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  1. Think your missing my point fella, league rule says you can sign 4. I signed 3 and had one existing making 4? seeing as the rules allow 4 I was expecting to be allowed 4.
  2. I've tried to unregister all and start again but no luck. I don't want to sell any of them to be honest either. Coutihno has 200 days left to become an English citizen so I'll try to loan him back to England till Jan. Pretty pissed though tbh
  3. Hi all, ive just started my second season with Inter and I'm having an issue with non-with slots. The issue being I have 4 non-eu players in my squad but can only register 3 of them. I have signed, coutihno and iheanacho in July 2017, kessie in Janurary 2017 and obviously I already have Barbosa in the squad making 4 players. However It gets even weirder as I signed iheanacho first out of him and coutinho but when I go to the registration page he's the one that's greyed out. I'm in pre-season still but I need this fixing before the season kicks off with a £30 striker in registered. please help. thanks tom
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