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  1. Hi All, I bought the computer below and it arrived today, before I unbox this thing and start playing I wanted to get some feedback as to wether or not it would run FM19 good to very good. I typically play 5 to 6 nations with a large database. Highlevel thoughts about this getting the job done more or less? Huawei Kepler MateBook D 14" - AMD R5 - 8GB+256GB, Mystic Silver Processor OptionsAMD Ryzen 5 2500U mobile processor GraphicsRadeon Vega8 Graphics Memory 8GB DDR4 Storage 256GB SSD https://www.amazon.com/Huawei-Kepler-MateBook-14-Mystic/dp/B07G7GSM29/ref=sr_1_1?s=electr
  2. FUSS!!!!! Thank you so much for your tactic, V4 has worked very well, i have read 21 pages of the thread, but it turns out with the right players I don't need to do too much right now....I know you have put tons of time into this but wanted to pass on a thanks from a fan who can now enjoy 07 finally! Cheers!
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