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  1. I think it would be nice to bring the fm18 up to date and have real match Commentary in the game like fifa have this would make the game much better and we need to have the match engine running like fifa make the players a little bit bigger this needs to be brought right up to date and have the stadiums looking a lot better they were good in fm16 but lacking in fm17 we also need to ad are face picture in to the game like we did on fm16 but again lacking on fm17 I have been playing this game now for 10 years and i personaly think fm 18 just be made a wow factor one so si lets bring it up to date as much as we can espcialy with propper Commentary in the game i think it would be a big hit
  2. there will be an update released with in the next week or 2
  3. Please replace this fm.xml file with the one in the pack as there was issues with the other one thanks fm.xml
  4. any chance off liverpool fc and stoke city ones plz Jeff