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  1. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! can you share or tell the TI and PI to make the tactic for fm 2019 please? Thanks
  2. @noikeee can you share the tactic to give a try please??? thanks ;)
  3. @kun^^ Can you share your 4x3x3 tactic to give a try please?? Thanks
  4. @matiz96 can you share your 4-4-2 with some minor adjustments
  5. @pelidaaq Can you share the 3 cm's tactic please?
  6. any change for away games or against big or strong teams?
  7. @kurupted Can you share your recreation to give a try? thanks
  8. if you can share the tactic for give a try please thanks
  9. kurupted can you share the tactic for give a try please?
  10. Hi White Europe do you have a home and away version of knap tactics please?? Thanks
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