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  1. Ok nice, i got it, thank you! So any at that tab with "yes" at the underdog column? E.g. this one (that has AMR/L which i have to use due to my roster)? HOLY GHOST FIRE 451 IF P103 EC (Karlo tweaked version) https://prnt.sc/un6mv4
  2. I have checked the file but didnt find tactics about 20.4.3. Is there any suggestion for the best (or at least a very good) tactic for underdogs at 20.4.3?
  3. Ok, i undestand the though behing the third issue. Even if its not realistic that clubs under embargo cannot to discuss with players and arrange a future agreement, I can understand that typically in real life they are not permitted to announce any arrangement, so you have to disallow users to make any offer to players above 23. As for the first two issues, do you have any idea if these issues are related to the embargo? I mean, after the embargo is lifted, will this club be able to make transfers like any other clubs, or issues 1 and 2 derived from the embargo but remain to this club for
  4. I am currently at my first year in Panionios, a Greek club with transfer embargo for one year (cannot sign players above 23years old). I encounter two issues that are really annoying and cant understand the reason of happing, and one detail that you can take in mind for nexr versions. So: 1. Players whose contract left is less than 6 months, cant be approached by my club but other clubs can make them offer. They are under 23 so there shouldnt be any issue, and as you can see below (screenshot 1) other Greek teams were able to make them an offer. 2. After the end of first summer
  5. I was always keen on finding and promoting young players, but this now is much better than any time! I now have simultaneously 5 wonderkids at Panionios (the most historic Greek club) and i would have 6 if Atletico Madrid hadn't taken one from my team, by bidding the minimum fee release clause. Did anyone remember having more (not by using editor or something like that)? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. At least he generated some income for the club!
  6. Dear e-managers I am managing Salford City starting from 6th division After promoting to 4th division (league 2) I received the following message from the Chairman http://prntscr.com/dy8hv5 , stating: ... "She is scaling down her financial backing of the club". The first thing I realised it that my chairman is a woman Apart from that, I have never such a message, does anybody knows what does it mean? I suppose that becoming the club professional and paying twice for upgrading the stadium (http://prntscr.com/dy8kl6 that was only some days before). was a factor to make her de
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