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  1. I'll be interested to see how your save goes. I tried a keymer & hassocks save last year and really struggled once we went semi-pro. Oddly enough I was able to recruit an assistant manager at the start of the save named Terry McPhillips who had worked for Blackburn as an ass man. Good luck!
  2. Oh ok, that clears it up then. You were right, just started our next season and low and behold we were entered into the FA Cup. Got immediately knocked out, but it was fun while it lasted!
  3. I've had some fun recently switching to a 3-5-2, and my wing backs aren't even that great. It provides lots of options in midfield/defense as well as mentalities. I like that it is easily tweakable during a match. I typically play control with one CM on some type of attacking duty, one CM on defend, and my best passer on support. My forwards vary, but I've been using a target man/poacher combo. Good times!
  4. I'm going to see what the features look like, although I'll probably preorder regardless. Got a good save going now but things can change.
  5. Totally crushed

    You're not alone... Had a bad day myself. Just got done playing the final game of my season, we were playing for the league title against second place. We went down 1-0 at about 50 minutes and 10 minutes later we were awarded a penalty. My designated penalty taker all season missed it. About 10 minutes later, we get awarded a second penalty and my designated penalty taker missed it. The other team scored a short time later and we lost 2-0 and the title dream was crushed. I think the game this year has so much more nuance to it that I know I missed something tactically ( or should have changed my penalty taker after the first miss). Sometimes it feels like the game is against ya, but that makes the victories that much sweeter for me. Don't give up!
  6. I checked the staff responsibilities tab and couldn't find anything, but I was wondering if it's possible to decide what cup competitions your team enters, specifically before the season starts. I'm managing a lower league team and this past season we were automatically entered into four cup competitions. Two of these cup competitions were very low ranked/low prestige, and really only served to pile the fixtures on my squad without any real payoff. For instance, I wasn't entered into the FA Cup but most of the teams in my league were. Is there some way you can choose what competitons to enter/not enter, or is that decision made by the board?
  7. Interesting- I'll check it out!
  8. I agree. It is easy to fire a club up the leagues when in amateur status. I've been having loads of difficulty after we went semi-pro, as all my best players have been tempted away and my push up the leagues has gotten very interesting. I'd be interested in the Northern Ireland lower leagues, is that a database you got off of Steam?
  9. When I set my game up I click "Add Players to Playable Teams", and the squads are all filled out with AI generated players. The amount of players in that database is kinda large but if you don't load too many other active leagues I've found the game speed isn't affected too badly. Other managers and staff are already added in the database. Real life players are available up the leagues, but for me I wasn't able to land a "real" player until I was in the Isthmian leagues, and even then it was when the player was past his prime and on the down slope of his career. It's a fun database, I've had a blast taking some random pub team up the leagues.
  10. Sure thing. When you click on the game in your Steam library there is a header that says "Links" on the right. The first link is Community Hub- click on that. Under the football manager title on the community hub page there will be several tabs. The Workshop tab is 4th from the right usually. Click on that, then in the lower right hand corner there is a list, click on League & Data Updates. If you type England into the search box on that page you will see several lower league databases to download, although right now I can't find the one that goes to level 22!
  11. Are you looking for databases down to the regional leagues? I'm using a database down to level 22 I downloaded from the Steam workshop. The website FM Scout has the same database available for download as well I believe, it's under their "add on" tab under "databases" probably three or four pages in. Not sure if that's what you are looking for, but if you downloaded the game on Steam that's the one I always use.
  12. I tend to manage in the lower leagues where pretty much my entire squad are non-contract/paid by appearance players. Consequently, I can't offer them real contracts and they are constantly getting picked off by other teams and leaving (all part of the game, I know). Some of my players have been loyal servants to the club. It would be awesome to have the option to speak to a non-contract player and try to convince him to stay, much like you can do with staff.
  13. Only about 50 a game, but I reckon that buys the pints for the lads after the match!