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  1. Is it after the game (FMM17) in the update, there will be some young players in the squad Top? I have a suggest like this, because it happened to choose Liverpool FC team in the EPL which no reserve team, and to date there are some young players who have been promoted in the main squad. Hopefully, this proposal also have an impact on the team, because I believe that FMM17 is a football simulation close to reality. thanks.
  2. This is my advice, how should the color of the ball in the game display should not interfere with vision. Like the color orange ball with your team shirt colors that happen to the same or nearly the same. I hope there is a feature of how the game can automatically choose the color of the ball and did not bother to see just because of the color of clothes the same team. thanks. "Sample pictures that I take only photos, logically is nearly the same color and how you can enjoy it when the game is played with almost the same movement several icons."
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