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  1. I used to use a 4-4-2 back in league one and the championship. But now I’m in the prem and have none of the original players so I’m using the 4-3-3. I also got back to back promotion to the prem.
  2. I tried getting rajkovic on my save when I got to the prem with Blackburn but he went to Liverpool at the last minute but he has turned out to be an outstanding player. He looks absolute quality. what a signing.
  3. Season 2020/21 2nd season in the prem done. Think we have done well getting 7th with 62 points and fortunately got a place in the europa league. Liverpool had a shocking 6th place finish only on 65 points after there invincible season on 90 points. Fixtures: All competitions: Transfers: Got rid of 4 originals as Hart, Williams, Smallwood and gladwin left the club. Also got rid of Lewis Morgan (who I signed on a free back in 18/9) as he was poor in the prem and never was outstanding for me. But I managed to get 1.7 mill for him. I si
  4. Yep what sporadicsmiles said. I started a save with blackburn rovers and I have had a lot of job offers. My best offer yet has been off Real Madrid after I got back to back promotions into the premier league. Whereas in my Man City save I am 3 years in and haven't had one offer despite winning the League all 3 seasons and winning the champions league back to back years.
  5. First season in the prem done and it was a struggle with most of the season battling for survival but we managed to finish 11th with a late recovery. Liverpool had an invincible season on 90 points. Here was all my results throughout the season All competitions Liverpool was my cup bogey team as I got to the final of the FA Cup and lost 2-0 in extra time and then knocked out in the fourth round of the carabao cup by them. Transfers
  6. I would be playing the full game if I could this has only been because my laptop got slower and it wouldn't work. Plus I have to wait so I don't get to hooked because I am in year 10 at school and need to focus on Gcse's. But trust me I will be playing full fm once I have finished school.
  7. when did I say anything about media? One to one player talks would help morale as it is annoying when a player randomly gets unhappy and you want to talk to them but you can't.
  8. How does it beat the purpose? Talking with players and view history of the seasons. also being able to have more leagues selected in the game would only improve the game and something quite a lot of people would enjoy.
  9. Because it’s something I would like. To improve it. I would really like player talks so you can really talk to them if they are unhappy.
  10. Also add the option to disable the first transfer window
  11. 1) Team talks and one to one player talks like the full version. Also meetings with the board. 2) All league tables history viewing the full tables from each season and cup history. 3) How many nations you can load it would be very useful to have more than just 3. 4) Dynamics
  12. It was his release clause and he wouldn't negotiate a new contract due to them being in the premier league otherwise I wouldn't have let him go. Luckily he left in January rather than the start of the season.
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