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  1. Love your work! Any chance you have an idea when these files will be compatible with the new version? @Timo61
  2. HI All, Was creating a new league structure and halfway through, unsure what i clicked here, it says the teams in Luxembourg are no long allowed to sign non lux players. IDea's? It was not doing this prior. Best,
  3. Hi All, I'm wondering what the appropriate uniform regen rating is? I noticed that when i give every country the same (Last attempt on 90), 1. There is still a skew towards dominant counties (Argentina gets a 190+ ) and 2. There always seems to be an increase in wonder kids within 5 years. Anybody have any recommendations?
  4. Hi All, I'm wondering if you could tell me how FM decides the importance of contradicting files. If I have a file x that has country X with a 100 youth rating and a separate file y with country x at a 200 youth rating, how does it rank the importance of the two files? What is the factor that puts file x or why as a priority? is it the date? file size? etx... Thanks,
  5. I love the idea of teams from weaker regions getting the fiscal opportunities of more powerful regions.
  6. quarter finalist from E & SA comps? Semi finalist from all comps?
  7. This is fantastic! Would it be possible to make it 32 Teams?
  8. HI All, The season stats for my youth and reserve players don't show up for their reserve and u19 leagues. Only non competitive games which apparently they have played 50 plus this year (Its Feb)
  9. Hi All, I'm wondering if there a database out there that equalizes all champions league's (Finances & prestige)? If not, would anybody be interested in making this? i feel that over time the club world cup could become very interesting if every competition was on a level footing financially.
  10. You should add a Saint Paul and Boston team @Uncle Sam On board with the U23 Div too
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