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  1. The results in play-off 2 (play offs for Europe) get taken into club records wich means all clubs get their lowest point record broken by for example 4 points...
  2. Yes indeed that is true thank you very much for your answer!
  3. Can you please edit a Belgium lower league database please? Just edit some rules please?
  4. I looked it up and it is indeed possible, but I need to go to China on 1/12 while the competition only gets added on 26/12, but still thanks!
  5. Allright lesson learned thanks for the answers!
  6. So i'll just need to look for another club or will I still stay at Ingolstadt?
  7. Goodnight everyone. Earlier today I was managing Ingolstadt but I decided it was time for a change of league and continent after 5 years so I signed with a Chinese team. The only problem is I did sign after current season but currently the Chinese team can't avoid relegation anymore and my second league in China isn't loaded. So the question is what will happend now they will relegate to a non playable league?
  8. How to do it then may I ask because I can't find it?
  9. Hey, in the previous versions of FM there came a mod out each year so you could add your own irl photo to your manager. Is there one for FM20 yet please?
  10. Make the logo and kits with photoshop and then make map and config file and put it in graphics folder, editor can not help.
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