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  1. I don't mind that .. and agree .. interviews seem about journalists reactions to it .. I know players do . bcz suddenly I see player in squad with a red icon saying he reacted badly to something I said !! ok !! so there is something happening at background .. yet SI don't communicate that with us and keep those interviews dull
  2. The one who managed how Interviews are done this year in SI deserve an Oscar ... I still can't believe is not fixed in any patch!!! We had complained alot over past years on how interviews are long & boring .. what was SI reply? yeahh let us even add more unnecessary clicks !! so you press "attend TV conference" .. and ready for your First QS . ..but nahh . u have to click another pointless "start" button !! then you go throw unimaginative , repetitive robotic interview QSs .. and just when you think your nightmare is overs once is finished !! nahhhh you have to press another button to show me the brief !! why not show brief straightway?? is already finished ?!! why I have to click an extra button? it feel like is been added just so they remove it next year .. and say ... "we made it better as it will require less clicks !!" Then let us go to Quality of QSs !! why not show me icons? .... to see impact of each reply to QS on my players,opposition team moral, fans, my board... other members in media ,,etc EX: Do you think X player is one to make difference in 2nd match? then If I answer YES.. other players in my team will moral drop .. x player moral go up.. opposite team get angry and more motivated ,,media lose respect bcz they don't agree with me and think am just trying to boost X player moral, .... fans disagree and unhappy ....etc. ... this will may force me to change strategy at next QS trying to heal the damage of QS before that !! make it more damn interactive .. by seeing reaction on each of my replies like IRL .. we all time adjust when see impact of first reply on others ... without any doubt Interviews .. is least improved feature in FM and SI are struggling to solve it .. They need to come and interact with fans bcz is obvious they are not able to solve it alone ..
  3. that is why u give people options ! u just don't ignore other 50% of people just for sake u see is not same as FM20 we changed it !! this beyond joke I can't even tell which one is good or very good or excellent or above average ! they don't even give a color shade shows what each difference range is they did same with attributes bcz they know some like to see numbers ! give the option or at least if I hoover my mouse on top of it .. it give me indication that this color is range from 100-90 .. or 60-70. I look to it now and have no clues what each color mean what is next ? attribute gonne be in colour too not number ? am really gutted and hate it !! they do that with attributes and give you a choice my worry they did it just to say "look we made some changes" this is sure not what fans asked for and is spoil all joy of the game and make me worry of what next gonna be replaced by colour instead of numbers my friend too is colour blind .. so totally understand bro .. didn't they had any brain storm to discuss it in depth ?
  4. yeahh just checked the Spanish player was 15 and I offered him pro contract !! meanwhile the note when tried to sign him indicated he will need a WP and it will be refused and won in appeal ?!! why is that?!!! if he is Spanish why will be refused ? !! and why he will win it in appeal ?!! he is 15 .. sure he will not have any caps .. and I bought it for free offering him youth team salary !! While 2nd one thought is free agent as I approached him straightaway, turn out his contract at his club in Uruguay will end by 31 Dec 2020 !!! LOL .. will be fun to wait new brexit rules generated ? is it still random or SI had adopted new laws which was agreed recently ?
  5. ok started a new game.. had a good player who is Uruguayan but with 2nd nationality as Italian .. why the hell the deal is pending January work permit ?!! he is Italian .. I signed an Italian with no problem same window ? had same issue with a Spanish player too !! he is 15 !! went to Work permit too !! what is going on !!! why other EU countries transfers went through ?!! is that a bug ?!! am still in day 5 of June 2020 !! no Brexit update what so ever ?!!
