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  1. davidjai

    Junior training

    Thanks, I guess I will take care of junior training myself now.
  2. Do you or let your youth team manager to set training for youth team? What impact if the training focus area keep remaining the same?
  3. davidjai

    Can't call up national team

    And I also find that usually I am required to call up 3 GK for WC qualifier, I'm not sure how many GK do I need for Confederations cup, but this time when I call up for both WCQ and CC I just need two GK.
  4. This is so dumb. I'm managing both U20 and First team of my nation. I just got knocked off from U20 WC yesterday and the U20 players are still on international duty today. However, some of them are important main squad members and I have to select 23-man squad today for WC qualifier and Confederations Cup. Neither I can remove them from U20 nor directly call up them into main squad. It says the players are on international duty which are actually finished. Any method to call up them for main squad?
  5. davidjai


    三個月 點解會唔同?
  6. davidjai

    Why the ineligibility?

    This should be a bug. Report this in bug forum.
  7. I see. I said he had only 2 nationalities but it was in FM17 so I think it was updated now.
  8. What about England? But in game he has only Belgium and Albania
  9. Does Januzaj have more than three nationalities IRL?
  10. I wonder if I can get a new stadium for my team. We got a new and rich chairman for 6 years and every time I asked him to build new stadium he said no.I helped the team from only required to enter AFC (Asia Champions Cup) qualifier, to winning it 6 times and even one Club World Championship. Later then, when I open the editor and check my team fan-base, it says maximum is 6000, which is less then the number of the seats in the stadium. Is there a chance I can get a new stadium?
  11. davidjai

    New nationality

    Isn't gaining citizenship the same as adding new nationality?
  12. davidjai

    Dual-nationality players

    If he only played in friendly match instead of A-level international match, even he has a cap doesn't mean he has declared for that country.
  13. davidjai

    National team arrive late

    That's why I won't sign African players for my team. The African Nation Cup is held every two years (not four years) which really bother me. I sold Bailey next season immediately in FM17 when he came back injured.