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  1. I'm going to definitely give this a try. Before I kind of resigned myself to losing the player, might keep me going in a save.
  2. With small transfer, scouting, and wage budgets I usually focus on the free agent market and take alot of players on trial. And I mean alot of players. I also look at players whose contracts are expiring in a year or less and shortlist them and try to snatch them up when the contract expires. Sometimes you will find older players from better leagues past their prime but they'll be beasts in the lower leagues, although they tend to be more injury prone. LLM clubs have poor youth recruitment usually and the youth intake will suck for several years. I'm not big on developing my own youth players, though, maybe others could chime in. As far as staff goes I try to get a coach in with good fitness training attributes, and will splurge on the best scout I can find. The most frustrating part of LLM for me is retaining amateur/non-contract players. Nothing more maddening than clicking the advance button only to find your best striker has jumped ship at a crucial time. It seems like you'll have a better chance of keeping players if the team is winning, but other than that I don't know how to retain them myself! Finances are on a shoestring, so controlling the wage budget is huge. I don't care how good a player is, when contract renewals come up and he starts making insane demands or add ons, he's gone. Lower league players are pretty much all replaceable. You'll go deep into the red trying to appease players. I like to prioritize the FA cup for extra funds, and I used to schedule one friendly with a big team to generate funds, but lately they haven't been as lucrative with the extra match day costs of the stadium, etc.
  3. 225C


    I typically play LLM but have noticed this as well. I figured it was due to having players with poorer attributes (off the ball, positioning, etc.) but during my last save I kept notes and averaged around 13 offside calls per game throughout the season ( total for both teams per game). Don't know if that is accurate for the lower leagues but it seemed kind of high. The game ended up crashing and I deleted the save to start over, so I don't think any PKMs are available.
  4. Great to hear that you are driving on with the database, really appreciate your hard work. Looking forward to it!
  5. Hi Ben- the leagues I have loaded are: Argentina- down to 2nd division Austria- to 1st division Belgium- to 1st amateur division Brazil- to national 3rd division Bulgaria- to 2nd league Colombia- to 2nd division Croatia- to 2nd league England- to Vanarama North/South Finland- to 1st division France- to french national 2 Germany- to 3rd division Netherlands- to Jupiler league India- National league Ireland- to Irish 1st division Italy- to Serie C Malayasia- to Malayasian premier league Northern Ireland- to Bluefin sport premier intermediate league Norway- to 2nd division Peru- 1st Division Poland- to 1st division Romania- to 2nd league Scotland- to labrokes league 2 Serbia- to 1st league Singapore- Singaporean league Slovakia- to 2nd division Slovenia- to 2nd league Spain- to 2nd division B Turkey- to turkish league 2 Uruguay- to 2nd professional division Wales- JD Welsh premier league My start date was in France, early 2017/18 preseason- 06/12/2017. Thanks!
  6. First, just want to say I'm enjoying this year's edition and appreciate the hard work. I had a very minor bug (I think) pop up when I began a game as unemployed with Sunday league experience and no coaching badges. I was immediately offered a job to coach the U.S. national team on an $800,000 a year contract. Not a realistic offer, and not a big deal, but I wanted to bring it up in the forums just in case. I am running a vanilla version of the game with no facepacks, skins, etc. Again, great game this year.
  7. Man, that's low for the championship. Who was the sponsor, a chip shop?
  8. 225C

    Longest Time Unemployed

    Two months for me. I still like the random destinations of journeyman saves and I'm not too picky where I go.
  9. 225C

    FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Going with my usual starting unemployed no badges/Sunday experience journeyman save most likely. Got 2 job offers from Paris FC in the French 3rd division this year and didn't get past the interviews, but they intrigued me, so I might start with them until the lower league databases are completed.
  10. I think it also depends on the DOF himself. I've had a few that were hit or miss, don't know if there are hidden DOF attributes like "financial sanity" but I've had to take over contract renewals this go around because my wage budget has been blown up repeatedly by my DOF.
  11. I've watched as my keeper was standing alone at the goal, nowhere close to play, and he fell down with a torn groin muscle. Unlucky! Never seen a keeper sent off in previous years versions either.
  12. 225C

    Female Staff in FM 2017 ?

    I use a physio named Lydia Penfold, still working for the club even after I didn't renew her contract. Dedication: 20.
  13. I'll be interested to see how your save goes. I tried a keymer & hassocks save last year and really struggled once we went semi-pro. Oddly enough I was able to recruit an assistant manager at the start of the save named Terry McPhillips who had worked for Blackburn as an ass man. Good luck!
  14. Oh ok, that clears it up then. You were right, just started our next season and low and behold we were entered into the FA Cup. Got immediately knocked out, but it was fun while it lasted!