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  1. Every time I managed Real so far, Bale plays like 15 games because he's always injured... In the end I can never have a great time managing them because my attachment to the players and I can't force myself to have them unhappy or sell them
  2. I appreciate the reply! I had originally planned to use Bale as the CF this season. He looks great as an all rounder but he got injured and injured again so I was left with Benzema who was doing incredibly well. 9 goals in 9 games, average rating at 8.03 in the league. But then he got injured. So I was left with Mariano to which I probably should have changed roles. Kept hold of James Rodriguez to play in the middle and Asensio to be used as an Inside Forward. Vinicius and Rodrygo to play on the left. Both young but potential. Nacho been my most played at LB so far. I thought I had something going and my front 3 of ST/AM/RW were playing really well, assisting/scoring goals for fun. Until I found the no chances problem Just to add on to this, despite playing FM every year, I still don't understand a lot of the roles and when/why you would use them so I tend to just stick with the basic roles.
  3. Hi, I am managing Real Madrid and I'm in the second season. I'm doing well results wise but I'm just not making chances at all. I am 9 wins from 9 in the League scoring 29 and conceding 4, however I am rock bottom on chances created with just 2! Barcelona are on top with 19. Haven't wanted to post because I wanted to figure it out myself but I can't. Also didn't want to look silly Tactic: My idea behind it. Standard back 4 and GK. Playing on attacking mentality so my full backs should be quite high up supporting. BWM on the right hand side because of the attacking duty for the RW. CM on the left to just control the game, attack if needed but just stay in the middle and support. Winger and Inside Forward. One to cut inside and be more of a goal scorer whilst the winger offers an option in space and to take on a full back. AP in the hole to be a creator and goal scorer. CF to help in the build up but also to get in the box. Team instructions: Attacking because I wanted to score goals, create chances and constantly pressure. Play out of defence, I don't have the players to win headers from goal kicks and most teams sit back anyway so I can just pass it to my CBs. Shorter passing, not to waste the ball looking for more direct passing. Work ball into the box, stop the long shots. Pushed up because I'm attacking so counter press to win the ball back before they counter me, counter because I'm attacking so get the ball and go. Something is working because it's great defensively and I'm scoring goals. However they are either free kicks/rebounds/corners/crosses/long shots. On the flip side, I haven't played many teams to threaten me so it could turn ugly once I do as I create no chances. I conceded from a corner against Chelsea, deserved to lose the game. If someone could help me understand what looks like a problem just from this that would be great. I read many things on here and various other places and thought I had finally got something going for me. Got concerned about chances being created and found out it's a big problem.
  4. What's the difference between a AM(s) with get further forward ticked and the AM(A) which already has it in? Sorry if it's been asked before.
  5. How do I know what role to use for my players that are not just the standard roles? Like when would I choose roaming playmaker or a Raumdeuter ect.? Every tactic I make is just the standard Inside Forward or Wingers, AP/DLP/DM/BBM for my midfield and AF/CF/DLF for attackers.
  6. Through FM's description I thought Ronaldo was the perfect Raumdeuter going off real life. Wide man knowing where to be to grab all the goals.
  7. I will check it out, thank you!
  8. Hi, I was wondering if there was a default skin but with the estimated club value added to it. I loved looking at the value of clubs each season and disappointed it got removed.
  9. Well it is if your focus is on making that one guy be more involved and your focus point. Shows you that your tactic is not working how you want = problem.
  10. Just an FYI, while you are on FM, pressing ALT+F9 while make a screenshot which can then be found under My Documents > Sports Interactive > FM2018 > Screenshots. Then you can just upload them to here.
  11. I appreciate the help guys, managed to go on and end the season on a high with better results and performances!
  12. Well this is interesting, played 2 games with adjusted roles and the difference it has made. I can now see why I was having problems scoring, being to conservative defensively without realizing. So against Valencia, these were my shots. 2 CCC's and 5 half chances with 11 long shots. Similar story against Atlético Madrid also, quite a lot of long shots with no real chances created. Pretty much every game I play. First game with new roles away to Sevilla. The game ended 1-1 which isn't the best but it looked a good game. I missed a penalty to go 0-2 up. 4 CCC's created, I had more options and even during this game I looked more dangerous. Next game was home to Inter Milan in the 2nd leg, 0-0 after the first leg. I just dominated them from 0-90. 5 CCC's, 5 half chances, only 2 long shots! The best display I have seen all season. Thank you once again for making things clearer @westy8chimp
  13. I hear you. I will have a think and adjust things when I get back on. What you say makes sense perfect sense about the roles and how the interact. As for the 4123, I just love the formation, I always come back to it on Football Manager, always go with 433 on Fifa. Maybe I could create a more aggressive tactic like the AI do if I need a goal late on. Thanks a lot westy!
  14. So I am managing Real Madrid and struggling to score goals. How right? I have read guides and watch BTN videos and maybe I am trying to many things at once, I don't know. However when I manage Real Madrid I can get good results with most formations bar 41221. I can have great success with other clubs, just not with Madrid. PI's and how I view them: GK - Take short kicks, fewer risky passes. - I hate them kicking it long just to lose it. RB - Sit narrower, cut inside with the ball, dribble less. - I have a winger out wide, and a Mezzala supporting him, having the full back inside gives a passing option in midfield. CBs - Fewer risky passes, pass it shorted - Same as GK really, play it safe. LB - Run wide with ball - Give width on the left. Swapped to this tactic at the Leganes game and as you can see I have great success defensively conceding just 4 goals however the other end is scoring not so many. Quite a few goals come from set pieces also so it's even less from open play. From my last 15 matches, I have created 25 CCC only scoring 9. I'm at a loss as to how to improve the attacking play whilst keeping it great defensively. Normally I would just make a new tactic and hope for the best on that one but I'm currently in the process of trying everything such as Training, making my own tactics and sticking with it. I am currently sat with 36% shots on target ratio which is horrendous, mostly are from Bale and Asensio I would imagine. Benzema has scored my last 3 goals to which he hadn't score for 20 hours... Normally I just plug and play. I apologies if I am looking like a noob .
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