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  1. @thesharmzHaving VVD on Cover whilst playing with an Offside Trap makes no sense. You want him to drop deeper than the Defensive Line but also step up to play the Offside Trap. You need to remove one or the other.
  2. Saw you mention that the game says your striker can't play CF due to having 1*. Personally think you should take the * business with a grain of salt as you can look at attributes and make your own mind up. Also just because the game recommends that your LAM is say an IW, doesn't mean he can't play IF or even W. Look forward to reading how you get on, seeing threads like this help with my own situations with the game!
  3. Hi, just a quick question for @Rashidiif I may. How come you never use a Stopper or Cover or both when doing your tactics?
  4. I always thought Pass into Space meant instead of passing to a players feet, they pass in front of them. Not necessarily a though ball all the time, just into open space. Doesn't mean however it's a good idea because the opposition might get to it first. Some things like you have the ball with a midfielder, you have a LB on the left flank wide open. Pass into space would encourage the ball to go out to that player rather than play a simple short pass to another midfielder. I could be wrong, just how I have viewed it.
  5. What do you think are the common mistakes people make when creating 4123 / 4231 tactics?
  6. How much do player traits play a part in getting better results? For what I mean is say you just use the standard Control Possession tactic, which squad would get the better results, assuming it's the exact same squad ect. Squad A where no player has a player trait Squad B where players have a player trait
  7. As far as I know, you can't do anything about it. Once a new president is selected he goes out and buys the players he said he would. Managing Real Madrid and the new President went and paid £196mil for B.Silva and offered £149mil for Sterling but he turned the contract down.
  8. Or use the search bar, plenty information around already.
  9. So after Mourinho joined Tottenham, I loaded up my Editor and set Pochettino to leave at end of contract on the day he got sacked, and appointed Mourinho as a future transfer on the day he signed. I did that for a few others and now I want to do some more but the option is just blank. I can't even add people to clubs.
  10. Just tried them both now, Dark mode hardly made a difference, light mode I could see the bars and even saw numbers at the end. It looks awful though 😂
  11. Not sure if this is the right place to post so apologies if it is. It isn't a bug, just a suggestion. As someone who is colour blind, I had to look really really close to try and find what was going on with this page. Real Madrid have 5 players and I can't see a bar for the others without studying it. Hoping it could be made a bit more clear.
  12. Seeing you score 5/6/7/8 goals makes me sad. You get it so often and I struggle getting 1-0s even with Real Madrid Incredibly journey you are on. Very interesting.
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