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  1. if you look in your club video ad board pack Arsenal has one video ad called cooper Brighton one video ad board burnley one video ad board chelsea has 3 video ads crystal palce has one video ad if you get what i mean put more into them packs has i said its just like rabcp not a lot of different to be honest when you said what your where doing i thought finally someone is going to do a full team video ad pack then you let me down
  2. when you said you was doing club ads why have you in some of the video files you only have 1 or 3 video ads i thought it was going to be more in the pack to be honest you really ain't done anything different to what rabcp has done in your config if you go to Liverpool and man city there is only pictures where is the video ads like it should be to be honest its poor
  3. Jeff44

    ukraine club Dynamo kyiv

    issue with have with Dynamo kyiv the stadium capacity is 70,050 can you please tell me why they are not showing any video ads what so ever and only static ads its the same with sporting has well they are only showing default static ads and not there own and the video ads are blank i have renamed stuff in my config file and folders everything is the same on the config file has on the folder if your stadium is over 30,000 then the video ads should come up so its another cock up by SI yet again well done SI maybe you get it all right in fm 2019 but there again yea having a laugh you fix one problem and course loads more
  4. Hi not really sure if its been asked but anyway after a match a player should get man of the match but its coming up player of the match what don't sound right so could this be changed to man of the match please thanks
  5. Jeff44

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    yea touch wood you wont see them again
  6. Jeff44

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    Ive played 4 games this afternoon and had no problems since i done it
  7. Jeff44

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    Right in your config file you need to look for this <record id="deon" size="7" /> <!-- use the default ads 7 times to get more than 50 cells --> change the size="7" to "99" it will then stop Bidstack video ad from showing up in your game (Happy Days)
  8. Jeff44

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    Michael i have 14 ad boards in my Liverpool game and they still show up its nothing that we are doing wrong and its not are config file at all everything was perfect until si decided to put these stupid ad boards in the game there is no need for them at all SI can not leave anything alone they have to cock something up all the time when are they ever going to learn to leave things a lone
  9. Jeff44

    video ad

    its not a bug but can some one tell me why on every stadium with video ads Bidstack video ad board comes up ???
  10. Jeff44

    3D Kits

    As you will see in my save game and picture i have sent you will see Benfica playing in red kits with no logos on and you will see playing in white Liverpool with logos on there tops that's because has i said in my 2nd message and have circled the problem in the game all teams kits what are assigned to competitions will not display the logos on there 3D kits like Liverpool is displaying in the picture i have sent you its an easy fix on your behalf please find the attached link to my save game thanks http://www.mediafire.com/file/xiakem86lme19j7/Desktop.rar
  11. Jeff44

    3D Kits

    Whats the point in reporting issues if nothing gets done what a waste of time yea simply not bothered all i get from Jack Joyce is Can you clarify the problem here? What exactly are you doing, and what isn't working? Can you provide an example save game where we can reproduce the problem from? after explain the problem are helpful are you hell this game is getting worse not better Ive never known a game to have so many problems than FM18 has and half the time when people report it yea just come up with some excuse because yea no better
  12. Jeff44

    3D Kits

    HOW TO GET YOUR 3D KITS TO WORK IN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ETC You need to go through each individual kit element (badge/shorts/socks etc.) and set it to have no competition associated with it, this means clicking competition and accepting the dialog option with no competition details input. You may need to do this multiple times as some elements have multiple competitions associated with them. Although this is time consuming it does allow you to continue with a save game if you have the In-Game Editor! This is what we have to do in the game editor to that the 3d kits are displaying there kit logs like in real life if we do not do this then the 3D kits are just plain are kit makes make 3d kits like in real life so they display in the game but if you look at the picture i have included then you will see were the arrows are that we have to remove the competitions that are assigned to each top teams like Liverpool Manchester city and so on we have to do the same for the FA Cup and the carabao cup but the lower teams do not have these issues at all so all i am asking is for these to be removed in the next update because it means that if we use the editor data base to remove them are self's then we would have to start a new game i can not explain anymore has i have said everything in my messages thanks
  13. Jeff44

    3D Kits

    All im asking is in the next update is to remove were i have put a circle around in all top teams what are displaying these and then all the 3d kits in all competitions will work better its not hard to remove them with having these in the 3d kits in the top teams wont work but the teams who do not display these work i know you don't have the licensing for the kits we make are own and in all other FM Games this was not an issue but since Fm18 its been come an issue along with other things football manager should be moving forward but its not its got more issues in fm18 than in any off the others so please could this be sorted its not hard to sort out nor is it going to cost anything
  14. Jeff44

    3D Kits

    I play with Liverpool and when top teams play against me in all the competitions the 3D kits are not showing there logos on the front but if you play the likes off Fulham for example they show that's because si have not a signed competitions to there kits like they have in bigger teams i know this can be changed in the Editor database but why can it not be changed by si in the next update plus i don't agree with having to pay for in game editor when we have paid full wack for the game and the editor data base is FREE all game editors should be FREE