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  1. Somehow someone in the press recently quoted me in print as saying the following: "Valhalla has a good habit in this forum of raising good topics while undergirding his observations and assessments with objective experiences. I say he has a really keen eye for this game." Now? Now will the media spin, twist and hype this to create a war of words between us??? (And, trust me, I don't favor Dortmund or Everton in the slightest)
  2. This does seem odd. Here's the only thing I reckon. Perhaps competent coaches are leery of getting intertwined in the next round of Juve doping scandals. How long have you been running your advert for this position?
  3. Utah, as I take it you are playing and focusing in England, where do clubs like Sheffield United, Birmingham, Blackpool, Derby County, Doncaster Rovers, Charlton Athletic, Bolton and Coventry City now place in your game? This is year 2035? I guess the game does not include the element of a new UAE pair of princes, Russian oligarch (e.g. AS Monaco or Chelski) or Red Bull magnate adding dynamism? Or SAP software moguls? So then nothing like what China's club bosses are now doing? Dynamism is indeed a good thing. (People forget that once leagues like the Serie A were head and shoulders above the game in England and Spain.) Otherwise we'd have never had the Bournemouth or amazing Leicester City stories. Or a club like OGC Nice now able to look down on PSG, Marseille, and Olympique Lyon. We almost had RB Leipzig besting the giants of FC Bayern for the halfway mark.
  4. I appreciate that staff help point out at times an aspect of the FM game's features or options that I might be overlooking. But my overall impression so far is that trusting and going with the assistant's advice brings less than desirable results. jsw is right to mention that this 'feedback' or input from staff is indeed helpful when trying to become quickly acquainted with the SI FM game's features. However, so far, it overall seems like the tactics recommendations are similar to the backroom advice -- and not what works out to be best for the club. Valhalla's comments about Jurgen Klopp and Buvac at LFC made me laugh. Maybe ole Buvac had a bit too much Carlsberg before kickoff?
  5. Perhaps just hours after this 2-2 draw the lad proposed to his schoolboy crush and total dream woman, and she said, "Yes!" Maybe? On top of this, it turns out she's a trustfund baby so he could become a sport invalid due to a violent clash in your next weekend's match yet no worries for him as he'll soon be financially secure for the rest of his life. No more groveling for match day appearance fees or wishful hoping for the goal scoring bonus, eh? The way your lad now figures it, once he's exchanged vows with his honey and gotten in tight with the new father-in-law, well, in about five years he could purchase your club. Or a FPL one. Such occurrences might cause a real spike in a young man's composure and stature. I dunno. Plausible?
  6. prot651, I think you mean goals scored directly by the corner kick taker, yes? If so, my comments below speak to this aspect of football. Some players in regions, cities and stadiums known for their strong winds actually practice corners taking advantage of the extra kick a good wind can provide. They diligently practice this to be ready should the situation present itself on home matchday. Before it got its new look, the Weserstadion for SV Werder Bremen was notorious for a harsh wind coming off the river outside. Astute home team players knew how to take advantage. Can it be the same in Newcastle, Sunderland, Blackburn and Middlesborough? Cardiff? I wonder what football venues are notorious for this. Regardless of the wind, there are indeed players who have the skill and panache to do this in matches.
  7. Weston -- an excellent topic. Mille Grazie. Let me ask, as you are managing Parma Calcio 1913, a club that was indeed in tatters in 2004 and 2005 (not all that long ago). Please share with us here what year you are now managing Parma and when (how recently) did this player who longs for UEFA Champs. League participation sign a contract for your club? At what age was he when he did (or has since extended his contract)? And how old is he now? I think these things matter if we are going to talk even a smidgeon of realism. After all, if I follow your very good inputs to this thread, you have only just taken Parma from Serie B into Serie A, correct? We'll have a better picture of this when you share the particulars, but my hunch is you have not been in Serie A that long and this player was part of your setup whilst still slogging it out in Serie B, yes? I ask these things because my issue for this player (and overall SI FM game realism) is that signing on to Parma Calcio is not like signing on to Valencia FC, AFC Fiorentina, AS Monaco, Schalke 04, Liverpool FC or perhaps a SC Braga where players, staff, fans, and a board can have a reasonable expectation of European continental competition in the coming season(s). If a player (and his agent) thinks he's really that sort of caliber, why did he sign with a club that hasn't been part of the CL or EL for nearly two decades? Caveat: Those players like a German Julian Weigl who was at 1860 Munich not all that long ago and have rocketed to top flight club and national team football. Also those German GKs like Trapp, Zlieler, Ter Stegen and maybe soon Horn. Yes, there are indeed just those sorts of young highflying players (or the older, late big bloomer Jaime Vardy types) and your Parma chap might be one of them. Does your irritated Parma player have a national cap to his name at the time of making his CL wish known? And what's his player character type? Thanks. Just let us know a few of the particulars on this, Weston, and we can get a better picture of whether or not a player at this stage of where you are with Parma ought to even be broaching this subject with his manager. Maybe you have nicknamed this Italian? chap your own "Payet?" Overall, you started a great topic here while providing real game situations that are, frankly, unnecessary and a bit daft for us as players to have to try to circumnavigate. Thank you for that.
