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  1. Hi Özil, big fan I've been trying to apply some of your principles to replicate the 3-4-1-2 of Sampaoli's Universidad de Chile and Chilean national team sides. Very Bielsa-esque but with some interesting changes I think. He's a lot more pragmatic than Bielsa, but still has the same ferocious pressing and verticality. I've been having some computer troubles though so I can't actually play for the time being :\ http://www.zonalmarking.net/2011/12/16/universidad-de-chile-tactics-bielsa-sampaoli/ http://www.zonalmarking.net/2014/06/12/chile-like-in-2010-the-most-attacking-side/ Pretty similar stuff, but most interestingly is the attack. Instead of the "enganche y tres puntas," Sampaoli would deploy Vidal almost as a false 9 and use Sanchez and Vargas as wide forwards who drifted inside. I went the old pen and paper route and threw it into the mentality calculator on Attacking/VFluid and it came up like such: IF(s) AMC(s) IF(S) 14 14 14 DLP(D) CM(s) 11 14 WB(s) WB(s) 14 14 CB(d) CB(d) CB(d) 11 11 11 GK(d) 11 In terms of PIs: AMC(s) would replicate your SS(a)/False 9 role on support to maintain all Def/Supp duties. On the other hand, playing a role that could hold the ball up might be valuable here to give the wide forwards time to move into the half space. IF(s)s would get forward more to stay WB(s) get forward more in attack DLP sits and holds, CM(s) gets forward more Like I said, I won't get to play for a while, but I'd be curious as to your thoughts. Could be an interesting blend of systems if it works. Or maybe it crashes and burns. The false 9 role would be less attacking, I'd be hoping the more aggressive wide forwards could cover the gap. For TIs, closing down more, higher defensive line and more direct passing for sure. I'd like to give it a shot with Leverkusen, but I could see Liverpool or Juventus having a decent squad for this. Any thoughts would be great!
  2. I would love to see some of the templates you mentioned. You use these to introduce elements of fluid/total football to teams you manage? Out of personal interest, anything you have regarding Sarriball would be extra great. Love your threads man, they've helped me improve a lot. Keep it up.
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