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  1. My player's the only one yet to score a goal. @Lenzar Why is Kenzo Harper unhappy?
  2. The "good attributes" that we selected in the sign-up thread don't appear to mean anything. I think you set the current ability too high.
  3. Name: Kenzo Harper Date of birth (will be 17 at game start): 8/8 Nationality & place of birth: English (Southampton) Starting Club (17-18 EPL only): Southampton 2 high technical attributes: Finishing and heading 2 high mental attributes: Determination and anticipation 2 high physical attributes: Natural fitness and jumping reach Up to 1 PPM: (none) Favoured club: Southampton DIsliked club: Portsmouth Favoured personnel (and why): Joe Cole (idol) DIsliked personnel: Andre Dozzell
  4. I've been tempted to try a Caribbean or Central American save, but the off-putting thing is that league reputations don't change from season to season in North America like they do in all 5 of the other continents. Instead, league reputations are fixed from the start of the save, so no matter how much success I could potentially have with my Central American or Caribbean club, no half decent player would want to join because the league reputation would be stuck at its default low value. Why is this the case in North America and not any of the other 5 continents?
  5. I've noticed that on FM17, the league reputations in North America don't change from season to season. However, the league reputations do change in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania. Is there a way to make league reputations dynamic in North America either via the pre-game editor or directly editing game files?
  6. @prot651 @davie77 That's weird. Why isn't there there on my copy? https://i.imgur.com/r4VdQeJ.png
  7. @prot651 Are you sure? All I can see below prize money is "Is prize money for current positions", "custom fixture plan" and "position playoff". I can't find any exemption from relegation anywhere in the FM17 pre-game editor advanced rules.
  8. In the FM17 pre-game editor, I've found a way from blocking specific teams from promotion, but not making specific teams exempt from relegation. Is this possible, if yes, how do I do it?
  9. I'm trying to create an alternative format for the World Cup using the FM17 pre-game editor. However, I don't see how I can award the host nation automatic qualification and exclude them from taking part in the qualifiers as well as adjusting the qualifying format accordingly. For example, there for 55 nations in UEFA. If a European country doesn't host the World Cup, I want the worst 30 teams to play in a preliminary playoff round, with the best 15 teams joining the best 25 teams in UEFA to play in 10 qualifying groups of 4 teams. In the event of the World Cup being held in Europe, I wan
  10. @tastaiwan Has Kelrick Bannis retired from international football? He's not on the list of 6 highest reputation players on Bermuda's page and he hasn't gained any played for Bermuda in 2031.
  11. Scoring 2 goals against France, beating Peru and taking Uruguay to penalties, that's brilliant. Unlucky to Guatemala though, missing out on goal difference. Nice to see Trinidad and Tobago also making the second round. CONCACAF looks very competitive right now.
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