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  1. Hey guys can you help find any good tactic for fm 2008 please??
  2. @horned frog 94 great that works for you but just a tweak the all tactic credits are for @knap he built the whole tactic
  3. hey@knapi'm trying to emulate the Arsenal Invincibles 03/04 and i need your advice for the roles of the players what do you think ? Can you help me? this is your tactic beowulf jus want to adapt the roles of the players correctly * the database i'm using is cm 03/04 and you can find on steam workshop is not mine but is a great work
  4. @Bahamontes can you send me the tactic file for fm 2021 for personal mensage please?? thanks
  5. I decided to replicate Sir Alex Ferguson's tactic season 2007/2008 by changing the roles of the players in the Beowulf knap tactic and the result was this to note that the champions league really was a failure but in compensation we won the europe league I leave here the tactics file for those who want to try it 442 Sir Alex Ferguson.fmf
  6. @knap what about player individual training do you use???
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