  8. Weston, you raise a very good issue. One would like to think that Boards in this game are flexible enough (and appreciative enough) to realize that a change of circumstances to the good adjusts the club's season expectations and rewards for those who produce the result(s). I shall use the example in England. I have no idea if the overall planners for the way too busy English football calendar intended it, but having a League Cup final at Wembley in mid February each year -- with the prize of an assured UEFA EL berth -- greatly relieves a manager, his top staff, the board, the club president, (perhaps some fans too!), and the all-important sponsors for that club. Not to mention the city's leadership and all those in the hotel and restaurant business in that city. Why? Easy. As most here know, that allows a better certainty of planning (not just financial) for the next season. My point: Club leadership (from the president to owner to CFO (Chief Financial Officer) heave huge sighs of relief at this level of pro sports. Because it allows assurances of income for the next three, maybe four or even five quarters of the planning year. Thus, a Board and club owner ought to be smiling on a club manager and his staff for this. Yes? I think that in Italia, the Copa d'Italia win offers this UEFA EL berth, yes? (Not used only if the team is already CL qualified) but the difference is, yes, this Copa d'Italia finale occurs generally third week of May. Either way, boards, sponsors, fanclubs, etc. ought to be delighted. After all, don't the fans then start chanting and posting on all their social media, "Europe, look out! We're coming!" Yes, they do lustily boast this with smiles and pride. Let me add another "what if" here. What if you have a particularly clean playing squad that has quite minimal yellow cards and practically no red cards all season long? Doesn't UEFA (on the European continent) place these "fair play" clubs from a host of continental nations into a pot and draw three "Fair Play Winners" who thus achieve a shot at the UEFA EL? (I am not current with this. Is this still done?) This may not be at all what the Board was thinking, but the result of entry into the EL has been achieved. (Or at least EL qualis done in July & August, yes?) And surely the manager has had a role in the team's season fair play status, yes? I would think the Board at Parma Calcio 1913 would be delighted at returning to the prestige of entry in Europe's second highest club competition. Parma was in ruins not that long ago - year 2004. It has been now at least 15 years well adrift, some of them in Serie D and C. True, neither gaining a berth to the Europa League via the nation's cup competition(s) nor via "Fair Play" equals achieving it through rank 5, 6 or possibly 7 in the final Serie A table after matchday 38, but it is indeed the same or nearly same end result. Plus a big, shiny piece of sliverware in the club museum in the first scenario. One would think that new title would have a Board smiling. A precise wordsmith might say: "Through participation in Serie A...." Okay, our club's Serie A "participation" was exceptionally clean with near record low yellows and reds...yes? Edit: It appears that UEFA last granted the 3 UEFA EL qualifying berths for "Fair Play" in 2015 (in the real world)
  9. Thank you, Valhalla. For Davela93: Yes, I think it is simply a variation on the English word "save" that is different in different cultures. You do mean that you have stuck with this same -- one and only -- FM 2015 game up until now, real world calendar January 2017, yes? Please know -- I hope you do -- that what I wrote above is all in good spirits. Because I surely have never lasted much more than 8-9 seasons in the couple of previous versions of this FM game. So I do not know what it is like at all to be in the very out years, 50 years into the future. Your feedback is good here, because it is good to know that one could indeed play out that far and that this SI FM game product keeps functioning just fine whilst providing you as a gameplayer with season after season enjoyment. Might I ask from your year 2068 perspective: Along the managerial path you have had over those decades, did you ever have to cross swords with league, CL, etc. managers of famous current players? For example, did you run across Carles Pujol and Xavi of FC Barca fame, or Kaka, or perhaps Lampard , Terry, Gerrard or Scholes when vying for a league title or CL or EL semi final berth? Did guys like Neymar, Lamela, Stones, Bale, Modric, or Aguero manage and rise to respectable levels in the manager guild? Maybe guys like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo still clash trying to see who can bag the most managerial awards? I am curious as to how the SI creators have done this. Thank you for allowing me to ask these things.
