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  1. Midseason 2030/31 A really incredible burst of form sees us 1st with 48 points from only 18 games, with a staggering 52 goals! Decisive victories including a 5-1 battering of FC Basel is by far the most dominant we've played all save, exceeding even last season's monstrous defensive performances. The biggest improvements seem to be Robert Martinez's continued development at STC, where he's easily the best striker we've had barring Alianello, and the promotion of Ignacio Gil to cover our left wing. Gil joined us in 2028/29 for pennies from Grasshopper Zurich, and gives us a fantastic
  2. SEASON REVIEW 2029/2030 The Expectations Another year, another championship, or so I hoped. The squad is in the midst of a transition, and an early injury to Gautschi was concerning, but I was positive about our chances to retain the league. Europe is now the big frontier for us, an area where we still flounder compared to Europe's best. Some decent performances and a couple of wins in the group stage were all I could ask for. The Results Our league form really only improved after the break, finishing with my highest points total yet with Servette FC, 85 points from 36
  3. Youth Intake 2030 This year sees a pretty decent intake. Two really promising players with a total of 5 signatures. Fabrice Gonzalez is a right back with some nice physical attributes and a strong Work Rate. He's Brave, which is an attribute I value really highly in defenders, but he's quite short at 5"6 and doesn't have high Determination. Definitely a raw prospect, but his potential appears very high, and at only 15 there's lots of time for him to grow. Alen Hodzic is a left sided wingback in a very similar mold. A raw physical prospect with high Bravery, Determinati
  4. Midseason 2029/2030 Been trying to get back into this save after a couple weeks' hiatus. An injury to the mercurial Gautschi stifled our offense for most of this season, but our defense has played out of this world. Only conceding 7 goals in 18 games has been incredible to watch, with Cedric Poirier quickly establishing himself as a first team member. PSG have come knocking though, and with only a year and half left on his contract and his refusal to commit to a new one, he may be leaving the club come summer. Robert Martinez has played well at striker, and Alexandros Mandrapillas has don
  5. It looks to me from the Spielverlagerung article that they collapse defensively more like a 4-1-3-2, with a diamond being formed from the DM-CM strata rather than CM-AM strata. I think full backs will also stay nice and deep during build up moreso than wing backs, though I understand the logic in using them.
  6. It's gotten to the point where die hard fans are begging for even the most basic improvements year to year. Improvements to things like UI, graphics, etc are a GIVEN in any other franchise.
  7. This. I've never seen a company so thoroughly lose touch with what made their game unique and popular- a legitimately realistic simulation of football. People don't care about the fake tweets, they don't care about press conferences, and they don't care about team talks or random coinflip interactions with players. I think it all started with things like the 3d match engine, which was made a huge priority by SI despite basically no one asking for it. It's only gotten worse since. Now they've overcomplicated things like training, so if you want to minmax there's no difficulty, just the annoyin
  8. Wow one step ahead of me! An O-zil to the Arsenal! take on heavy metal football sounds like my dream come true, I look forward to it. I'm still playing FM18 mostly myself and I've resorted to making route one tactics just to keep myself interested. The more direct styles are very fun when you get them working
  9. Have you ever tried adapting a structure like this with a higher intensity pressing style? Something a bit more Roger Schmidt/Leipzig-esque? I'd maybe switch the Regista to a Segundo Volante or Roaming Playmaker but it looks very similar in general I think. I'd be curious to see your take. I know you've written about your change in thinking surrounding Klopp/Guardiola, moving systems from Very Fluid to the more structured side of the spectrum. I may try to work up a system this weekend to mess around with.
  10. Alianello Clause Pays Off Well that was quick! Following RB Leipzig's lifting of the Champions League Bayern Munich went in for the key striker in a deal worth $74 million! With our 50% sell on fee attached, the club earned another $37 million, making the total earnings from the deal $82 million. It's a great achievement for the club and is amongst the crowning achievements of my time at Servette. All the more interesting is the fact that Alianello has not just stagnated but regressed during his time at Leipzig, with a few attributes dropping a point. It does beg the question "what if."
  11. Raiding Swiss Academies Over the last two years I've started using the war chest the board has given me to recruit U17 Swiss players from other clubs. I wanted to improve the standards at Servette FC and supplement our youth sides, and the money was going to waste just sitting in my unused transfer budget. Plus, by picking them up before they hit 18, they are guaranteed to reach homegrown, "trained in club" status by 21. So I figured I'd showcase some of the prospects brought in over the last few years. Bernhard Thuring is a highly technical attacking midfielder who could be e
  12. SEASON REVIEW 2028/29 The Expectations Off the back of a two great title winning seasons, but the key sale of Alianello, my hope was to begin rebuilding the squad, blood some youngsters. At this point, it's more about revitalizing the club identity I was going for rather than by necessity. We have the money to go out and recruit top quality talent, but this will hopefully utilize more Swiss talent, develop players for the national team rather than prioritizing club success and delay the seemingly inevitable domestic dominance we're achieving. We were only predicted to come in 2nd aft
  13. Youth Intake 2029 An decent intake, with three guaranteed signings and three punts. My U18s side has been a bit light in the last few years so I filled it out with some weaker prospects with decent personalities just to see how they come along. But there's still some promise here. Pietro Berner is yet another high quality striking prospect. I've had a number over the years, Paolo Longo, Armend Thaqi, Thibaud Jacob, and Dylan Maury, but none have reached their potential. We'll see how he comes along. He's got a great attribute spread, good height, and high determination, but low
  14. Midseason 2028/29 We've reached the 10 year mark of our time at the club and I have to say it is unrecognizable. We currently sit at the top of the league with 43 points from 18 games. We had a good go in Europe but a group of death consisting of Liverpool, Juventus and Real Madrid saw us fail to qualify, not before bagging two home wins over some of Europe's best though. We've promoted a couple of talents this past season with the looming retirement of Farago, departure of Alianello, and aging of our current crop of center backs. Alexandros Mandrapilias, the German-Greek rightback w
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