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  1. I've uploaded my current save file to the link provided above just in case it's of any use. It's exactly the same situation re continental qualification, it wasn't just a one off season thing. In theory it would be possible to win the league and not qualify for the Libertadores.
  2. Unfortunately I don't have on from that season. I have figured out how they determine who goes where though. The draw for the next seasons continental competitions is done midway through the season so they use they league standings at the time the draw is done. So the season I ended up in the Sudamerica I had a terrible start to the season so I was out of the Libertadores places when the draw was done despiye ending the season 3rd. They do it in January so normally about 20ish games in. I think it's possibly because the league structure has changed loads, first season it's 24 team league and e
  3. Hello, Continental qualification rules seem to have disappeared in the Argentinian premier league. I finished 3rd last season but have ended up in the Copa Sudamerica instead of the Libertadores. No idea how they're determining who goes into which competition. Cheers, Joe
  4. Oh fair enough, sounds like a bug in that case. I've had it when I've moved clubs and there's no assistant but if you have an assistant then it definitely should be showing. Strange one.
  5. Have you checked to see if you've got an assistant manager? It's the assistant manager that provides all that info and maybe he left the club with the old manager.
  6. Any update on this at all? I set these scouting assignments in pre-season, I'm now in April and they're still preparing.
  7. I'm getting the same problem as well. In every save I've done they always get stuck on preparing.
  8. Cheers for the reply Neil. I understand why it's been taken away now. I'm looking at getting a better laptop in the new year so hopefully I'll be reaping the benefits then!
  9. Is there an option to choose between GPU assisted and Software only for graphics rendering on FM18 like there has been on previous versions? As I use a pretty low spec laptop the games have always ran a lot better for me when using software only but I can't find this option anywhere.
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