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  1. Thanks, simple solution. Should have thought of that, lol.
  2. Quick question, I want to buy a player who is 20yo and whose squad status is Rotation at his current club. The guy is perfect for my team in all regards, but he only has 12 determination, which personally is too low for me so would want to tutor this up to 15 or above. My question is therefore is there a squad status I can not offer him at or above that would lead me to not be able to tutor him, despite him being young enough? Thanks in advance.
  3. bravehawk

    Best Young Players To Bring To Dortmund

    If looking for a right winger try Cristian Espinoza. I bought him for my Bremen save and he has been sensational.
  4. I strongly agree with the above. Worth reading Cleons 4231 thread that covers use of Attacking versus Standard very well. The 4123 formation is pretty top heavy still and asking your FBs to overlap the IFs may be leaving yourself wide open to counter attacks out wide with your FBs getting caught ahead of the ball. I think this formation is very tough on your FBs & CDs as the FBs can be very exposed/uncovered and your CDs need to be very strong in the air to help deal with the resulting higher volume of crosses. Playing with a club with a high reputation such as Liverpool will lead to you coming up a lot more against teams playing counter with 4141or 442 type formations and that sort of formation with speedy wingers maybe causing you some problems. It would be interesting to hear if that is the case? I particularly look at the left side of your formation which looks susceptible to counter wide play. I used 4123 on my Bremen save recently and I found as our reputation rose we were finding trouble winning some away games due to the teams doing this. I have had some success from moving to 4-3-3 by pushing my DM(D) up into the central MF role as a BWM(D or S) and creating an extra man in there. I wont go 433 against opposition tactics employing an AMC though. That said, I play standard/flexible and my overall player roles, etc are a fair bit more conservative than yours. My tactic looks more like: GK(D) WBs(D) - CDs(D) Note; one or both WBs n support at home DM(D) BBM(S) - AP or DP (S) W(s) - IF(S) CF(A) Overall, a fair bit more conservative, but this is a starting base that I would tweak during games if I felt the need. I would always be more likely to adjust roles as step 1 rather that mentality, etc. Hope this helps and good luck with your save.
  5. bravehawk

    The 4231 Explained

    Thanks for your response, I for one would be interested in the next article showing how things work on higher mentalities, and perhaps touching a little more on the Left sided attacking and downstream how the defensive side is working.
  6. When I review these immediately prior to kick off the opposition Subs appear to be wearing the colours of the club I am playing as. I noted this in a game I am playing as Celtic against Hearts but have seen it happen since as well.
  7. bravehawk

    The 4231 Explained

    Thanks Cleon, I have enjoyed reading your article so far. Now correct me if I am reading this wrongly, or over simplifying things here, but in terms of your attacking tactic it does look like you are trying to slightly overload on the right side to drag defenders over and then spring the IF on the left. A lot of your screen shots seem to suggest that to me. I was wondering as a result of this set up if you are using or tempted to use an Exploit right flank TI to attack from that side more frequently. If not, are you having the same success on attacks down the left hand side?