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  1. Dear FM community, After many many hours, I've finally brought the Belgian Competition among the Top3 competitions in the world, enabling 7 teams to go into Europe. For those who don't know this: The Belgian top flight uses play-offs for the first 6 teams. Teams 7-15 play 'play off 2' of which the winner plays another game against the 5th or 6th of the play off 1 group for one of the European tickets. Now that I have 7 spots, the 6 play off teams all got placed, but somehow the winner of the play off 2 didn't get the 7th ticket, which was apparently assigned quite randomly to an
  2. Well yeah I was hoping there was some larger overview than that. A list of which player played the most games for me, a list of topscorers etc. Something including all performances off all players over the years
  3. Hello, I've roughly played 20 seasons by now and I'm extremely curious about which player played the most games for my team, scored the most goals, etc. I just can't seem to find a tab with the all-time numbers from all the players that ever worn my clubs shirt (since the start of my career). I'm wondering if there even is a screen like that. All statistics pages only reflect in the current season. It just looks cool to me to see the results of all my older and newer players.
  4. I've been going back and forth through some saves to see at what point it went wrong exactly. Until the start of june everything is still fine. At 1 june 00:00 there is nothing wrong. When I check later the same day I'm suddenly looking at a -107 million loss prognose. Then a few days later I'm back again fulfilling the FFP rules The last screenshot is taken the moment after I got the message with the new starting budgets.
  5. Thank you for the explanation. So I'm just going to have to live with this 200million cut? It's not a huge problem since I have a good quad and don't need reinforcements. But it was cool to look at all those millions
  6. Haven't had a take over, so I still don't have any clue why this happend. Ok then it looks like I don't get it.. So if I sell a player for 50mil I don't actually get the money? Then who has it? I can see that the transfer budget is not the actual saldo of my club, but I would still think that money belongs to us.
  7. Thank you for all the responses. I get that the transfer/salary budgets aren't really my own money, but belong to the owners of the club. However, I still find it annoying that such an amount went poof without any explanation, especially since this is the first time in 16 seasons this happened to me. Here are some screenshots to show my financial status. Quick tutorial on how to Dutch: - Inkomst = Income - Uitgave = Expense - Schuld = Debt - Winst = Profit - Verlies = Loss - Leningen = Loans
  8. Then again, why is there suddenly taken 200 million out of the budget? I've had these amounts for years now and at the beginning of each season I always received the same amount I had left from the season before. This is just a gigantic sum of funds I earned that now dissapeared. Slightly frustrating to me if you ask..
  9. Good evening, it's 7 june 2031 and I made a whole lot of money by just selling players over the years. My transfer budget has grown almost every season with a couple of tens of millions and I haven't really reinvested it. So now I had 235.000.000 to spend and another 4.000.000 as salary budget. However, when I go to 8 june I get a message saying the budgets for next season are set at respectively 16m and 1.5m. The club didn't book any loss last season so I really can't tell where all my money went. Anyone who could have an idea?
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