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  1. In your first tactic you provided the main attributes for each position. Would you like to inform this one too?
  2. I lost my save. My computer restarted in the middle of the game.
  3. Press preview is the last place. What do you think so far?
  4. Do you recommend which instructions to score a goal?
  5. Which do you prefer? Am I in doubt if I play the beta version or the retail version?
  6. What is the most efficient destroyer v3 in the beta or Raptor v4 in the retail version?
  7. if I train the functions you recommend in the Raptor tactic or I train the specific functions of the Destroyer type advanced playmaker / deeplying playmaker for my midfield. Understood?
  8. I have a doubt. Regarding the attributes I use the Raptor or can I use the tactic even if I'm using the destroyer?
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