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  1. why did my FM career save become an FM network save?? i started an online save with another guy but i decided not to continue it so i deleted the online save file, now i loaded my personal save and it became an online save? like it says its now an FM network save and its bloody annoying since it will automatically continue the game and i cant even take my time to sort my stuff out in the game
  2. oh sorry, didn't know. Don't use the forum much at all. Thanks anyways
  3. So I've downloaded some editor from fmscout and I used it to edit one of my player's contract length, not their stats. After I saved the changes, I go back to my game and I see a red/orange arrow indicating that his stats has decreased. Anyway I can prevent this from happening?
  4. my game crashes to desktop and a window pops up saying "a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify u if a solution is available". It happens when I am in a middle of a match.
  5. I'm in my 4th season with middlesbrough and the coaches I am allowed has always been the same. I have tried requesting to increase it but no matter what I say, they will always reject my request. Because of this, I can't sign any new coaches and reduce the workload of my staff. 5/9 of the training workloads are heavy & very heavy. If the club finance/how well the club is doing has to do with this, I have won the EFL Cup, FA Cup & Europa League. The club is now one of the richest in the Premier League.
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