengths and weaknesses how do you improve your teams weaknesses? For example: I am playing Real Salt Lake and one of my teams weaknesses is work rate. My team does not work hard enough together or collectively? How would you strengthen that?
  6. I tried to download the link and I could not get it to work but I just copied the tactic from your video
  7. I just finished my first season in the German Second Division using a 4 3 3 tactic with St. Pauli Hamburg and it did not fair too well. The start of the season I was at the top of the table but then as the season progressed I started loosing games. At one point I lost 8 straight. I managed to avoid relegation by 1 spot. It seems to me that German teams don't care for the 4 3 3.
  8. I was not able to fix my Cap issue but I was able to finish my season all be it I had to forfeit the rest of my games. I noticed that in Pre match Preview for team selection there is a tab that you can click that will give you a quick pick selection. It does fill your team selection but with generic players so you are basically playing without your squad. Even without that option the schedule was difficult because I was matched with the tougher teams in the MLS West. KC Portland Seattle and Dallas. All of the teams I struggled to beat and the beginning of the season. I went from 3rd place to 8th place and out of the playoffs so I ended my season the way I started it. Loosing. Not having a knowledge of all the details of the game cost me going to the playoffs as a first year manager but it was a learning lesson that I hopefully will not repeat.
  9. I wish I could add a save where I was under the cap but I have no auto saves from that point so there is no way of me being able to do that.  

    1. Ute1972


      I think what brought me there was signing players when I had some injuries and I needed to fill some roster spots. 

  10. I have used what General Allocation Money I have to bring my squad salary down to $3,950,00 but the maximum for MLS is $3,650,000 I cannot register my team because I am over the cap. I have 3 more games left to go in the season. I know I can waive players and cut them at the season end but that wont allow me to continue with the end of my season. What else can I do?
  11. Ive reached a point in my season where all my players are returning from injury and are available but it has increased my salary to $4,050,000 and the MLS cap is $3,500,000. I received a message from my board that I can use my General Allocation Funds to lower my cap but I do not know how to do that. Any advice on how?
  12. Thank you guys for the advice. I do not know much about Soccer. I do enjoy watching it and I have become more of a fan of it the last few years.
  13. I am managing Real Salt Lake and running a 4-3-3 wide formation. I have only won 2 games against Houston and that is because they have no manager. Even when I dont runa full game and only do the extended game highlights I am loosing games. My team is 90 percent proficient at the formation. Am I doing something wrong, or just not a good manager?
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