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  1. Man, that's low for the championship. Who was the sponsor, a chip shop?
  2. Longest Time Unemployed

    Two months for me. I still like the random destinations of journeyman saves and I'm not too picky where I go.
  3. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Going with my usual starting unemployed no badges/Sunday experience journeyman save most likely. Got 2 job offers from Paris FC in the French 3rd division this year and didn't get past the interviews, but they intrigued me, so I might start with them until the lower league databases are completed.
  4. I think it also depends on the DOF himself. I've had a few that were hit or miss, don't know if there are hidden DOF attributes like "financial sanity" but I've had to take over contract renewals this go around because my wage budget has been blown up repeatedly by my DOF.
  5. I've watched as my keeper was standing alone at the goal, nowhere close to play, and he fell down with a torn groin muscle. Unlucky! Never seen a keeper sent off in previous years versions either.
  6. Female Staff in FM 2017 ?

    I use a physio named Lydia Penfold, still working for the club even after I didn't renew her contract. Dedication: 20.
  7. I'll be interested to see how your save goes. I tried a keymer & hassocks save last year and really struggled once we went semi-pro. Oddly enough I was able to recruit an assistant manager at the start of the save named Terry McPhillips who had worked for Blackburn as an ass man. Good luck!
  8. Oh ok, that clears it up then. You were right, just started our next season and low and behold we were entered into the FA Cup. Got immediately knocked out, but it was fun while it lasted!
  9. I've had some fun recently switching to a 3-5-2, and my wing backs aren't even that great. It provides lots of options in midfield/defense as well as mentalities. I like that it is easily tweakable during a match. I typically play control with one CM on some type of attacking duty, one CM on defend, and my best passer on support. My forwards vary, but I've been using a target man/poacher combo. Good times!
  10. I'm going to see what the features look like, although I'll probably preorder regardless. Got a good save going now but things can change.
  11. Totally crushed

    You're not alone... Had a bad day myself. Just got done playing the final game of my season, we were playing for the league title against second place. We went down 1-0 at about 50 minutes and 10 minutes later we were awarded a penalty. My designated penalty taker all season missed it. About 10 minutes later, we get awarded a second penalty and my designated penalty taker missed it. The other team scored a short time later and we lost 2-0 and the title dream was crushed. I think the game this year has so much more nuance to it that I know I missed something tactically ( or should have changed my penalty taker after the first miss). Sometimes it feels like the game is against ya, but that makes the victories that much sweeter for me. Don't give up!
  12. I checked the staff responsibilities tab and couldn't find anything, but I was wondering if it's possible to decide what cup competitions your team enters, specifically before the season starts. I'm managing a lower league team and this past season we were automatically entered into four cup competitions. Two of these cup competitions were very low ranked/low prestige, and really only served to pile the fixtures on my squad without any real payoff. For instance, I wasn't entered into the FA Cup but most of the teams in my league were. Is there some way you can choose what competitons to enter/not enter, or is that decision made by the board?
  13. Interesting- I'll check it out!