  6. Thanks for feedback mate .. I will reply back point by point. First you mentioned Gibraltar, and countries like those who started later, I took that in consideration so am using it when ranking is stable in this case is last 3 years which is not 200 average but 195 where you can see curve is stable .. even countries like Iraq or Palstine and others who don't play homes bcz of wars I added extra curves to balance it .. I gave thought on it and not taking average as average but studying each case Again I still want a discussion on factors that impact PA with is youth rating Bigpole was referring to was more related to CA than PA. you mentioned I ignored other factors like economy.. Economy won't improve football or create more PA .. may be enhance CA .. and this is big MAY BE .. otherwise Canada or US would had been best in world. tbh am not sure how this is a factor, as rich countries kids prefer playing with high tech games while more poor kids choose to play football as they can't afford other toys. go to rich areas and poor area in same country and see who are out of street playing football more. the only factor I take here is how good is their training facilities which is irrelevant factor to economy at least in FM. Then you mentioned Football popularity, which I already edited and took it in consideration. I said above I changed rating for football popularity which was wrongly set in many countries by SI. EX: football popularity in Nigeria is useless ?!! you mentioned population too .. which is sure a factor .. now the real argument is dose FIFA ranking reflect PA or CA ? my answer is simply CA bcz I think FIFA RANKING = Youth rating ( PA) + population (amount of players generated) + training facilities (improve CA to reach PA) + football popularity (amount of players generated) Now what I did as explained before I put some curves to correct FIFA ranking according to continent as some are tougher thus harder and each point is harder to get than in other continent but in same time, I added more curves to countries in Africa and South America because they have more talented kids but poor facilities , so to say I didn't take that in consideration is wrong. I added alots of curves to correct many of factors you mentioned.. yet you talk like I just simply took FIFA ranking and applied it .. which is not the case is system prefect? sure not is it better or at least more accurate than SI? sure .. you can't argue that Egypt is better than Portugal by 24 points !! or football popularity is useless in Nigeria .. and you can't argue that is well thought concept by SI that had put lots of thoughts on it .. bcz all above shows they didn't V2 is now lowered brazil rating from 163 to 150 , thus lowering all rating within scale. Results of amount of PA depend on active leagues too in game and there is big randomness in it. EX: seen swiss player having 188 PA when country was set for 122 .. and 190 for a player in Thailand when their rating is 86. As I said, this is not a perfect system, but at least will keep randomness within much more correct scale. I never simply applied FIFA ranking like brainless person that you try to portrait me !! I added many curves to correct many of factors you mentioned .. lowering continent and increasing others based on each factor mate
  7. will post new revised youth rating once testing is finished so far results of no. world class players is more close to what SI is using ,.. is easier now to compare with Scout genie is out
  8. sure Ibra career blossomed in Ajax at 19. this is what had pushed his CA towards his higher PA PA is distributed randomly by SI around that youth rating so is not mid-levels players, you will see more jumps up or down, so you will definitely have new Ibras ready with correct league and opportunities . when I run the game I seen player in Swiss at age of 16 with PA 188 when I awarded them just 127. So there is a strong factor of randomness up and down that value. What you discussed is factor or clubs/league/ coaching/ training facilities/ academy on progress from CA to PA .. and we agree in that case here
  9. it is data editor hideaway .. so comments are important,.. many others did useful comments and now have amended rating accordingly and will post new download soon meanwhile ur reply is not helping mate .. there is no rules that says download is not a discussion area too , bcz we need to improve the file and we can't do that without discussion. you still don't offer an alternative method .. and you welcome to do so. and nothing wrong with my choose of words !!! to say football is not popular in Nigeria or middle east can only come from someone who never been there .. I fixed those mistakes in regards football popularity .. I run game for some years with old file and it did increase world class players by 3 times .. but that was not my fault .. is SI bcz they made Brazil 163 in rating .. my mistake is I kept both high and low ends same and rescaled .. new file lowered Brazil now, so fixed SI exaggerated rating of Brazil and rescaled everything back and am testing for years now and seem getting almsot same amount of wonder kids like it was with SI rating but spread more accurately u welcome anytime with feedback and I will appreciate it bzc at end we want a better experience at the end. kind Regards
  10. I revised rating by lowering higher end which I kept as SI done for Brazil 163 to 150 and rescale everything back to minimize chances of world class players .. I think SI gone over board with Brazil rating is ridiculous and dragged everything up will post new file for download next Friday as am busy at work
  11. great feedback mate regarding your points a- agree good manager can increase football popularity thus more players roasters, thus more players with PA than just handful one b- youth rating will generate PA , that won't guaranty they will break through to the national team sure. it will depend on many other factors to raise CA enough to be picked. C- player development is CA .. youth rating is PA .. this is why we are talking about 2 different things here. agree on some points u raised.. imo SI need to enhanced variation and style of players .. so youth intake are reflection on style of football in some countries . therefore while Brazilian will be more technically biased , some like Sweden or Iraq will be more about physical and crossing , headers ..etc.. while countries like Japan or Korea more about pace and quick fluid passing ...etc at the moment SI don't offer that . and I think they should thanks for feedback