  10. Before you do sell any of these four (and if you like all four of these non EU players) look to see how many days they might require before becoming Italian citizens. I am not familiar with these players you mention aside from Coutinho (if you mean Philippe) and I don't know his precise history, of when he first arrived in Italia. See if any might be getting close to the required number of days. Serie A and Serie B have plenty of players who are born in Uruguay, Brasil, Argentina, and even Colombia yet who now have dual citizenship and thus are EU citizens. Thiago Motta is a famous example. If Coutinho arrived in Italia in summer of 2008 to start with Inter, well, he's getting close, yes? Also - Is it possible to loan one out? Perhaps a combination of loans over the next few years? Yes, that might take a lot of patient waiting, but you can keep him all that time as an Inter player until one of the other three is no longer needed or until he has sufficient time to be a Italian or European. Unless I am mistken, loan time also counts as time toward EU and dual nationality status. Or - can you still play one of them in the Inter Reserves?
  11. Sorry. Let me apologize up front because I do not think I quite grasp the 'save thing.' Yes, I know what it means to save the game. And I saw some thread somewhere where people could share how long they've gone before saving the game again. I didn't read it because, well, it seemed odd; like how many hours did someone play the game straight before collapsing or eventually actually having to show up at work? I think I am missing something -- and I want to understand. When you write here "one save that I started on FM 15 two years ago..." what do you mean? And I cannot imagine what the world looks like in year 2064. They're still playing football then? Does this game let you live past the age of 100? Or were you one with foresight and chose a manager persona of just the age of 30 or 31 in year 2014? Even so, does your current club board come to you sometimes and say, "Old man, might you now be thinking of retiring?" Maybe this will provide you humor and a laugh for others who read this. But when I read "just one save" I think it odd. The computer world I know is fraught with power outrages or glitches of some sort. So one saves constantly because, with no warning, the power grid goes down. Later the provider says a generic message like "We were doing routine maintenance. Pardon for any inconvenience but we kept the outrage to less than 30 minutes." (It was more like 165 minutes, but who is counting? Something like that. Or, more likely, storms that knock things out even when the storm and resulting damage are quite distant. So whether it is work, play, or making sure not to lose the latest family or pet photos, one is constantly 'saving one's work' on the computer just in case that next drop of power occurs. Just like with one's schoolboy essays. So, if I may ask it, please clarify. Somehow you do not have to save often when playing this SI FM game? I mean, Year 2064 subtract Year 2014 is 50 years of footballing history. (Even Giovanni Trappatoni didn't manage at this level as long as you have ) Wouldn't one be saving the game all the time not to have any chance of losing all that wonderful "emotional rollercoaster?" (Yes, I think I do not grasp what you mean. Sorry.) One more question: With the FIFA WC tinkering and year 2064 and all: What's it like with the field "finals?" expansion to 48 nations? Or is it now 60 teams? Perhaps FIFA has long since imploded and some other sports governing body has taken charge? Maybe your Brasil squad will be facing the likes of Myanmar, Tahiti, Djibouti, and Belize in the group stage?
  12. Sounds like you've already got them on loan, yes? When I see a youngster I want to eventually sign (or think to sign if he matures well during the loan spell), then I place "future fee" (synonymous with purchase fee) into the very first loan bid. So right from the start I am angling for the youngster or, frankly, nearly all players I make loan requests to have for the duration of the season. Now I then typically encounter resistance from the club from whom I wish to loan the player. They outright reject my loan request with buy option because though they might like a loan spell with my club, they surely do not wish to lose a hot prospect on the cheap or maybe lose him at all. But then I come right back with a higher buy option or "future fee" figure. Eventually I get a message stating something like this: "Club XYZ will only agree to your loan terms if the future fee is 6.2 million." It is then that one knows that there is some room to negotiate. Don't offer 6.2 million in your next bid. Test the waters. Offer something like 5.2 million. See what occurs. Now, again, sounds like you already have these two wonderkids on loan. Might it work to terminate their loans early and then try to loan them again with a 'future fee' built into the loan agreement? (I have not yet tried that when I did not have a 'future fee' in place and want the option to bring them full time to my club.) I hope there might be something in what I wrote above that is helpful to you. Go Hoops!
  13. The guy who started this thread, diddydaddydoddy (what a name!), is spot on. An excellent topic. Kudos. I never see anything close to a Neymar (or Pato in his prime, Rossi before all his injuries -- think his early Villarreal days) in this game. Or think Sergio Aguero when he was still at Atletico Madrid. Perhaps the Si FM creators need to call it dribbling it past the GK and slotting it into the net. Whatever you call it, it does not take place even when one has -- as has been mentioned above -- the example of a very rapid counter attack and a forward plenty capable of this. As for real life red cards (or ones not given), recall the last WC final with Argentina and Germany deadlocked at 0-0. Manuel Neuer did what to that Argentine striker Higuain? Yes, that was a red card foul. Not given. But very real to the life of this game played all over our globe. Would be very nice to see these situations a few times per SI season as they do occur in real life. Yes, as a manager, I don't want to be down to 10 men with my first team GK on a red in the 36th minute (with the subsequent 1, 2 or 3 match league suspension) but that's real life. Ask Arsenal fans who watched GK Jens Lehmann red carded out of Arsenal's last shot at a CL title. Lehmann's timing was a tiny fraction of a second off, but off it was and down went Samuel E'to. For referee buffs: What happens next in that match is a solid argument for use of the advantage rule, eh?
