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  1. Does anyone know where I can download or purchase old version like FM10/11?
  2. I used to play FM12,13 handheld and FM17 pc I spent 2990 hours on FM17 and approximately 1500 hours on the other two...regret a bit now but I was having fun at that time
  3. 在英文論壇,版面不知為何無故由英文轉換成简體字,請問如何轉換成繁體或英文?謝謝
  4. Is letting player playing his best role better, or asking him to suit your formation better?
  5. No free kick is awarded for the opposition, hope this bug will not appear in FM19
  6. My left back passed the ball to the goalkeeper, and the goalkeeper grabbed the ball.
  7. Thanks for your help, the piece of information you provided is very useful. This should be the reason why Vietnam gets 2 places in group stage.
  8. This is the league ranking of Asia. Hong Kong is 5th and Vietnam is 9th. Here are the national team rankings. Hong Kong is 12th and Vietnam is 93rd. So, how does it calculated for the continental qualification places? I have remained 1+2 for many seasons and I want more teams from Hong Kong to play in ACL. Could someone help me? Or is this just a bug?
  9. (Please click in the images) So recently I just found this really confusing to me. I'm the manager of a Hong Kong team, Kitchee, and also the Hong Kong national team manager. We have won the Asian Champions League (like the European Champions League in Europe ,the first tier continental club competition) many times, also the national team rank is rising soar to 12th. However, I just noticed that Vietnam got more quotas for entering the ACL group stage directly than Hong Kong. As you can see, Hong Kong got 1+0+2 but Vietnam got 2+1+1, and last season Vietnam only got
  10. Yes I'm using one, this could be the reason too, but now I am not sure whether I have bought it, in my memory I bought it with 2 pounds with discount.
  11. Sometimes when a player got injured and will miss the next continental match who actually haven't been registered, but the reporter still ask me how will I deal with the loss of him.
  12. Try tutor him with a high teamwork attribute player.
  13. No, it says they are still travelling and cannot be selected.
  14. Sometimes I got three matches in five days due to rearranging schedule, so the minimum is 24hr break I believe. I know that international players usually dismiss on the day after the match, but this time they return one more day later (international match on Mon and return on Thurs for league match), not to mention the matches are held in the same place.
  15. I see, I probably forgot to select in-game editor before starting a new save ugh
  16. So are there 2 types of editor? I bought one from steam before, it is called Football Manager Editor 2017, is this an in game editor?
  17. But how did I find the PA/CA of regens? I mean, how can I load my current savings in editor? I only know how to load original database. Do I need to convert them into another form of file?
  18. Why does it take 2 days for my international players to return from a home international match to a local league match from the same nation? (I'm both the national and club manager from the same nation, and I called up the national team almost everyone from my club. Currently we have a league match 2 days after the international match, and now most of them are still on international duties...)
  19. In FM17, I had so many disallowed goal which they shouldn't be considered as offside, mostly my players shot from distance directly without touching the offside player nor the offside player trying to receive the ball. So, is this just a bug or a mistake presented by the game play video?
  20. Thanks, I guess I will take care of junior training myself now.
  21. Do you or let your youth team manager to set training for youth team? What impact if the training focus area keep remaining the same?
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