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  1. First step you mentioned, didn't work. Second step did work. Obviously it's not full screen though. Do you know why this stopped working? Is it due to an update? Seems like it's happening with others also. Thank you for your help
  2. I tried all the steps. Same thing. Everytime i try to click an option, it minimizes the game. The game is now loading the EULA to be accepted. Wont allow me to.
  3. Im unable to do this, as I stated once im on the main page and click anywhere, it takes me back to my pc desktop. There seem to be no interaction with the game itself. The game/application is still running. Clicking anywhere on the screen minimises the screen. Thanks
  4. Since I have updated to the latest version I'm unable to load my saved game. In fact, any option I choose on the main screen isn't 'highlighted' and doesn't allow me to choose it. If I click on load game or any other option, it just takes me back to my desktop. It doesn't close the application though.
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