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    At 10 years, old I got my hands on CM Itailia - that's back when Ryan Giggs was still a young player! Back then, the single most important aspect of your success was buying the right players. While this is still extremely important, nowadays, the game is much more focused on getting all the small things right and that is what FMGuido.com is all about.

    Been playing FM ever since and now has lots of guides at http://fmguido.com

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  1. To adress the quality of data: I (think) I agree with michaltmurrayuk. There is no reason to believe the data is 100% accurate or maybe not even 50% accurate. However, this should be the same in previous editions, so the data should be "equally wrong" across years.
  2. Good point. SteamSpy has some data on it that you can find here: http://steamspy.com/app/482730 At the time of writing it seems that 135k has bought the game during the sale (out of 960k total Steam sales). Unfortunately, I cannot find data going back to the same period for the previous editions.
  3. June is usually the time of year when you start to see a lot of changes. The weather is nicer, there is no more football on tv and you spend less time playing FM. And it’s the time of year, where I see more photos from the beach than FM screenshots in my Twitter feed. More specifically, it’s usually that way but this year it’s different. So why this change? My own theory is simple: Football Manager 2017 is one of the the best and most polished games in the series for a long time. You might be saying: You’re right, Steve, but how do you really figure out if tha
  4. SnUrf: I hope it does that as well. Seems many have trouble with the update, so have yet to update it myself. looping: Unfortunately not. As mentioned, it seems there have been a number of issues with patch 17.3 so I hope there will be a hot fix to the update.
  5. Santy: These are indeed very good points. While I was aware of the issue in number 2 I was not aware of it being easier to sell players with a small db. Thank you for adding your two cents!
  6. Glad to hear it! After discovering continue game timeout I never knew how I lived without it!
  7. Hey guys, A couple of weeks back thiagotietze posted a tip on the forum about how to make FM run faster. This gave me the idea to merge all the little tips and tricks I've found over time into one post. Employing these things allows me to Play a game and exit it Browse the internet for a minute The game has processed and is ready for the next game to be played I posted it to Twitter the other day and got a great reaction so thought you guys might like it as well. For betting formating, screenshots etc. the tips can also be read here. # 1. Change r
  8. In continuiung our Day 1 series, here's a guide to set up training in FM so you basically never have to touch it again.
  9. I am currently doing a series titled: "What to do on Day 1" in Football Manager. The newest is a guide to backroom staff in Football Manager. Hope you enjoy it!
  10. What is it: FMGuido is a one-man operation with the sole focus of helping more people win at Football Manager and enjoy the game more by sharing in-depth, actionable guides with lots of screenshots along the way. At the moment, I have four guides on my page with the ambition of adding a new one every week. Links to articles: 9 ways you can speed up FM17 FM17 team talk guide and case study: How I use team talks to win more games and improve morale How to get more points and improve team morale by selecting the right captain (FM2017 how-to guide + case study)
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