  14. Isn't this where there ought to be more "maneuverability' in this SI game? For example, you've now got a very promising 24 year old who just achieved his first set of national squad caps. He's about two months from turning 25 and just now an established member of your club's First Team. Reviewing all his playing stats, you see that it would be good money to extend his contract (it now expires in 18 months or so). Yet, as OneUnited expresses here, there's a rather FAT request for loyalty fee and agent fee simply to add a year or maybe two on his existing contract when one clicks on "Offer New Contract." As the boss you have no problem upping his wages and some associated performance bonuses. You are happy to do so. You want to do so to appropriately award the player for his now top flight capabilities and match performances. And yet this simple contract extension of 12 - 24 months can represent a club outlay of 30 - 40% increase. My issue here for the SI game creators is, then give us some tools as managers to attempt to sway the player's perspective. Just as one would have in real life. The use of the local media (local media do not want to lose a talented first team performer to a rival or abroad). The use of the appeal to the affection the fans have for the player. The use of appeal to moving up in the hierarchy of the squad. Perhaps even an appeal to the player that his agent is placing fool ideas in his head. I call this more "maneuverability." In other words, more ways inside this SI game for a manager to try to a) Get the players to lower his overall salary expectations, b) Appeal to the player's judgment and loyalty to fans, club and staying in an environment where he's shown he can flourish, c) Use club external pressure from media and/or supporteurs clubs. Isn't this what real life managers or club directors must contend with nearly every season? Yes, it is. And we do hear of established players extending their contracts for money sums probably less than their real current market value due to 1) club's environment, 2) familiarity with club, 3) relationship with mates in the club, 4) coziness with the local media, 5) shot at club status of squad captain or vice captain in a year or so. Maybe the SI game creators don't want to get into this, but 6) real life family concerns often weigh heavily on what a player ultimately chooses. Real life example: When AC MIlan was very keen to lure Xavi away from FC Barca and Xavi was eager to try something different in a place like Serie A with a big club like the Rossoneri. People like then Barca manager Pep Guardiola employed a number of persuasions to get Xavi to extend at Camp Nou. And, no, getting Xavi to extend was not just about money at all. I'd like to see some more options or maneuverability here, as one has in real life. Granted, all the best and logical appeals in the world can achieve naught with a player intent on a bigger club or going abroad (with his agent hankering for that big, new transfer fee), but it would sure be nice to see these options and to have this worked into the game. Right now, there are few appeals if any to try to keep a desired player or to hold down salary expectations. RIght now, one might be able to galvanize the money to initially purchase and sign an Antoine Griezemann to a three year contract. But then the money just is not there to keep him beyond that. And, yet, in real life it is not all about another million or 2 million more (before taxes) . It simply isn't.
  15. Thank you for the follow up comment, phnompenhandy. As I am still not fully acquainted with the terms used here, I think you are saying that there are spinoff sites (not the official SI site) where dedicated FM players have created their own modifications to this game and then shared them freely with other gameplayers. Right? If so, great. Perhaps I might check out one or two. But I am asking/encouraging the SI game creators themselves of this FM product to place this into the game. And to be clear, it is not that one is handing off the responsibilities as manager (as one does/must when going on a day or week of vacation), rather it is indeed a simulation. This is not walking away from the club. Just merely a way for a gameplayer to not be so bogged down in the very repetitive slog. It's fun to face off against the other top 12-15 clubs in a country for both league and cup ties. No, after one or two seasons at the same club, let's be honest; it is then not fun to be facing the 16th or 17th team in the table at home for a matchday 21 or 23 clash when achieving a minimum 2-0 win result, in all likelihood, is a foregone conclusion. Again, thank you. But if by "skinning" (not sure) you mean things that others have created, well, no. I am looking for the SI game creators themselves to place this feature as a MAINSTAY of the game. No use of an assistant manager (AM). Just simply better streamlining (as an option -- emphasis option) prior to every actual match. After all, 60 - 70 or more matches from August to May is, sheesh, a lot. I am rather certain that most gameplayers like the full scale game but do wish to have the flexibility to yes "bypass" matches on the calendar that just don't carry much interest level.
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