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  1. being playing management games since mid 90s .. and played almost 99% of management games since I think FM19 is the best so far ... but I tell what is missing or need altering : A- Match day: 1- possibility of playing with camera setting angles to get closer views (zoom) to actions when ball closer to the box just like in TV.. sometimes I really don't see what is happening if box is crowded . 2- replays : I play with extended one, and I really want a setting to tune what i want in extending highlight .. do I want offside outside box ? NO !! do I need to see a throw ball taking ages ? no.. it will be great if I can have a costume highlight option where I tick things i want to see 3- commentary: they sure can update us with scores too just like IRL !!! why is all about current match only? 4- I like to shout on players and even in refs trying to bully them .. i like to show my discontent on a ref decision which may influence ref or make him angry of me .. Sir Alex used to bully refs with his charisma ..most mangers try so .. and that at time back fire or it work and he give a doggy penalty .. as tool IRL mangers use, I think I need that both against referees and players. B- match AI: 1- the setting of match form need to be adjusted, as player form during match is effecting strongly how he miss chances .. is crazy .. if he don't get the ball or miss a chance .. he will miss easy chances one after another even with goal mouth open !! is worst if he missed a penalty .. something in algorithm is exaggerated .. I understand he will lack some confidence ..but sure not that much !! let us take Teemu Pukki, he is invisible sometimes for 80 min .. by FM algorithm, his form will drop to 6.1 by that stage ,... but IR he will have once chance and he scores.. at the moment I can't have that in FM is too unrealistic and lazy I think . 2- crossing is just horrible, I ask player to cross without waiting from deep positions yet they had to run all time to the end and cross hit a defender and out for a corner then his form drop bcz his crossing rate are not successful .. now am asking them to cross low and pass more.. no one is following my orders from where to cross and worst cross hitting defender 90% of time !! 3- positioning .. I ask my team to all defend and sit deeper don't be creative and stay back all time .. especially when am 1-0 up and rather sit deeper .. yet my defenders still stand near center line and am vulnerable to counters !!! is frustrating when I ask them to be in certain shape and they don't follow .. sit deep and counter what is hard on that? why all 4 defenders sitting now so high at times ?!! 4- Likes to try to beat the offside trap not working : what is point of training a player who is strong mentally to position and add this trait , yet he kept falling for offside ?!! is nice feature but atm is useless C- Interviews : ok they are fun but is too repetitive and predictable .. everyone i know hate it 1- add a bar showing Live reactions (could be in scores / could be in smileys faces ) from my : players , reporter, fans , FA and board 2- no answer should be perfect, if I say something to raise my team moral after a lost , saying like we played well.. then reports should act surprised and I lose credibility among fans and reporters .. fact I will see the influence on other members live, will make thing twice and can possibly strategically change my decision to balance somewhere else. 3. same answers should never give same reaction .. the balance of negative and positives should have some extra random value added to exaggerate some reactions I think those things will make you keep using same repetitive QS but impact will be visible and more random at times.. with some element of risks Tactics : 1- I wish if I have an individual instruction for some players to "stay up" don't defend as trying to counter .. similar to "stay back all time" 2- "shot on sight" is not enough .. as some of my players waste good chances shooting from outside .. I want an option to stop my players shooting from outside especially if they don't have good long shots ability .. I seen player with 9 or 8 trying to score wasting good build up .. but they have good finishing .. so when in box I want them to shoot.. so I can't use pass more option. we need sometimes to ask players not to shot from long distance. Interface : 1- when I want to set which players available for next u23 or u18 match .. I want to know is it friendly or competition bcz there is no point of friendly unless fitness wise. but sometime i use them in those matches if they don't have played enough to keep their skills improving .. friendlies don't offer me that... there is no point of risking injuring my first team player for a friendly Ability and skills: 1-potential ability annoy me .. the fact it is fixed .. and make it easier for players to cheat buying someone with big potential using scouting tools. I understand some players need to be capped ... but I think adding every year a new margin .. slight one +/- will be more realstic .. things like injruies should reduce his potential .. but even without that.. if he has PA of 140, what is the harm if next year we add 2 to make it 142? or make it 138 dropping .. make the game less predictable .. like injuries which can halt a PA, there are other factors in real life can increase his initial potential benchmark .. he could be extra motivated .. found new spiritual believes.. human potential is unlimited .. so it shouldn't be fixed .. yes we start with PA but can change slightly 2- youth average skills per country is too random !!! for GOD sake there is FIFA average ranking over the years in FIFA website .. it give more accurate guidance on who can produce better players .. now is just subjective and biased.. you have a data .. why you don't use it ?!!! Fan base: 1- will be great to have a fan base map, this can effect my signing if I want to a Asian player to enhance my Asian market or have a camp there. some countries my boost my merchandises. it will at least make picking a camp location more interesting . Subscriptions /News: 1 - will love to see a newspaper background or a website background to them .. at the moment they are dull too robotic 2- why not having skysport news bulletin, saying main news today like sky do resuming day activity and news in flash type with option to pause if we are interested 3- If Subscribe for news about olympic or south america copa america , why is not in my inbox? i have to go to worldwide news section which make subscription useless exercise . 