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  1. You're right, that wasn't helpful. Us football supporters actually see them as equal really. Finals is something ingrained in us with sports, we do it with everything. Anyway, can anyone provide a solution to this issue?
  2. Hi fellow editors. As i've said in a couple of other threads, i'm trying to edit the A-league structure, 16 teams and the old finals structure (see attached) Almost everything is working smoothly: The league functions, the finals are played and played correctly aside from 1 phase: The grand final. Under this system (see attached) 1v2 would play off, winner hosts the grand final and the loser goes into week 3 of the finals to play the winners of the two elimination games. My problem at the moment unfortunately, is that the winner of 1v2 doesn't always host the grand final. I've had some success with the cup tie mappings screen (see attached) and for the first decade or so it seems to work properly, then all of a sudden after that it starts reverting back to the higher seed being the host. Can anyone possibly propose a solution for this? Would love an actual tick box option somewhere like the general tab that specifically says "Winner of this round hosts cup final" which would make everything SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier
  3. Hey guys Can someone help me with a little issue i'm having? Basically i'm expanding the australian a-league to include 16 teams. That parts fine, done, sorted, i even created some terrible logos. My issue now, the only thing stopping me from completing the project, is the cup/finals structure. I wish to replicate the finals structure of old, which is basically this: Sorry for the positively awful picture. Anyway, to achieve this structure i have to set it up as 5 rounds, not 4 as you see here. Essentially, 3-6 go into round 0, 1v2 goes into round 1 and you get the idea from there. The grand final, or round 4, despite all the rounds prior being correctly structured and successfully completed in the editor, will not draw. Previously, i incorrectly set the structure up for the 1v2 match as a single leg instead of 2 legs, and in that scenario the grand final was drawn and run without a problem; the competition would run completely through without a hitch. Now, once i discovered the problem and fixed the 1v2 match to be 2 legged tie, i started hitting problems. I had a tiresome battle getting it to draw and stage the 1v2 home and away tie, but eventually that was solved. And finally now, the grand final is doing the same thing, refusing to be drawn or staged. It's structured identically as before when it would be staged and run, there's no explanation, it just flat out won't do it. I've changed every possible thing i can change and it just will not draw or stage the grand final. Absolutely need some help from a pro before i give up and go back to dark souls. Editor file attached, peace. a-league expanded old finals_0900E0C3-39FA-45D1-8A63-09FBF2A0D3B8.fmf
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