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  1. Hi all is it just me or does players get tired very easily in matches the small heart in this years game goes near empty at 75min in a game, i have changed training to half and normal and i used to do double training in fm 19 is there anyway to fix this ? am talking about players like bruno who have high fitness stats running out of steam after 75mins am also playing on normal tempo
  2. This is a shame so u are not even able make general info on the left hand side instead of just the match stats. What abt the dugout infor we get from assistant manager are we able to edit this or turn it off ?
  3. Can someone please help. On matchday u have 3 boxes the dugout and touchline tablet and match stats, now can u change were these are located like swap tablet with dugout ?? Also how do u stop ur assistant giving u updates on dugout can this be stopped? Just want to know if the boxes can be edited not the information inside them Cheers
  4. Hi all I dont play the beta each year as I like to wait for full version, one quick question I have seen people talk abt matchday experience am one for using commentary only with goal highlights . Is the commentary only same as last years ? As in u have the stats page with commentary down the bottom. Cheers in advance
  5. So who ever is giving the report is the one bringing them through yea?
  6. So who ever gives the report is the one bringing them through yea?
  7. Hi i am in season 21/22 and my annual youth intake message was provided by my u23 manager, stating he would like to think he had some impact on some of the players coming through.. question is why is my HOYD not saying this, i went to double check under responsibility and couldn't find the option for youth intake to make sure hes bring them through i have searched everywhere with no answers for this, in previous games am sure there was an option under responsibility any advice or is HOYD the default on youth intakes, i even sacked him to see if i could pick someone for this but nothi
  8. hi smurf i have went with this one that still a great option? its cheaper than one you posted but has same specs thank you so much HP Pavilion 17-ab405na Intel® Core™ i5 Processor, GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics, 8Gb RAM, 1Tb HDD, 17.3 inch Gaming Laptop - Black Get ready to unleash your inner content-creating, media-craving, game-crushing potential, because this Pavilion Laptop was built to handle everything you’ve got. With turbocharged performance you can go from immersive streaming sessions to lag-free photo editing, and do it all from wherever you want. Blue Tooth: Y
  9. thats great.. is save on laptops ok to buy from lol? am to used to currys and pc world
  10. Hello all, could anyone advise.. i currently have a lenovo laptop with these specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 - 6200U CPU @2.30GHz / 2.40 GHz Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 M360 (Discrete/Hybrid) Mem Ram 8gb With this laptop the 3d match isnt the best, i even have to turn the crowd off, and sometimes when processing the game the laptop gets very noisy and can over heat when on low settings and 4 leagues installed so am thinking about upgrading to this: Product Description HP Pavilion Power 15-cb004na - 15.6"
  11. how do u get these stadium pictures is there a link? I cant get skin to work on this page I have put download in panels but still nothing has changed please help
  12. right ok so I have downloaded already made folders from website link above, I then downloaded skin and placed in panels folder unticked and reloaded and still nothing has changed what am I doing wrong am usually not bad with skins etc but this is driving me mad now
  13. i cant find the panels folder to put the downloaded files in any help please?
  14. can someone please advise on how to lose the pitch backround when I am using commentary only option during match day, on fm 17 and previous versions when I used commentary only it was a plain backround with player stats etc until I decided I wanted to view match goals or highlights. With this pitch backround it makes inferior laptops work harder during a match due to graphics ect so hopefully I am missing this option but cant see it anywhere???
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