4- I like to have 3-5 news papers headlines in my inbox after each results .. If I win , everyone say things positive.. IF lost, will be strong criticism .. headline can really hurt and can motivate me to proof them wrong.. pls don't make it boring robotic but I want to see headlines with newspaper background Player interaction: 1- I like to interact with a player anytime I want by arranging a meeting ... like asking a player why he reacted badly to my last comment, and clear out the matter ..etc 2- I never run into players causing problems .. undermining my authority .. like Keane criticizing his team mates leading him to leave UTD or Beckham refusing my criticism and undermining my authority .. I think we should have an authority statue with score bar or 5 stars.. showing how much players scare of me and respect my authority this will result of my actions against players who did something wrong, a comment i made in media ..etc.. IF I start losing my authority players will lose respect and lead to playing giving half arsed performance bcz they are not scared of me.. is a key element in management . why it is not here in FM? Sir Alex had that and that was main reason why he was such a great manager. this value should be individual per player, so I can get rid of those who don't respect me enough .. and total of those individual value will show players overall respect to my authority My Contract /My personal life: am not sure what is the point of my contract when have money which I can't use? what is the point? is pointless .. am not sure I want the game to be like the SIMs.. but let us admit the current contract money offered mean nothing as you can't use it.. so I lower my contract demand to allow more budget elsewhere .. which is not right .. there should be some feature where you can use that money, so money will mean something to me .. shouldn't be a distraction though either .. am here to manage my team not invest in stock market and instead of managing team i manage my wealth ...!! I feel there is a gap here but am not sure how to fill it to make my contract worth fighting for. Recruit of youth : is so boring relying on intake only 1- we should be able to do any of these .. and have new players suggested in weekly bases for trial - Plan an Open Day. - Link up with a Local School. - Reach Out via Social Media. - Establish Links with Local Groups and Communities. - send scouts to playground/parks and see kids playing spotting a gym may be - Create Relationships with Other Clubs in Your Area. - Use Your Players as Scouts. I manage Watford and I look to under 18 , they all are ****.. I need to be able to create event that make more players do trials via one of those venues and may be I can find one day a good player.. at least there will be a hope .. and will make me excited every time a player is suggested waiting for scouting report on them
  2. I used to play Top11 on my mobile, before I find it boring and too random , but there was nice Topic at their forum called "Counter formation", where users post best formation that can give you more chance to beat any other listed formation. the trick in FM is, your team need to know how to play this formation, if they are not familiar to it , is better to stick to your formation.. building team harmony sometimes help to ease that, this is why I play double matches in friendlies before start of season to build up fast that harmony and my team really do well despite changing formations alot. am playing 2nd season career deciding to counter formations and see what happen, in my first season, by February I was top of league 1 with Portsmouth with 15 point gap , and Stoke who sacked Hughes asked me to join as they were in bottom 4. I took them to 7th place in a run that included beating Arsenal, spurs and Liverpool. in my 2nd season, I was top of league 3 weeks ago till UTD and Chelsea beat me with 2 penalties (hate FM AI as I was dominating both). I will start posting all formations I played against , and which formation created the magic for me.. imo there is always a formation that can give you an advantage over another.. and here is my findings and my lists.. I will keep updating the list when I have the time. please note that all this is tested on FM17 match AI. Please note that countering formation alone will not work as we need to take in considerations other factors, as you need to combine it with speech and shouting to motivate the team, keeping the players fit and fresh by rotating and selecting always players on form, regardless of their skills, keep moral high, I play some friendlies against weaker side to build confidence. please note that same formation can be effected if other team attack you or defend or playing narrower or wider .. so if they play narrower, try to go wider and attack flanks, and vice versa. and when team is under pressure, as there are always some spells during the match when other team pile up the pressure, don't delay to defending by counter attacking and if you still under pressure, then contain .. if you attack , try to go max to control, anything else, will for some reason give other side more possession and you create less chances. I will explain each formation and my counter formation in detail hopefully starting from tomorrow I will start with more common one 4231 ======================the LIST=================================== Formation x Counter Formation ================================================================ 4231 (with 2 CM, AML AMR & AMC) - 4231 (same but with 2 DM and don't line up both ST and AMC in same line but spread them) 442 (with 2 DM, RM, LM, AMCL , STR)
  3. bcz ignorance is a bless .. if you can't see it .. then is fine .. my problem with 2D engine, is same ignorance that make 2D look better bcz you simply can't see it, is same reason why you miss many other information too which I think is important for a manager .. EX: did the defender cleared the ball using his head or legs or his chest ? did my player dribble? ..etc
  4. you said you seen untouchable managers been sacked for similar reason ..who? similar reasons is not correct term ... for example, sacking Jose for playing ugly football when was Manager for Real is not same as not introducing more youth !!!.. fans & board priority is the result... then style.. then all other things ranked according to their importance .. am 46 years old .. I never seen a manager sacked for not promoting enough youth players for the first team more when he is producing great results !!! why mods sometimes just tend to defend a game and acting like lawyers !! how a game can be improved if we don't say .. oh that was kind excessive ? need slight adjustment may be .. again , do you have a manager sacked for same exact reason IRL .. ?
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