  12. this is where you are wrong .. Ibra is a graduate from Sweden academies till age 18 ... meaning with current FM setting , Sweden will never have another Ibra.. Sweden is a country that produced many quality players .. not only Ibra .. they finished top 4 there times in world cup before 1950 and finished 3rd at world cup in 90s and always a hard team to beat
  13. I followed FM SI rating trying to keep highest (brazil) and lowest and keep countries in middle (ex: IRAQ) in same region But totally agree.. I think problem is with Brazil raring 163 !! is ridiculous and I think is what has pushed all below higher .. will work on a 2nd Patch where I will lower Brazil to something like 150 and restructure the rest based on that I totally agree with ur suggestion mate .. Thanks for feedback
  14. u keep talking but not explaining ?!! either u reply with details and have a discussion or not !?!! am not saying youth rating = FIFA Ranking !!! for million time is not !! what am saying tho is an indication .. actually only objective refence we can have .. and challenged you to give am another objective method .. you couldn't !! either you have and mention it and we discuss it or no need to talk nonsense you adding nothing to discussion or helping me or guide me when u offer nothing ?!! collect ur thoughts and let us have an objective discussion so I can correct mistakes bcz I know myself FIFA ranking is not youth rating, but is only objective indication we can base ourself upon.. sure youth rating and players generated can't flip FIFA ranking and at least be parallel to it
  15. this is exactly what I used not over past 20 years but 28 years dear .. this is why I said average rating I disagree with your Yokohama F.M example, stronger clubs who will encourage their youth ranking and invest on it will attract better players and improve training facilities .. City and Chelsea are examples of that too Meanwhile, you are talking about progressing from CA to reach PA faster .. Youth rating will generate PA not CA so what you mentioned above is not relevant to PA but more towards improving faster from player CA to PA. players generated who join City or chelsea would had joined UTD Or Arsenal anyway but picked those 2 bcz their training facility and financial backing then sure improve faster towards their PA. but as what you mentioned is not PA but how improving CA faster let us take case of Japan, I remember during 80 and 90s they were average. but they start bringing famous players and make league more interesting, and improving training facilities and quality of coachs, what happened next is football become more popular so more are coming into the game thus sure increase quality and with good coaching and training facilities they are reaching PA faster My patch corrected Football popularity in each country and youth rating. am dealing with PA not CA so didn't touched training facilities for example.
  16. yes ... I suggest that SI did it without an objective methodology .. I did my PHD working with numbers and statistics .. when I see stats I see patterns straightaway .. and aside from FIFA ranking I see no other route unless subjective evaluation which will vary from one person to another I challenge SI to come out and say what methodology they used .. and I will guaranty to u it was subjective numbers are my game thanks to my scientific background working with DATA while doing my PHD there is no methodology that let Egypt 138 in rating and Portugal 114 !! is simply chaos bcz it is sadly subjective method what SI used.
  17. cheers mate .. I do it every year but never posted her but Fmscout .. have plans in future to revise it more especially correlation curves for South America and Europe and feedbacks will help sure
  18. there doesn't seem to be any system used by SI to value it and tbh you can't value it by any other objective system other than FIFA Ranking .. SI has strong DB team which rate every single player and country ... but who is controlling the overall global values? most probably head of team and one or two of his assistant who just set and decide. there is no logic that can explain how Egypt is 138 and England is 120 and poor Portugal full of talents are 114 .. trust me there is no system ... just 2-3 people deciding values as they want with no tests on how it goes Is what am proposing perfect? Sure not ?!! and am try to make it better every year by playing with curves to add more advantages for countries in South America and Europe bzc they play tougher matches so ranking is not fair to them. But at least make more sense than what Si is awarding at the moment.
  19. I doubt Si tested it tbh and I doubt SI used any system when value it is not first time I release this patch !!! I do it every year in FMscout .. although many thought it will produce more quality initally but none said so by actual playing it , you just guessing and am working with logic .. if SI think Egypt quality is 138 , why is problem England 120 and Portugal should be higher?!! I actually lowered Egypt rating.
  20. no ..I making distance between nations fair .. is not my mistakes SI make IRAQ better than Sweden .. Egypte better than Portugal or England .. If you noticed I lowered Egypt from 138 to 125 .. but yes increased others and lowered others .. the whole idea was to spread them by what ranking is saying is not my fault SI lowered rating of countries stronger than iraq or egypt .. is natural to fix what SI missed
  21. well how Sweden will produce another Ibra with a pathetic 88 rating when Iraq in default is 106 !! if Iraq is 106 sure Sweden should be more .. Sweden ranking averaged 22.. they had some decent sides and great quality players .. is normal to see more quality coming from them.. if FM thought IRAQ is 106 then sure Sweden need to produce more and be higher
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