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  1. Wuhan Zall – 2017 Well that failed miserably. For the first time in FM18, I experienced the power of the dynamics system in full force. Despite actually winning the two remaining games, the players obviously felt humiliated to be managed by such a lowly English fool and wanted me gone. Even when I agreed to sell our two best players at the behest of the squad, it wasn’t enough, and I had 17 (yes 17) members of the first team demanding that I p**s off. I’d been their 3 months and they already hated me! Safe to say I couldn’t be bothered to fight, and I duly obliged with their ‘oh so polite’ request. Where to next then? All I know, is that it’s going to be a far from China as f*****g possible! @Lewis89 Thanks for the welcome CLUB CAREER League Cups Season Country Club 1st 2nd 1st 2nd Cont. CWC Other/Notes 2017 CHN 2 Wuhan Zall 9th Took over with 2 games remaining, in 10th Challenge Progress: Club: 0/10 top domestic leagues 0/10 domestic cups 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International: 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments
  2. After watching this thread for a number of years now, I guess it’s time I finally give it a go. I don’t have many, if any, hopes for completion though as I’ve never been good at challenges, or commitment in general I guess. Here goes nothing. I attempted to start in South America, but nothing took my fancy, so like many others I’ve taken my first job in China’s Jia League, with Wuhan Zall set to become my first victim. I’ve taken over with only two games to go though, and a place between 8th-11th guaranteed, so my first update should come at the end of my first full season in charge if all goes well.
  3. Hienghene Sports - 2016 Season Review Competitions (Weirdly, it was 4 points for a win, 2 for a draw, and 1 for a loss in the league) Fixtures/Results League - I have to admit that the league could have gone smoother, but I managed to maintain that 10-point margin and so comfortably secured my first domestic league. After starting off with a surprise 3-0 loss, our form fluctuated quite a bit, but we managed to win enough games to grab us the title. As I mentioned in the previous post, it was expected, so there's not much else to report as far as the league is concerned. Cup - The Coupe de Caledonia was definitely the most disappointing part of the season. Being knocked out in the quarter-final of a cup that I should have won is a truth made even more bitter by the fact that this cup actually counted, and so I definitely feel that I have missed an opportunity here. It would have been very nice to get both a league and a cup completed after only the first season, but I expect this is only one of many disappointments to come throughout this challenge, and so I'll try not to get too hung up about it. I decided after only a few games that I was going to move on straight away after this season, as it's an unbalanced, underpopulated league that really doesn't interest me, and so only a few days after resigning from the club, I took over the recently vacated role at Fijian side Ba. After just finishing runners-up in their league, I definitely feel that I can achieve something with them, and so here's hoping for future success. CLUB Season | Club |League pos. | Continental qual.| Cont. achievements| Trophies won | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2016 | Hienghene Sports | 1st | Yes | N/A | League Title | INTERNATIONAL Season | Team | Tourn. qual.| World ranking| Trophies won| ----------------------------------------------------------- 2016 | N/A | N/A | N/A | N/A | TROPHIES WON 1/25 League Titles (1x New Caledonia - Hienghene Sports) 0/25 Domestic Cups 0/9 Continental Club Trophies 0/1 Worldwide Club Trophies 0/7 Continental International Trophies 0/3 Worldwide International Trophies
  4. I've never been good at challenges, often giving up after only a few seasons, but I've always loved playing with the extended leagues and so I am hoping that this one captivates me for longer than usual. Similar to most, I've decided to start off in Oceania, and have landed a great job at Hienghene Sports, the best team in New Caledonia. Manager Profile Club Competitions Journey Map Having completed my 25 hr plane journey from Milan, Italy to Kone, New Caledonia, I arrive at a team sitting comfortably in first place with a 10-point lead over their nearest rivals. From reading previous posts, it appears that the New Caledonian league system seems to be fairly unique compared to other Oceanic leagues, as it maintains a more traditional system of the 1st placed team winning the league outright, rather than having to go into a set of playoffs. It also appears slightly larger than most other Oceanic leagues, with 13 teams battling it out over 24 games. With Hienghene Sports already having played 14 of these 24 games, and as mentioned previously, gained a 10-point cushion on the team in second place, I have to admit that I am fairly confident of winning my first domestic league this season. Another advantage of starting in New Caledonia, is that it also gives me the opportunity to win my first domestic cup, an area that I know others have been struggling in. The Coupe de Caledonia includes all 24 teams in the country, and as favourites to lift it, I am hoping to get this challenge off to a great start. I have no idea when I will post my first end-of-season update, but I hope that I get into this challenge, and that it will be very soon.
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