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  1. can you update this 2 tactics for 20.4.1 please? 1077073973_!!!!FM20.4.0TeaforOne4321OXP106ALLCUPS.fmf 1362358483_!!!!FM20.4.0TeaforOne4312P102ALLCUPS.fmf
  2. and any change for away games or against bigger teams?
  3. hey @RDF Tactics can you share the ROLLOVER 442 with cautious mentality please?
  4. hey @knap i'm using blackecho 4411 and 4141 do you suggest remove get stuck in ?
  5. is not the original version sorry the original version are 19.3.6
  6. @Dersturmer do you made a tweak of tff tactic and have a 3-4-3 formation? and if you do a tweak 3-4-3 can you share?
  7. For me fury and cerber are the best combo and the best tactics to play fm 2020 work amazing with every team underdog or mid or top team the results are awesome
  8. Test Overload fighter for home games and fighter positive for away with celta de vigo no tranfers and work amazing!!! Played all games in test with vigo and before with Reims played all games too, Great Work @Totalfootballfan
  9. test fury v1 for home games and cerber v3 for away games and for me the best combo great results with reims of france ligue 1 qualified for champions league no transfers
  10. @ZimmermanPT can you share the tactic mississipi malte please
  11. hey @RDF Tactics with your tactics i qualified eibar to champions league in 1st season no transfers i only change the mentality of your away tactic to positive and work very well great tactics and thanks ;)
  12. can you do the positive version please i'm using the 20.3 wulf attacking and positive version
  13. @knap can you update the wulf tactics (attacking and positive) for patch 20.4.0 please?
  14. can anyone share the bloodlust v1 the 4-4-2 formation please? thanks ;)
  15. can anyone share Slayer and Crusher tactics please? thanks
  16. can someone upload raptor and predator v3 please? thanks
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